Genial! Die Qantas Business Suite in deren A330 | YourTravel.TV

Genial! Die Qantas Business Suite in deren A330 | YourTravel.TV

Hi guys! Welcome to a new flight report. We’re in Sydney and flying ‘Qantas’ long-haul business class for the first time. We’re flying to Denpasar, back to Bali. We’ll stay at the ‘Conrad’ again but that’s another story. Let’s go inside and see if they have a first class check-in. Exactly! I’ll explain in a moment. We passed the security checkpoint and passport control. It went quickly. You might ask ‘why did we use the first class check-in at Qantas?’ We have the gold status with ‘British Airways’ which is emerald with ‘Oneworld’ alliance. That’s the highest tier. This entitles the status holder access to the first class lounge even if you have an economy, premium economy or business class ticket. You can have access to the lounge, if there is one of course. In Sydney there is one, also in Los Angeles, which is one of our favorite first class lounges worldwide. The ‘Qantas’ first class in Los Angeles. Pretty cool. We’re going to do a little shopping first and then to the lounge which is located upstairs. If you want more info about the emerald status, or statuses in general, miles, first class lounges etc. check out our travel hacks. I put a link in the upper right corner Just click there. I had to undergo an explosives check at the security check again. Apparently, I had too many cables. When there are hard drives or SSD cards in the disc station I’m carrying, then I often have issues. Many extra checks and so on. Not very common to carry that around. It’s understandable though. Next time I’ll know better. But we really need all that equipment, laptops, cameras etc. This is the ‘Qantas’ first class lounge. There’s fine dining, a bar, and a spa where you can have a massage or take a shower. We don’t need it because we just arrived from the hotel. The best feature here though, is the view. I can see across a large part of the tarmac from up here. In front of us is a ‘Cathay Pacific’ plane, which will depart shortly. If we’re lucky, our plane will park right here, since we still have about 2-3 hours left, I don’t think it arrived yet. I hope we will depart on time. This is the bar. There’s champagne and you can place a food order here as well. Tough decision. There are 3 different champagnes to choose from. The staff is very friendly. On board, our seats were not assigned next to each other. It’s not a big deal, but it’s better to sit together for filming. The lounge attendant tried everything he could so we can sit together. The passenger who was sitting next to me or Stefan wasn’t at the airport yet. They called him over the PA system a few times. As he didn’t react, they called him on his phone and were able to manage a seat change so we could sit together. They really put in a lot of effort for us. Excellent service. This was the first class lounge. Delicious food and drinks. We’re doing a little walk through the terminal. A bit of window shopping. We still have about 40 minutes until boarding, at least 30 minutes. Maybe they’ll allow us to board earlier, which would be great so we can show you the empty cabin. We’re going to ask. Kangaroo pelt anyone? Kangaroo testicles?! They really have kangaroo testicles?! What else could that be?! Good question! My imagination isn’t that far off I think. Oh well, the Australians. This is our aircraft for today, an A330-200 which will take us to Denpasar. We’re really looking forward to it. It’s definitely going to be much warmer there. Oh and ‘Qatar’ is departing. It’s a bit noisy. They just switched on the engines. These are the ‘Qantas’ business class seats, almost like a suite. They have a lot of privacy. They’re the new business class seats. ‘Qantas’ has them on all their new ‘Dreamliners’ and in a few of their A330s. I really like it. What do you think? Yes! But I can’t see you! I wouldn’t say they’re actually seats together. That’s true. Apparently the seats aren’t designed for people traveling together. There are 28 seats in business class. In the front cabin, rows 1-4 and 2 more rows in the second cabin in the back. This is the menu. It was laying here like a pamphlet. A very friendly greeting by the ‘Qantas’ crew. The cabin is pretty packed though. Dominik is taking a quick picture for our ‘Instagram’ story. Are you following us already on ‘Instagram?’ There we post our experiences in the story. It’s a little ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse for you. You can follow us by clicking on the ‘i’. I’ll show you what I did. Looks funny. It was in the story. Our temporary setup with two ‘Rode Wireless Go’ microphones. Each of us has a ‘Lavalier’ microphone, and transmitter, and receiver. Yeah… We’re always trying to update our equipment. Thanks to Greg! We mentioned him in the story as well. He got all the equipment for us here in Australia since it wasn’t available in Germany. Ok, so we’re in the business class suite of ‘Qantas.’ I wasn’t aware we were going to get a suite. This plane is mostly used on longer domestic flights within Australia and also on international long-haul flights, like this one, to Denpasar, Bali for instance. What else is here? I already see it, I’ll quickly clean my hands, a nice amenity kit from ‘Qantas.’ Very colorful. I think it’s a new style. Let’s check it out, shall we? Here they also serve Humpty Doo. Do you know what that is? Stefan: No In the amenity kit you’ll find an eye mask, socks, a little package with different lotions, a toothbrush, tooth paste, and earplugs. All the things that normally go in an amenity kit. In the business class seat, or suite, you’ll also find a bottle of water in this spacious storage compartment. There’s a lot of space to store things here. My phone, laptop, a few other things. There are also a pair of headphones, which are on-ear and noise cancelling as well. They look very comfortable with leather finishings. A large white pillow, a blanket and also, a seat topper. That’s for later. But this is a daytime flight, I don’t think we’ll be sleeping much. I am still going to show you the seat. It’s a new seat which lies 180 degrees flat. Looks very spacious. This menu selection is very extensive! It only looks like two pages, but if you take a closer look, there’s a large selection. I can choose between 4 entrees, 2 starters, and a dessert. There’s everything on here. They have ice cream, chocolate, fruit, and cheese of course. It’s amazing! And during the flight I can also order snacks. Before landing they serve another meal, even though the flight is only about 6 hours. The entertainment system is cool, touching the flags to change the language. The crew is very friendly and very attentive. They constantly deliver new drinks. I didn’t really want more champagne but they gave me one anyway. Oh, we’re ready! That was quick! Wow! Let’s continue the seat tour. Here on the right is a usb socket, a power socket, and the input for the headphones. Pretty close by, which I like. It’s perfect for working. Over here is the control panel for the seat. There’s also a light switch on it. Hello! They just refilled my champagne again for the third time now. They want to make you drunk! There are 4 quick settings for the seat; lie-flat if you want to sleep, a lounge position, take off and landing and here it is again. Apparently there are two settings for that, so you can sit more comfortably during take off and landing. Let’s try the comfortable one. The little airplane is clearly visible. I think I’ll leave it in the standard setting. The doors have closed. Boarding went really quickly, just as planned. The official departure time is one minute away. Which is the moment they take the blocks away from the wheels. That’s the official departure time. That’s what they’re doing now and then pushing back. They’re pulling away the jet bridge now. Take off time. We’re sitting in the middle which means there’s not going to be a video of the take off procedure. I can’t put a camera on the window unfortunately because all the window seats are taken. What is your opinion on that? Good or not so good? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think. We finished ordering the food. Dominik ordered a salad. You won’t believe it! While we’re waiting for the food, I’m going to show you the lavatory. There are two on board. One in the front and one in the back. I think the front one is the better choice. It’s often the bigger one. Here you can see the plane is already a little older. The business class cabin was renovated, so it looks up to date, but not the lavatories. They look a little dated. Feels like it is a tiled floor. Funny What else is here? Nothing special really. What’s in here? I think they forgot to take these out. I’ll take them out then. Soap, hand lotion and air freshener. That’s also important. All right. Now I’ll show you the entertainment system. The screen can be tilted. That’s practical when you lay down. You can just tilt it down a little bit, that way you can see better. These screens are designed so you can’t see them from different angles. I don’t like it because that means I always have to sit directly in front of it. If I lean over here for example, I can’t see the left part of the screen. That’s a bit strange. It’s a very sensitive touch screen, very easy to control with the finger. Of course there’s also a handheld controller. I could use that of course. But I think that in this case, it might be easier to just touch the screen. There’s a good selection on here, even a few movies dubbed in German. On the right you can see the different flags and in which languages the movies are available in. I’ve seen most of them but I’m sure I’ll find something. I’m not worried. Great salad! The bread is delicious! I could just eat that honestly. I would fill up quickly. The butter on the bread is great! The appetizer consists of the small salad and bread, as well as soup or a different kind of salad, like Dominik ordered. I ordered the pumpkin soup. Baked pumpkin soup, that means the pumpkin was baked beforehand, with croutons. Very