Geraldo warns impeachment is a ‘disastrous idea’ for Dems

Geraldo warns impeachment is a ‘disastrous idea’ for Dems

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  1. Lies, Lies Democrat Congress Lies, And Provable Lies!!! Here's one- Ambassador Sonderland and his aide Holmes testified 'they' had a phone conversation with Trump while having lunch in an outdoor restaurant. Holmes testified that Sonderlands speakerphone was NOT ON . Yet sitting across from the Ambassador during lunch outside he could hear ever word Trump spoke. You know that outside eating at lunch in a city means cars, trucks, buses planes & trains, birds and other people talking would make it very difficult to hear from across the table every word Trump spoke. Lies and obvious lies! AND where is the evidence to back up what Sonderland and Holmes say? Recreate the lunch scenario with the same phone and a comparable day, and test, look and challenge the validity of Holmes claim that the speakerphone was not on and he could hear the entire conversation. In the Name of Justice the Congress should have validated a very questionable claim. AND then ask Holmes "Why didn't you remind the Ambassador that his Private Conversation with a Sitting President, which is private by National Security laws, is being overheard? Sonderland and Holmes committed Treason by Incompetence or Deliberation and that also makes their testimony flawed. They entertained a Presidents phone call in a Public Place and that makes their testimony extremely wrong.

  2. ATTENTION ! Someone please tell President Donald Trump to use Golden Country as his campaign song in 2020. It's so relevant. ??? From the REO T.W.O. album.1972.

  3. The American people should vote the democrats out of office in congress and give the house of representatives back to republicans. The Senate Democrats must lose more seats. The Senate should gain more republicans. Then, President Trump can expedite all of the promises he gave his first presidential campaign. In the future, whenever there might be another democratic president… i hope the republicans will do exactly the same thing… Must Impeachment ! America does not need two Zionist jewish organizations or factions warring for the heavens, fighting each other for control of the World ! American needs only one Zion. It's time the military-industrial complex of multi international corporates submit to the New Zew in town, The ZIONAZI GOG Zorg

  4. I'm glad they are trying to impeach him. They killed there own party for a very long time. Trump will be president five more years.

  5. Old timers gone wild it is too. And yes if Biden can't handle an american without wanting to fight what would he do with 67 million that hate him sell nukes to Iran to blow us off the map

  6. Hear the witch talk… look who is saying that this administration has damage America, in what world does the witch of America lives???I THINK HER HOME IS INSIDE THE SWAMP… WHERE FROGS LIVE!!!

  7. Every One please read Matthew 25:31~46 and obey it, our eternal destiny depends upon our obedience or disobedience to this scripture. ?

  8. "Can we have no more questions on impeachment"?? Are you serious Nan, after 22+ months of harping now its time to talk about something else. Interesting tack. Jesus.

  9. It's the Dems who have done all the damage to America Trump just wants to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, PROMISES MADE PROMISES KEPT TRUMP 2020

  10. When you say a president needs to be prevented from having a second term, you are saying that Americans who will vote him back in need to be stopped. They have something waiting for us all as soon as a dem becomes president again

  11. Maybe Geraldo wants us to open up Al Capones volt again for there could be a secret door in their that he missed? Why are reporters seeking this mans advice, a man who lives off of hearsay and rumors?

  12. Pass it on, the Demonic Dems are now the walking dead. California should and will vote for President Trump and for the GOP Party. Homelessness and tent cities will be a thing of the past. If they don’t wake up all will be lost, they can’t afford the Liberal agenda any more. Pelosi, Schumer and their friends are dinosaurs. In a thousand years the folks that inherit the earth can dig them up and see what evil really was.

  13. She’s delusional !! The damage this administration has caused this country?! WTH is she talking about? They are doing and have done everything they are accusing the President of! Disgusting!!!

  14. The only thing Biden has learned is how to be corrupt and not prosecuted. If he would have approached me that way, I would have dared him to go outside and prove himself. He was acting as a bully. The old fart is to decrepit to be a bully physically. Then there is Jerry Rivers, still a half bake.

  15. I would love to see Joe Biden do some push ups, it would make a great desktop image. One or two is all he needs
    to improve his image as long as he doesn't touch any children.

  16. I usually do not side against Fox. There have been a few times. This is one. Biden just buried himself. No reason to make mention of it. No reason to attack Geraldo. Go online in Twitter, YouTube and Facebook would be better. Oh who am I kidding only Twitter will allow this style. But right now you are screaming at Fox watchers. Get this out through some of the fun shows like Gutfeld's show. I live in the Republic of MA, sorry to admit that. But I have many friends on the other side that watch Greg's show every week.

    Malarkey, Victrola, playing records, Push ups, Running. Biden is showing his age. Does Biden actually think that press stop was being only broadcast on the radio oops only on AM radio. Biden verbally assaulted an out of shape voter. That is the only problem.

    Let me ask Fox this question.

    If it were your son would not gloss over and try and not speak ill of your own child? A parents job is protecting their children even as adults.

