Georgetown University Advocates for Pickering and Rangel Fellows

Georgetown University Advocates for Pickering and Rangel Fellows

As part of the over 30 percent budget
cut that the current administration has proposed for the Department of State
there was a decision by the Secretary of State Tillerson to stop the orientation
program for new officers. Pickering and Rangles because they are distinct
programs and because they focus on women and minorities and first-generation, I
think had a particular resonance with people. We are the largest feeder school
into the US Foreign Service. When we see a change in policy that is going to impact
the effectiveness, the strength, the diversity of America’s representatives
abroad, we feel as a school that’s dedicated to the promotion of global
engagement that we have an obligation to speak out and we decided that the most
effective thing to do would be to use our relationship with the U.S. Foreign
Service to write directly to Secretary Tillerson. It really galvanized with the
Pickering Rangles who I have to give a lot of credit to, they were really really good
on how they marshalled forces in their own defense. It really shone a light on how
damaging stopping intake in to the State Department would be and how much that
would just cripple our ability to do our job everywhere, and the State department Secretary Tillerson backed down. Well
we’re very pleased to see that the State Department has shifted its view on
Pickering and Rangel fellows. The Foreign Service represents the United States and
the Foreign Service needs to celebrate and reflect the diversity that makes the
United States such a great nation

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