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  1. I am sick and tired of liberals telling me how I should live my life and how to think never take orders from people who think They are better than you

  2. Rand Paul was on Meet the (dysfunctional) Press this morning and he said simply and clearly that it is against the law to give money to a known corrupt government, e.g. Iran. President Trump has to make sure that the country he lends money to is not corrupt.
    Therefore, PDJT has an obligation to ensure there is no corruption in these countries. It is necessary that Ukraine clean up it's government before aid can be given. However, it's a moot logical point ~ Joe Biden bragged about a quid pro quo with the previous Ukrainian leadership.

  3. Schiff doesn't have to change the facts. Trump is a corrupt immoral man. He needs to be kicked out. Republicans have lost their integrity through this man in the WH

  4. Shifty has the bulging, unblinking eyes of a reptile. He is a cold-blooded, demonic serpent. The very personification of pure, unadulterated evil. In other words, your garden-variety demonrat.

  5. If Trump wins in 2020 it will be due to the Left's phony impeachment agenda backfiring tremendously on them. Let's make it backfire for these goons right now. Tell all your close friends and family we cannot take this witch hunt and we will not be supporting the Democrats who push this. The liberal media and Democrat hacks in DC will continue to try to take down Trump because he's a threat to them and will use any means necessary (including breaking the law) to do so. Just look at what New York's State Legislature did back in May–voting to unlawfully release Trump's tax returns through coercion, among so many other acts of wanton unlawfulness. We cannot take this.

  6. Get that grin off your face in the thumbnail. Nothing can change the fact that Fox News ain't what it used to be and has, regrettably, betrayed the MAGA fanbase.

  7. Hannity and Gaetz say that because there are no words of quid pro quo in the "Transcripts, therefore it wasn't extortion". They don't mention that the "Transcripts" are only Trumps personal memos that he wrote himself. The white house stopped tape recording phone calls decades ago. So, of course Trump would not include something he did that was illegal in his memo. These con men don't tell the viewers all of the facts, because that would hurt the Republican party . They need to keep the viewers dumb.

  8. Can we now see shift and pelosi along with the rest of them in prison after we again see that the democrates come forward with false documentation, false witness, false this, false that…they still are working? We want them in prison…who will be the first to do it?

  9. you guys voted these demons into congress 😂 Its a disgrace. whoever voted for these democrats aught to be ashamed of themselves.

  10. Someone better inform those lowlife mongrels that they need to stop pretending to be sad thinking they're going to impeach our POTUS because they will regret it BIG TIME!

  11. Adam Schiff, how in the hell can you look in the mirror? I bet your Mothers ashamed of you, and all your lies. You will pay for your sins, every dam one of you democrats better get your life in order, because the American people know who’s lying! Trump will win in 2020!!!

  12. This is sad! Don't the democrats realize they are becoming the butt of all jokes around the world. Don't they have any shame?

  13. Hannity can't go one show with guests ….. without interrupting those very guests in mid flow.
    He just can't. Like fkn cleptomaniacs that can't help themselves stealing. He's infuriating.

  14. The fact is that spankie bribed another countryThe fact is that spankies cohorts have ignored subpoenas and now they bleat about not getting their way.Bad bad spankie

  15. Didn’t the Republicans just do a demonstration and walked into top secure room with cellphones and do a clown show. They do not want the truth to come out. They should of been locked up like all other protesters that disrupt congress

  16. I hope every American watches the hearing tomorrow for themselves, to see it for themselves firsthand, BEFORE letting the news make the decision for you as to what is being said, what are the facts, etc. etc.  Take the bias of the news out of the equation, Fellow Americans, so that you can determine for yourself if you would impeach President Trump or not.  Don't be LEAD by the corrupt, biased news.  Decide for yourself without the opinion of the NEWS Channels.

  17. Just an FYI for FAUXNEWS viwers looking for happiness. Watch the documentary "The Brainwashing of my Dad" where the dad finds hapiness before he died. It's free on couple streaming services and on Roku Channel App if you have a Roku.

