Gappsy – Scratch Card Feature Overview [SUBTITLES]

Gappsy – Scratch Card Feature Overview [SUBTITLES]

Today, we are going to see the “Scratch Card” feature. This feature allows you to create scratch cards to offer your users a chance to win rewards and give them a fun motivation to visit your business. Let’s see how to create a scratch card. Enter a name for the card, it will be easier to find it in your Analytics. If you enable the Scratchcard points, every time a user wins on this scratchcard, he earns points. You can set it to reward a random amount of points, by using different values for minimum and maximum points fields. For this card, we want the users to win a random number of points between 10 and 30. You will be able to set the conversion rate of points to your currency in Settings>Advanced. In this case, 1 fidelity point will be converted to one dollar (because the app currency is set to dollars). The user will then be able to use these fidelity points in the mCommerce feature, as a discount code. You can add your own pictures to illustrate the card, it appears when the foreground picture is scratched,
depending on whether the player wins or loses. You can choose the picture that will be scratched. Choose if you want your card to have a due date or if you want it to be unlimited, you can then remove it when you want. Here, enter the email address on which you want to receive a notification when a user wins. This field allows you to choose the odds a user has to win the reward. The higher the percentage, the more there will be winners, and vice versa. You can choose how many users can win the reward. You can choose if a user can play several times or not. If a user can play several times, this will affect its odds to win the reward. Now let’s see the Winner and Loser pop-up. It will be displayed when the card is scratched. You can add your own pictures for the pop-up. In “Reward” you have to enter a description of the reward the user will see if he wins. Once you’re done, click on “OK”. You can view the details of the current card and delete it if you need. To validate a Reward the business owner will have to enter a four-digit password. In “Passwords” tab you can create a password for each employee. Like this it will be easier to verify who validates what. If there are already passwords for the Loyalty Card feature, it will use these passwords and vice versa. In “Design” tab you can upload a background image. You can also add “Terms and Conditions” to your Scratch card in Settings>Terms & Conditions. That’s it for the “Scratch Card” feature.

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