good. It’s a bit too sweet but that’s very subjective. Dominik: That’s my salad. I got some kind of stew with chickpeas and couscous, very interesting. Of course I want to enjoy the flight so abstaining is not fun. I’d rather enjoy this delicious dessert. You saw the different options on the menu. This is the chocolate mousse and some ice cream. The American airlines are the best in serving ice cream on a flight. You get a big sundae with unlimited toppings. On other airlines, like this one, you get a little cup. Looks like a national brand. I’m sure it’s still good. This is not a night flight per se, but it’s already dark outside. Before they darken the cabin I want to show you the flat bed function of the seat. The control panel is on the right. As was mentioned before, it has 4 different settings. One is the flat bed setting. I have to keep pressing the button until it’s in my desired position. I am pretty close to the floor; about 20 cm above it. It’s very deep. Might be a bit tricky to get up from down here. It’s pretty long though. I still have about 10 cm left up here. On the right you can see the exact measurements. I have a topper as well. It covers the entire bed and makes it extra comfortable and soft. I really don’t think I need it. The fabric and the seat itself are already pretty soft. Very comfortable and there’s also a lot of privacy. There’s not much more to add. The service is impeccable, the seat is great, the food was very good too. I wouldn’t say it was the best, I probably just made the wrong choice, but it was still very very tasty. I don’t know what else to add. We’re pretty satisfied. We still have about 4 hours left to get to Denpasar in Bali. I’m looking forward to it very much. I’ll see you later on. I’m going to watch a few movies. I found some, I’m watching ‘Robin Hood’ right now. I’ll finish that and I’ll see you for the landing. This is our very friendly flight attendant. I still have to ask if he wants to be blurred out. We always blur out all the other passengers. The staff are very friendly. I think he knows us and doesn’t have a problem being seen. Now they brought over a snack. Dominik’s arm is in the way again. Dominik: Oops sorry! Stefan: But you’re not visible. Dominik: Why did you get both? Stefan: I first picked this one but he gave me a look as if I made a wrong choice, and gave me the other one as well. We got a little snack before landing in Denpasar. About 1:15 hours left to go. I couldn’t get to show you, maybe they already removed it. In the front galley there’s a little snack bar set up with candy like this for example, or this. They’re little cakes; ginger and macadamia nut cake. Very tasty. The best one is the chocolate cake with almonds. It’s very hard. I almost broke a tooth. Oh well… We just had a conversation with the crew and the purser. Here’s some interesting information for us and for you. This is the new business class and this cabin will be built into the A380 as well. There’s a new first and business class cabin which is this one and it will be available on the A380. An extension of ‘Qantas’s’ long haul product. on routes like Singapore, London or Los Angeles. There we flew in first class. We were very impressed then. A solid product. It’s not the highest end first class, but just like here, a great crew and a great experience. If you want to watch it, just click the ‘i’ up there. I had a funny hairstyle back then. It was a great flight. Interesting. Only 73.2 dbA max. It’s pretty quiet in here. On a lower level compared to other airlines. It might be because we’re up front in row 3 away from the engines. 73.2 dbA is really not a lot. In a ‘Dreamliner’ from ‘ANA’ we had 76 dbA. There it was a bit noisier. Maybe it was even 77. But here it’s a good noise level. I don’t feel bothered by it at all. I could have slept pretty well here, but I won’t because we’re going to land in about 20 minutes. Just so you know. That was a bumpy landing today in Denpasar. But we landed safely. What are you doing? Wow. That was very nice! Let’s wait for Dominik. Arrived in Denpasar. It was a great flight. The crew was very friendly, attentive and performed a great service overall. The new business class suite of ‘Qantas’ is at the top tier of the business cabins we’ve experienced. It is comfortable, spacious, and has plenty of privacy. It always depends on the crew. That can make a big difference. Thank you ‘Qantas!’ It was perfect! Right. Anything to complain about? I don’t think so. My food choice probably wasn’t the best but overall it was awesome. There was an excellent wine selection. They had a very tasty Australian white wine. There’s not much more to say. For us, it was a wonderful flight. For a more detailed report, visit our website There you’ll find a separate post and can see how we rated this airline and this flight. We hope to see you again in the next video. I didn’t take that many pictures, sorry. The cabin was too full and I could only capture pictures of the food. See you next time! Bye!

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