Ganesh Birth – Secret’s you didn’t knew | EPIFIED

Ganesh Birth – Secret’s you didn’t knew | EPIFIED

Ganesh is the God of knowledge, wisdom, prosperity
and fortune. Ganesh was born on the fourth day of the waxing moon period that falls between
August and September. It is believed that when a son was born to
Parvati and Shiv, they invited all the Gods and Goddesses to bless the newborn. Of all
the Gods who attended the feast and blessed the baby, Shani was the only one who refused
to see the baby. He feared that bad luck would befall the baby. Shiv and Parvati insisted that Shani look
at the baby and bless him. When Shani hesitantly turned towards the baby, the new born was
immediately decapitated. Vishnu advised Shani to replace the baby’s
head with the first living creature he would come across. Shani then replaced Ganesh’s
head with the head of Indra’s white elephant. Another belief says that Parvati had created
Ganesh, in Shiv’s absence, out of sandalwood paste and had put him to guard while she was
bathing. When Shiv returned, Ganesh did not let him
enter. Out of anger, Shiv severed Ganesh’s head. Seeing this, Parvati took the form of
Kali and threatened to destroy the world. Fearing her anger, Shiv implanted the head
of an elephant on Ganesh and brought him back to life. Ganesh is considered to be special among Gods.
Devotees of Ganesh believe that every ceremony or ritual should begin by invoking his name
as it brings fortune. Ganesh Chaturthi, the birthday of Ganesh is
celebrated all across India. Ganesh is believed to fulfil all wishes and bring happiness to
his devotees. All through the ten days of celebrations, devotees offer Ganesh prayers,
flowers, modak, laddoos and other delicacies. On the tenth day, the murtis are brought out
on the roads with great enthusiasm and fervour. On the last day of the festival, devotees
dance and celebrate their way to the ceremony where Ganesha is consigned to water.

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  1. Ganesha's birthday i.e. Ganesh Jayanti is different from Ganesh Chaturthi. Ganesh Jayanti is"Magha shukla chaturthi" which generally falls at the end of January or beginning of February.
    @Epified Check you facts before posting.. I liked this channel for it's content but this is somehow disappointing..

  2. how many people know that ganesh chaturthi is celebrated this grand in maharashtra for 10 day because of bal gangadar tilak ? britisher in late 1800s used to arrest indians from public places when dey wer found talking in groups !!
    In 1894, Tilak transformed the household worshipping of Ganesha into a grand public event (Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav) in that house. The celebrations consisted of several days of processions, music and food. They were organized by the means of subscriptions by neighbourhood, caste, or occupation. Students often would celebrate Hindu and national glory and address political issues; including patronage of Swadeshi goods….:)

  3. Yeah the story of Shani decapitating Ganesha's head with his Evil Gaze or also nominated as KUDRISHTI ,It's lesser known Story in Mudgal Up-purana & also in Brahma Vivarta Purana,Where also Ganesha is known to be incarnation of Vishnu.

  4. Epified dont even know who started Ganesh Chaturthi as a festival and why…this festival is not a part of culture but it has a social and political view (under British rule). plz mention such facts also.

  5. epified i think you should also cites the purana or up-purana from which you get the info because people here just act dumb -.-

  6. Are what happen to u epified guys ? Sahi ja rahe the, barobr hindusm pe info bhi thi, ab is video kyu confuse kar rahe ho logo ko yaar, shi tum logo se umeed nahi thi esi,
    Chahiye to correction karwado aur re uoad karwado please please, i love u guys,

  7. He is a deity and hence created consciously by sages with tantra and mantra in spiritual world. The rest is just story to make his existence believable in the physical world.

  8. Should mention why he is consigned to the waters… Think its really important to know. The waters represent the form of the river ganga, submerging his clay soil murti into the water signifies his travel up to kailash to his parents Shivji and Parvati ji. I never remember actual murtis being submerged years ago, my uncle used to make beautiful clay murtis out of soil which we collected from the lake side. That visarjan felt really divine one with mother nature…

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