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  1. it is because of out of sight, out of mind. you want to get the attention of people, tell them how much money it is going to cost them, people dont understand that which they can not see, feel, hear or touch, BUT translate the radiation into what it will COST them, then they will get the idea.

  2. If the pool becomes damaged to the point of uncontrollable fission reaction the remaining reactors will go fission as well. I hope our government has engineering working for solutions to help unload this mess from the pool.

  3. Because they are all combatting really important issues like racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-semitism, save the whales, save the snails etc. etc.

  4. yes its leaking right now, to a lesser degree. The wise Government though is burning tons of contaminated debre from the tsunomi which isnt helping, the radiation is getting spread everywhere. This burning is expected to last until 11/2014. you can find info at or many others

  5. I predicted that Japan will be fullscale evac'd, but it hasn't come to pass – YET. I think reactor 4 could end Japan.. no clue about the worldwide effects though

  6. surely they can encase it in concrete lift it into a concrete building, line it with lead, then concrete then more lead etc. and just keep doing it surely they can seal it up where it is.

  7. Does anyone else worry about the safety of the fan in the background? What kind of a country places fans at seated-head height? I'll tell you what kind, the kind of country that would risk the world ending.

  8. well this is freaky I have not seen any mention in mainstream on this one. Why is it the only time a see updates on this its always backroad alternate media.

  9. The Costs are surf to cultureunplugged com and search at Chelyabinsk: The Most Contaminated Spot on the Planet,then they starting to know what it can cost,missing legs,arms cancer and generations further get the biggest bang.

  10. With that,they can create electricity over there for a year,no it want really,some nanoconstucted carbon filters will catch the radioactive particles,and those filters,u can dump in a magma lake,case closed.

  11. We don't want to admit to ourselves that this is it. There are going to be so many cases of cancer coming and with Obama care you will have to wait months to even get seen. It's planned population control. The controlled media is ignoring it all over the world because it's too depressing. They could have slant drilled under it and detonated a nuke and everything would have been solved day one…..

  12. Many of the spent fuel pools (and storage pools) are full at the units in the US. Many are GE Mark Drywells with storage on the operating deck (like Fukushima). Some have on-site storage casks and separate containment, but these units were designed for a scenario where spent fuel would be removed by DOE and taken to long term storage (e.g. Yucca Mountain). Also remember that Fukushima has MOX fuel onsite, which is a different kettle of fish.

  13. We must listen carefully to what Mr Akio Matsumura is saying in this interview: He talks about nuclear power plants, spent fuel pools, and the trouble with Reactor 4 at Fukushima. He is clear when he says ''We need an independent assessment team not associated with TEPCO. @BiancaJagger

  14. Please remember that uranium 235 absorbes a nutron, and becomes Plutonium. All reactors are producing plutonium, not just reactor # 3. Everyone is stuck on reactor 3 using mox fuel, which is plutonium oxide fuel, but all reactors are producing plutonium.

  15. He also says that it's difficult for the Japanese to ask for outside help with the engineering. Herein lies the essence of the problem…their cultural hangup on saving face, honor is just pure ego identification. They need to put their taboos aside and deal with this now.

  16. I lost all my hope regarding this topic. Governments and media do everything possible to cover this up, in germany not a single mainstream media reported about fukushima in the last 2-3 months. We can only pray that there won`t be a big earthquake in japan in the next few years or humanity will be in grave danger.

  17. What's it matter anyway? The world is headed for the NWO Illuminati slave camp anyway. May as well leave the Satanists nothing to inherit.

  18. I have tried so hard on almost EVERY posting to warn people. NO ONE listens. EVERYONE thinks that I am crazy and yet I keep posting. Type THE CORRECT VIEWS CONTEST and you will see my entry about this in the Alex Jones contest. I got to warn almost 2000 ppl about this.
    In a lighter not…what the hell kind of placement of a cieling fan is that??? Japan clearly builds things very oddly.

