Gabe Measner & Jarrod Polson, UK Christian Student Fellowship

Gabe Measner & Jarrod Polson, UK Christian Student Fellowship

INFLUENTIAL AUTHORS AND THEOLOGIANS COMES TO LEXINGTON TONIGHT. RAVI ZACHARIAS WILL SPEAK AT MEMORIAL COLISEUM. TO LEARN MORE, WE’RE JOINED BY JARROD POLSON, FORMER U-K BASKETBALL PLAYER, AND GABE MEASNER, BOTH WITH U-K’S CHRISTIAN STUDENT FELLOWSHIP. What is Christian Student Fellowship? Tell us about the event CSF is hosting tonight. What do you hope people will take away from this event? Who is this event for? Name of event:=Ravi Zacharias at Memorial Coliseum Date of event:=Wednesday, Feb 24, 2016 Time of event:=7 pm Venue of event:=Memorial Coliseum Cost of event:=Free 859.273.5433 ————————- ————————- ———- Question 1:=What is Christian Student Fellowship? Response 1:=CSF is one of the largest campus ministries in the U.S, which just so happens to sit right in the middle of UK’s campus. We strive to impact college students through love and service and help them grow and learn during their college years. Question 2:=What are the details of the event CSF is putting on? Response 2:=We are hosting Dr. Ravi Zacharias, one of the most influential authors and apologists in the world today. He has spoken to hundreds of college campuses around the world, including Harvard and Cambridge. The event will take place this Wednesday, Feb 24 in Memorial Coliseum at 7 p.m. Question 3:=Who is this event for? Response 3:=The simple answer is everyone. Dr. Ravi is going to be tackling the four biggest questions that every person must answer in life. No matter what philosophy or religion you consider yourself, everyone has to answer these pivotal questions at some point in their life. WHO SAYS YOU CAN’T GET ANYTHING FOR FREE?

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