  18. Gollum is busy trying to be God. He thinks whatever he says goes what a fool. He wants that presidential ring so bad. He calls it his precious. Jealousy lies and deceit is his law. Get used to Orange pajamas and Bubba

  19. Yeah dirty tricks .. LIKE PATRIOTS AND WAR HEROES GIVING EVIDENCE ON TRUMP CORRUPTION Anyone seen Slimy Dopey Rudy….

  20. Oh. This week I am very afraid of Schiff. Next week I'll be afraid of Taylor and next I'll be ordered to hate George Kent. Next we will be directed to insult and mock Marie Yovanovitch.

    'Cause she's a woman.

  21. The destruction of the Democrats is assured after this fiasco. This is the greatest Show in town since the Circus.
    Since when were witness not allowed to be produced in hearings. Shiff and Pelosi need to be removed forcefully from Government. This is a sneak into the Democrats future Socialist methods, watch out America , the new Salem Witch hunts have started.

  22. Trying so hard to distract us from the fact that Trump tried to coerce a bribe in the form of dirt on the man he frequently said would be his 2020 opponent.
    The new conservative "core value" is legitimizing bribes and foreign interference in our elections and they are fighting hard to set the precedent and convince everyone this will make American elections great again.

  23. You brought that fool on to say what… two are spouting propaganda, America is not 70 year old whiite men…Where is bigfoot? You and Fox news are American stains and Russian stooges

  24. Something is wrong with Sean. He just called Rep Gaetz, "the compromised, corrupt, congenital liar, Matt Gaetz". I know he meant Adam Schiff but Sean has made some noticeable mistakes lately. Slow down Sean and get it right!

  25. These guests are all on the payroll. They love the attention and money! They do nothing in their real jobs just like the dems!

  26. The whole process looks totaly partisan- yet another sham witch hunt from the left in order to try yet again to take down President Trump. Pathetic.

  27. I can't wait for the Landslide in 2020 for Pres Trump. Never EVER EVER, would me or my family, vote for another Democrat again. It won't happen. Never Ever!!

  28. They picked shitty schiff because they knew he would lie about everything with a straight bug eyed face.

  29. Can I ask my wonderful American friends a question? As an outsider, a French Australian, I find this whole Impeachment issue rubbish actually, I'm a student of U.S. politics, to me this seems to break all the protocols of the constitution in spirit at least and go against natural justice. I have a more serious question for you? Is the U.S. possibly headed for a 2nd Civil War? I see such divisions there in your wonderful country and it really concerns me. Both sides seem to really hate each other. I would love to hear your opinions.

  30. Literally: “Let’s start with the show, the circus, the compromise corrupt congenital liar: Matt Gaetz”. Well said Hannity!!

  31. I smell a rat, and the wind is coming from Trump's direction. Well I've heard that trump means fart in the UK. Is it true?

  32. The Democratic Party, collectively, comes across and appears much like a person suffering from a severe psychosis, with delusions of grandeur, auditory and visual hallucinations, and the worst part is that this psychosis is literally being expressed in their actions and behavior. I believe they are only serving to completely destabilize the minds and security of our Nation and it really looks like they do so with purpose and animosity. It is insanity.

  33. Good news!
    Every time hannitys name is mentioned in this enquiry an angel gets its wings…. 2 times so far.
    With a bit if luck we will also see you in court ..

  34. If shifty Shiff gets his way, it means he's more powerful than the republicans. They should boycott his show and walk out in unison. Why are they even giving credibility to the sham impeachment?

