Geraldine Matchett: Our Business case

Geraldine Matchett:  Our Business case

At DSM, we have a mission and we
word it ‘Bright science. Brighter living.. for people today and generations to come.’
Now that actually translates into using our technology and innovation to come up
with solutions that are not only commercially viable but better for the
environment or for society as a whole. Now, within that picture finance has been
playing its full share of making this a reality and making sustainability our
value as a company. Let me give you a couple of examples: for instance, we
introduced an internal price on carbon, and by the way it took us one year, so
it’s not so difficult. We also have been measuring now for a number of years
these sales relating to what we call brighter living solutions. These are
products which not only are available to clients but they have an edge in terms
of environmental impact or societal impact. And that’s now sixty-five percent
of our business so to measure that is not a side thing, it’s mainstream and
we’ve been able to prove that they’re more profitable than the rest of the
business. So, in a company where the values are there, it is relatively easy to connect sustainability with business business with sustainability and make it

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