George Mason Students Work In Richmond As Governor’s Fellows

George Mason Students Work In Richmond As Governor’s Fellows

so I am a governor’s fellow in the governor’s policy office working with his policy director deputy policy director legislative director chiefs of staff I’m working under the finance secretary so we’re working on the public-private Education Act and reforms on that from day one it’s been unexpected one experience after the next we’ve got to really meet some some interesting people and in the governor’s office including the governor it’s been really rewarding to have my voice heard in the governor’s office by people who are in his cabinet and taken seriously George Mason I thought was uh the the courses I took prepared me from my experience overseas and currently during my time at George Mason I was involved with a student organization called the Roosevelt Institute and the Roosevelt Institute is a national student-led thinking bank that has a chapter at George Mason University and so we work on policy advocacy policy writing as well as issue awareness one of the really benefits of this program is you get to see it from the inside you really have access I mean true access to the inner workings of government sometimes our days were long we stayed well past five or came in well before nine o’clock in the morning just to get our projects done on time but it was always something worthwhile

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