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  1. Hillary is lying about Libya how can she say she did a good deal for the Libyan people when just two months after Kadaffi Was gone ISIS moved in and took over everything till this day it will never be the same Libya was way better off with kadaffi, what a shame these are the politicians we vote for they lie through there teeth

  2. How about the dirty bombs used by Obama on the fresh water pipeline that was going to bring water to Africa, you'll never here about that.

  3. 5 star general Anton Queen USA CHP chalid Hof Pentagon Marina Bays thn Woman ikran cabduqadir Transfer JYS Bays jabuti Yaman Somalia 7 year aftar4 year univerdaty 100 days Ramadan evrymonday thursday

  4. Fox fake news 24/7 lies and neglect for Trumptards and the traitor in the White House! Fox fake news lies for you 24/7!

  5. Time to leave. We’re wasting money and our guys’ lives and limbs. No matter how much we spend they will always be dead enders.

  6. We should ask the Democrats what they think about it see if they can get on the same page that way they can’t just blame Trump they can blame themselves to if it goes wrong

  7. Trump's already eradicated them once I'm the blink of an eye. Don't make a truce with terrorists, we don't make deals with terrorists. Oh Obama did it and we tore him a new one, that means we can do it too. Obama did it too.

  8. The Generals right, Nixon tried the same thing (Truce) in Vietnam and all it did was give the VC a chance to rearm and strengthen their forces. In Afghanistan I'd pull out our Troops, and our Allies! Dispatch a Special Wire directly to the Kremlin so to get their people Out, Seal all Borders, and go to Plan "B" within 72 hrs.

  9. The way out of this endless war is simple. Declare victory,remove coalition troops and contractors,remove as much equipment as possible,and turn of the lights.



  12. Bomb to submission or annihilation. How many more American lives are you willing to lose? Nineteen years. We are being made fools of by a third world country.


  14. Should have ripped that country apart and left only women and orphans. Would have been short, cheap and the world wouldn’t dare look at the US sideways ever again….but I digress.

  15. Always hard to believe in anyone who talks out both sides face, terrorists lay in wait for unexpectance of their evil moves, staying under radar, so to say, in sleeper cells all I've USA & other countries they have invaded, always pulling the oppressed victim card & have no conscience to lie as their ideology teaches it OK to lie to infidels.

  16. Why give them money at all for any reason for anything period, never..
    These people who have papers that say they are smart, have been in and are in control of decisions for our country.
    Democrats are still calling the shots, they get the full circle of a cut of the money that goes out to their friends, who are our enemies..

  17. We are counting on the same impeached president who posted a derogatory doctored photo of two co-workers in traditional Islamic garb on social media to successfully broker peace negotiations?????

  18. World leaders have progressed from quietly laughing at the impeached president, to demonstrating open amusement at his transparent lying.  Every Head of State knows that Trump lies publicly on average 10 times per day.  Never before has an American president been regarded as such a loser by the rest of the world.

  19. we need to just leave – if they hit us again then we level the country and forget this nation building nonsense – fools think that because it worked with Japan and Europe that it'll happen here …no, for one these people are pre- industrial, for two they are stalled in the 7th century , collectively too stupid to see beyond their religious bs to give themselves a chance.

  20. World leaders are unimpressed by the impeached president because they know he can be played.  Trump is easily swayed by rhetoric and visibly moved by flattery.   He is a terrible negotiator who is willing to sign a bad deal as long as it “looks” good.  Trump is viewed as weak and easy to take advantage of.  Not good.

  21. The General has been reluctant to even consider leaving Afghanistan any time soon. Let us get the hell out, this is more than that for which we have armed forces.

  22. Imagine Trump sitting in the Oval Office, mouth open and basking in the glow of his adoring inner circle, listening to them fawn over his excellent tweets and very good very smart words as he muses “I wonder if it’s lunch time yet?” Suddenly, something shiny catches his eye and he says “hey what’s this button do”?

  23. These are very poor people! Where do they get the weapons and ammo from?! 🤔😑

    Is this a battle against your own country U.S? 🤔😑

  24. dump said the war was over… many nre troops is he sending to protect the sauds while leaving those troops in iran undprotected. dump pulling money from military families and veterans to build his wall he said mexico would pay for.

  25. And your solution Keane?..Another 18 years of Blood and treasure being wasted to protect Chinese mining interests?..Not a Chance….Pull our Soldiers out NOW!…Let them Eat each other..They deserve nothing more,,….

  26. I served under Jack Keene, he’s a good general but too hawkish. US should get the hell out and let that part of the world sort it out.

  27. The General knows we lost. And has known for years. For centuries… These people have been fighting, if not foreigners,, which they defeated,, then themselves.. Beyond stupid what thebsi called best an brightest didbto us. C. J. And Ruthie B

  28. At least our President is looking for peace through diplomacy in the Middle East
    In Afghanistan and Israel. You’re damed if ya do, and your damed if you don’t Mr
    President, keep up the GREAT WORK. Best President in modern history, by far.
    He needs help with the hole under his nose and those fingers, but no one is perfect.
    If you look at the stats, the economy, trade, the man sounds like a street thug at times
    yet he is negotiating and making deals of a lifetime. Taxes cut, trade deals favoring America for once,
    Hostages released, stock market , 401k’s, IRA’s , and investments all through the roof . Unemployment
    For all Americans lowest in 50 years , record breaking middle class wage growth. Consumer confidence up
    THE WALL IS FINALLY BEING BUILT . helping the American working man and woman with every mile that goes up
    If we do not get the wall built, in ten years or so it will be us climbing over it to get away from these left wing lunatics

  29. Especially since America doesn't negotiate with terrorists. Or do we now? Does Duly Impeached Poopypants negotiate with terrorists?

  30. Time to wipe them out. Clean out these monsters then we can leave. Pulling out with out successfully eliminating this enemy will come back to haunt us and our allies.

  31. Ahh But what about the Poppy Fields? OH and where’s the arms salesmen gonna go? And Big Pharma Drugs? These NWO EMEFFERS are gonna WALK Free as a BIRD! EH! GEEEZ RIP all Patriots and Innocents destroyed via these NWO TYRANTS! I Guess Going green will Now have to depend on Viruses EH!

  32. Why does Fox news keep bringing in this dinosaur war hawk mouthpiece for the military industrial complex ?!? And then acting like he is some wise, experienced, counselor. Really disgusted with Fox being such a lapdog to the war mongers..

  33. Donald Ayer (ex DoJ) another swamp creature who 'outs himself' and makes the case for draining the swamp. Ayer is typical of what we don't want in the USA.

  34. How interested is UN, UNDP, ITU, HRC, HRW, UNGA about this regime-militia groups involved in middle east activities without obeying Government-Law-Judiciary?

  35. Ask Russia about that place. It is a no win situation. Just get out of there. Cut our losses and leave before anymore of our boys die there.

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