    I know I will not get answer from the panel but I put this question out to everyone.

    Be Well and Merry Christmas

  17. Let´s make sure we keep an accurate list of politicians that voted for impeachment! So we can hold them accountable afterwards!

  18. In the Black Community ( Push ups ) means wait what ? I thought we've graduated from Nuance paraphrasing the hyperbole ?

  19. I don't care what side Gerry is on. This man is disgusting and I can't believe Hannity says he loves this man. Makes me think twice about Sean.

  20. You may be worse off for this. The America people will be far better off and enjoy these Demon crats make idiots out of them selves.

  21. BS!!!? How dare Nancy say that Trump has "Done so much damage to our country". She must be on some powerful hallucinogenic drugs, or suffers from alcohilics brain damage syndrome! It's been NANCY PELOSI and her dem colleagues that have done SO MUCH damage to this country! Not doing ANYTHING this country NEEDS and wasting taxpapers money simply because they can't get over Trump winning the election in 2016! They're mad at Trump and seeking revenge for their highness, killery, or I should say, for the owner of the demo rats, the antichrist himself, George Soros! ?

  22. I agree Joe got angry when he should have been able to calmly talk about what what he did. Hes a lier and a blackmailer, he cannot tell the truth.

  23. Viva ? TRUMP ? He is mature nature and wisdom is AMAZING! All these ? punches are nothing to his DETERMINATION to SAVE this country!

  24. The only "damage" that's been done by President Trump is exposing you corrupt politicians. For the American people: it's a win all the way around!
    ??????TRUMP 2020!!!??????

  25. LOL these fox news anchors are too young to understand Geraldo's reference to his own TV show! They thought it was a defense of Biden not realizing he was comparing him to a transgender racist pregnant with an alien baby that "won't take $#!+ from anyone not even they mama!"

  26. Let's clarify the information. Three president have been under the shadow of impeachment. Nixon who was not impeached as he resigned. Johnson and Clinton who were later acquitted in the Senate. Just my two cent.

  27. Shared the three reporters frustration with how Geraldo thought Bidens argument with a farmer was a good thing.. Glad they didn't let him change the subject.. Very irritable seeing someone have some common sense about not wanting to impeaching trump, or at least thinking its not a good idea.. Then turn around and seem completely senile over another subject.

  28. The damage was done when Hillary was secretary of state and Obama looked the other way. Trump is just giving them the spanking they deserve.

  29. So in this Forum a guy is asking Joe Biden about how his son landed as Job with little experience. It must be an important issue to voters. That could be the Reason that President trump thought it was too. If the truth ever does come out and he did ask Ukraine to investigate for mud to sling during the campaign, he should be removed from office and the question of whether he did or not may influence voters in the 2020 election. Time will tell. Less than a year now.

  30. Paul Pelosi is Hunter Bidens friend Hunter Biden is
    Coke addicted. You figure it out.
    Joe Biden is father of son who has coke in house. You figure it out.
    Joe Biden doesn't know what state hes in. You figure it out.
    Trump = Wall
    Wall = no Cocaine
    They dont like Trump or the wall.
    Joe doesn't know what state hes on, has no teeth and very violent.
    Nancy doesn't have teeth and is very violent.
    You figure it out!

  31. Nancy Pelosi is Totally Insane !!! She Really Doesn’t Have a Clue !!! She is the one that Has Abuse her power as Speaker of the House in Congress !!! I Really Hope That the Citizens in California , Wake up & Vote her out of Office !!! It’s way Past Time for her to Retire !!! & the Same for Adam Schiff !!! Period End of Story !!!

  32. This woman is absolutely insane. We'll never let the dems get away with this. President Trump has done so much more for this country then other presidents! If they WOULD WORK WITH HIM instead of creating these bogus bs charges and wasting so much time – doing nothing for the country!!!

  33. pee losi you should seek help your parish priest and go to confession if you are suposed to be a cath0lic you are a evil person thats going to hell

  34. Just look at the district this nut job represents back home..A sewer ridden,feces spawning mess..Oracle company is not having their convention in San Fran this year..Been having it for the last 20years..They are going to lasvagas…Why because the business fronts have fecal matter all around them and the conditions are too unsanitary to hold a convention their!!! Good job Nancy pelosi!!!

  35. After this impeachment scam goes down in flames, Bill & Hillary will too( and others ) and THATS why this circus is playing overtime folks…

  36. Why liberals don't put facts and evidence in front people rather than bla bla bla. They simply hate the president. There liberal ideas won't get sold easily with this president in White House.

  37. This country can’t take anymore of the Demons Party of traitors. Praying they keep up the campaign for re-electing President Trump awesome job you traitors marvelousness great job. Why they’ve done more benefits than 20 Russia’s?❤️❤️❤️

  38. Just what the he'll has Trump done to this country that is so bad??? I mean I feel this country is much calmer than it was…no threats against us from IsIs or Iran or North Korea

  39. Our President is the best PRESIDENT we've ever had and have.. God Works through P. Trump

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