Gene Berdichevsky: The Future of Batteries | EQ Fellows

Gene Berdichevsky: The Future of Batteries | EQ Fellows

My name is Gene Berdichevsky. I’m the co-founder and CEO of Sila Nanotechnologies. Our mission at Sila is really to drive the next wave of battery energy density improvements which will drive down the cost further and lead us to mass adoption of electric vehicles. Wherever that battery was manufactured can use our chemistry to manufacture a better battery. It’s new, but it’s also not different at all. You’re not asking the manufacturers of devices or cars or grid batteries to change how they develop their products. You’re just asking them to adopt a better chemistry. It’s been great being an EQ Fellow and meeting some of the other folks has been really inspiring. We’ve spent time to share ideas and see how those things will affect each other. We’ll need solutions that incorporate all these things and certainly the EQ Fellowship has helped to bring some different folks and different leaders together for that.

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