Funny Business | The Fixer ft. Jonathan Banks | HP

Funny Business | The Fixer ft. Jonathan Banks | HP

( music playing ) “Breaking news. Hacker known as The Wolf
steals millions of health records and then claims to be unstoppable.” ( scoffs )
Cute. The Wolf may have exposed
all the holes around here, but as he’s about to find out,
every dog has a master. This right here is an HP Enterprise
printer. And it’s got some serious
firepower. Like Runtime Intrusion Detection, which protects it by constantly
looking out for malware attacks or any other funny business. If it sees something it doesn’t like… ( snaps fingers )
voila. It heals itself without anyone
having to lift a finger. From now on,
Mr. Wolf can huff and puff all he wants. But he’s gonna have to find
another house to blow down.

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. Its now my 15th Comment about a HP omen 15 remake.. Please dear HP 🙁 i love the first Edition! But i cant buy it. Because the shops in Germany dont have the old edition.. 🙁

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