Fusion OEM Fox Business News 3

Fusion OEM Fox Business News 3

Companies looking to hire should have an easy time finding employees but according to some U.S. manufacturers spots are going unfilled. Why? They can’t find qualified applicants. Joining us live from Burr Ridge, Illinois is our own Jeff Flock. Jeff, say it aint so. Here’s what they, here’s what they can’t find. This man here is a skilled worker. There is a shortage Charles, believe it or not of skilled workers in this country where one company, this is Fusion OEM, Craig Zoberis the the head man here and take a look at what they got open. Shop assistant, electrical assembler, mechanical assembler, panel builder, set-up man, electrical technician, you can’t fill some of these jobs. We have a very difficult time finding technical people right now. Why is that? Well, everything is going high skilled. I think people aren’t going back for their educations, they’re having a difficulty of finding situations where they’re gonna find a perfect opportunity from the move to one company to another. Gotcha. Now you just bought another building. Take me out here real quick. I want to show you this other building, they just bought another building because they’ve got more business than they can handle, they can’t hire enough workers. You can’t fill this. As we walk here I want to put up a graphic that shows how things have changed in terms of manufacturing jobs. It used to be management at the top, a few skilled workers and then most of them were unskilled laborers. Well now it has gone more to where you need many more skilled workers than unskilled workers. We’re back here inside this and this is your your building this this space out right now. That’s correct, we just expanded, we just doubled our square footage. Now we’re trying to double the number of people we have working for us. And what they do here Charles and Chivany is as you watch the build out take place right here it’s nice to see somebody expanding, they assemble equipment for other companies and what is it that Craig in here that you’re assembling? We’re electrical panels here so a lot of these guys here have electrical engineering experience some way or another, either as a technician or as an engineer before. These are not guys off the street and they need to be able to to to read blueprints. We got here, I don’t want to gum up your works but obviously these guys need to be able to read blueprints, they need to be able to have other technical skills that you’re not finding people to have. That’s correct, they have to be able to read electrical schematic, know basic information about power and etc. And Charles before we get away here’s one great little piece and I think have you got more more going on in another room here is there I’ll give you one more quick thing because this these are work stations they’re they’re outfitting for underwriters laboratories. After our first broadcast this morning you got resumes right? Oh yeah, actually we just did a broadcast this morning, we’re getting resumes as we speak right now which is awesome so keep it up bring them in. We’re looking for about ten people before the end of the year. These are immediate positions right now, we’re open to taking applicants right now. Charles send him your resume if it doesn’t work out in the TV thing. Ok you got it Jeff.

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