Fusion OEM Fox Business News 1

Fusion OEM Fox Business News 1

But are those on the hunt qualified? Jeff Flock has that story. Hey Jeff. Hey there Jagen, I will take you in just a moment to an Illinois company that actually needs workers, these though are skilled workers the people you see doing these jobs, skilled workers. And believe it or not there is a shortage of skilled workers in this country, I’ll explain fully and introduce you to a man who is beating the bushes for people that he really wants to hire. Stay tuned. Yes indeed, Fusion OEM is the company, Craig Zoberis is the president and you build sophisticated equipment for other companies. That’s correct. What am I looking at right here, can you turn it on? Basically this is a air packaging device that does void filling for… Builds up these little these little pouches that go in there. Yeah instead of those rotten peanuts you see every day. So essentially what we’re building here is equipment that inflates these bags for distribution centers. And you, here’s here’s the where they get assembled over here. And these guys that do this assembly, these are not just guys straight out of you know, nowhere, these guys have to have skills. Yeah they have to have some sort of technical capability, they probably went to a technical school of some sort. You can’t find guys like this? It’s very difficult to find technical people with great attitude so we’re looking for those people right now. As we walk through I want to show you a graphic representation of how things have changed in the manufacturing sector. It used to be management at the top, small amount of management at the top, then a small number of skilled workers, then most of them unskilled. Now it’s like a a diamond, there’s mostly skilled workers that you need. Right, exactly. We’ve gone from a lot of low skilled labor that can basically take Bridgeport products here and… Oh yeah take a look, this is the old drill press. Yeah the old drill press, exactly. Everyone’s probably seen this before to more sophisticated machines like these machines behind us here so. Craig, we’re out of time but we’ll be here all day. I want to really put a face on this for you guys because it’s a real huge problem for businesses out there. You’d think high unemployment; everybody who wants a jobs got a job. Well, the problem is they don’t have the skills to get the jobs that are available. Interesting. Jeff thank you so much.

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