Fusion OEM Fox Business News 4

Fusion OEM Fox Business News 4

A company that says it is hiring but it can’t fill all the open positions. Jeff Flock is in Burr Ridge Illinois and Jeff I know a lot of people with resumes that want to find out where to send them, you got the company. Fascinating discussion you just had and here’s the other piece of that story which is jobs that are available that people aren’t here to fill, that they’re not talented enough to fill. Take a look at what’s happening here. What what am I looking at looking at Craig Zoberis? We’re looking at a milling process right now by a skill trained laborer to manufacture parts for the digital work station. Fusion OEM manufactures and puts together machines for other companies. Take a look at the sophistication of this machine. This is a, talk about skilled worker, this is a skilled worker, this guy doesn’t walk in off the street with no skill. That’s correct, young guy though, a lot of experience, he’s had experience in machining before but he’s had some work in in the technical field before and training. You cannot, and walk me over here because I want to show our viewers what you’re actually making, you cannot find enough skilled workers to do all the work you need, these kinda guys right here. That’s correct, these guys have some kind of electronics background, they know how to read a schematic, they know their way around all kinds of electronics but they need that experience to actually get a position here. And you get a lot of resumes from people that don’t have those skills. Yeah, we get resumes from bank tellers and things like that but you know what? If we got somebody with a great attitude and they’re willing to learn, we’ll train them. Yeah, gotcha. Show me real quick before we get away here this is the piece of equipment that you’ve got. You actually got a few resumes today, after our broadcast earlier today. Yeah, thanks for that. It’s actually really intriguing. We’re getting resumes coming in as we speak so if you guys want to keep sending those resumes at fusionOEM.com, that’s great. Show me before we get away this is the machine you guys are making right now it it makes the the uh what what is that called? This is protective packaging so basically instead of getting those lousy peanuts in your packages from UPS or FedEx these are air pillows that are biodegradable or recyclable. Every piece of the process we like to illuminate for you here on the Fox Business Network and send your resumes David, go ahead send them in he needs folks, they got a whole building full over there that they can’t fill with workers. What a great, and by the way it’s fusionenergy.com is that it? Fusion OEM correct? Fusion OEM fusionOEM.com Send your resumes. Wonderful story, good stuff thanks a lot Jeff. Well more than 30,000 government jobs have been…

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