  35. here we go again. Republicans doing NOTHING. The lady ambassador to ukraine that was fired committed perjury and she should have been charged before sunset the same day. Instead it's debated all over social media. Martha Stewart went to prison for less. iFor at least a week I have heard literally dozens of show hosts, reporters and guests saying senate should be calling both bidens, eric, the fake whistle blower, schitt and his staff to testify in the senate. NO ONE is doing anything. I have heard Graham asked on 4 different shows and giving 4 different answers. It reminds me of how Paul Ryan did nothing and smiled when he gave his non answers. The Secretary of State in Kentucky, a democrap, packed 13,000 fraud voter registrations …and oh what a surprise, the democra "won". That and 12 additional ways of cheating wored in overdrive in 2018 midterms. We have hundreds f democraps in office that we did not vote for. They cheat and steal elections and have been doing it for 50 years. And it seems to me graham is telling us he's a rino posing as a patriot and nothing is going to change. The president might win but they will be stealing the House, same thing they did to reagan. We need more than a voter ID card…..we need law enforcement running elections and get the democraps OUT.

  36. If Republicans even ATTEMPTED to do something as highly partisan and ILLEGAL as these democrats are attempting to do democrats would be bringing pitchforks and flame torches into the Congress to take the Republicans DOWN. DEMOCRATS ARE STUPID

  37. “Mr. Gaetz, take your statement to the press. They do you no good here. So, please, absent yourself,” -Adam Schiff

    Gaetz listens like an obedient dog.

  38. Hey I'm in Australia and I can see how big the DEMOCRAT SCAM is from here!! It looks like a puss filled boil that's ready to pop and cause great deal of PAIN to the democrats.

  39. These people are demented. Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Biden, Bernie, Warren, Bloomberg, Michel, Rice, Clapper, Harris, AOC, The Squad, Behar, Goldberg, Brennan, Comey, Hillary, Mad Max, and so many others, it's obvious that there are mental questions that need to be addressed by a phycologist.

  40. Hannity needs to think more about his words before reeling off a bunch of the same stuff he's used over and over again about Schiff. When I first heard this, I thought he was bashing Matt Gaetz. I'm sure that anyone new who's listening to this, probably initially figured Gaetz to be a part of the anti-Trump team. That was really awful. Now that I'm on the subject, I quit listening to Hannity's radio program because he's got this very annoying technique, in which he'll start off the radio segment with a sound bite of some irate liberal individual or group that blasts the President, and he just lets the rhetoric go on and on. Then after the smoke clears, and maybe people have already formulated a negative opinion of the President, then he comes back and talks about the other side of the equation. There have been times when I've been driving and turned away from the station and not tuned back, without even hearing the Conservative rebuttal point of view. It's almost seems like he just puts that sound bite out there, and then takes his headphones off and goes and gets a cup of coffee or something until the 2 or 3 minutes are up, without even caring how it all sounds.

  41. We all know they can’t stop the House from Impeaching him. Now just wait for the real fun to start when Biden pulls out as planned and the evil witch jumps in and becomes the nominee. Things are about to get real crazy!

  42. Facts: Trump obstructed justice, a felony, took money from 22 countries in violation of the emoluments clause, told the public more than 10,000 lies, stole money from his charity, froze military assistance to Ukraine to assure they would damage his political rival.

  43. Our Father, Who art in heaven,
    Hallowed be Thy Name.
    Thy Kingdom come.
    Thy Will be done,
    on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread.
    And forgive us our trespasses,
    as we forgive those who trespass against us.
    And lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil. And drain the swamp in Jesus’s name amen

  44. It's amazing when these guys talk it's like going back in time to the age of dinosaurs, roaring with fury as hot ash rained down on them. They were too dumb to get out of the way or even know what was happening then. Its the same thing with the Republicans, too dumb to get out of the way or even know what is happening. The Republicans have lost their way and need a course correction and a time out for about 8 years to get the country back at the business of looking after its people, its relationship with allies, and a recommitment to honesty and clarity in policy and deed. You can be a social conservative and not be a fascist or a crook. Stop the lying or I'll tell your mothers.

  45. They told us that a subpoena was issued for Adam Schiff, how long does it take to deliver that? Was that fake news or who is dragging there feet?

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