  19. That would certainly explain the increased MSM reporting on the subject…prepping the people's heads for the reality. When people find out about this en masse…and finally understand the potential ramifications….that's really WTSHTF. The day the explosion occured in March 2011, I immediately thought…"Wow….they just lost Tokyo." This corresponds to the current Timewave Zero graph…….check it out.

  20. holy cow unit 4 has leak all the way out are you sure ,where did you get this info from do you have a link anything please thanks

  21. Thanks for this true statement. Unfortunately, the "international community" did not much to assist Japan already from begin of this nuclear tragedy. 1European countries just believed the Fukushima incident would not affect Europe much. Only the US provided some assistance, knowing radioactive clouds could easily reach the USA. Indeed radioactive noble gaz clouds already reached both the US and Europe, whereby these emissions since Harrisburg are LEGAL. Really nuclear experts were not heard.

  22. It's going to be a bit hard to put out of site when they begin 40 million Japanese citizens being evacuated from the island of Japan and relocated into other countries.

  23. Underwater coating specialistfirm needed!!!!!

    "The water problem isn’t one that will go away soon: TEPCO has to keep constantly smothering the nuclear reactors with water for cooling, until the melted nuclear fuel is removed. TEPCO will not be able to fix all of the leaks, until the fuel is removed, which means that for now, no alternative methods will stem the contaminated water from continuing to pile up. Officials estimate it will take six years to plug the leaks and 25 to remove the fuel."

  24. Fukushima has never stopped leaking radiation for the last year, most of it is going into the oceans which will lead to a delay of the effects in many ways because the oceans take 200 years to circulate the world and to mix. This is not to say that there aren't very grave problems that are visible now much of the life in the pacific is bio-accumulating the radiation up the foodchain and the number of species affected is spreading very quickly in space & time.

  25. They can only do what they are told to, the real question is why are the global governments waiting – the answer to that is that they are all too busy managing the political fallout instead of the radioactive fallout

  26. your not dead in a week that's overegging it a little and is unhelpful to say when people are looking for accurate information Cs137 affects the muscles such as the heart. Alex Bandashevsky who was thrown into jail by the russians for what he found out (via a slur campaign) was a top heart specialist and he established that a doserate of 50Bq/kg of Cs137 is the maximum body burden for a child before they start to experience heart problems, see film on u tube chernobyl heart

  27. it's being kept out of the press by collusion between the corporations the corporate media and the corporate governments i,e fascit governments (as that is the definition of corporate governments) are colluding to keep it all quiet, all of our governments are fascists that's why nothing is being done about the situation and why it's not being talked about. Start talking about it in your community – don't agonise – organsie!

  28. I too speculated at the ooutset that this crisis would neccessiate the evacuation of the whole of Japan. Unfortunately most think that that is an impossibility, politically & economically & socially. A year on, I'm now of the opinion that the outlook for the rest of the planet as a result is pretty dire too – so evacuation probably pretty pointless as everyone in the northern hemisphere is probably gonna get it one way or another if they don't start getting their act together.

  29. their cranes were destroyed last year they need to invent build and transport something to the site pronto – maybe they could adapt a crane from another reactor at Daiini or somewhere else – but it seems their more concerned with managing the P.R than the pools…

  30. I agree. Their "honor" is not the only issue at stake here. We are talking about an extinction level event. What about the lives and honor of humanity? Which is what they are playing with.

  31. It also makes one wonder if the rumors that this was a deliberate sabotage by the U.S., Israel and Britain are true. It is known that Japan voted against the U.S. sanctions on Iran. Also, when the Russians finally came clean about Chernobyl, western media was on it nearly daily. It seems so odd that the U.S. and western allies have not even offered to aid or intervene or even discuss Fukushima seriously.

  32. Oh ffs, bastards with their fucking nuclear wet dreams…
    I guess I need to volunteer as a suicide labourer if it goes wrong, for my (and all) kids sake.
    Thnx guys, rly…fucking hell.

    Kk, I'll fucking do it, that is, if the world abandons nuclear bullshit forever and put all their eggs in the green and sustainable basket.

  33. if an earthquake knocks reactor 4 over , the plutonium , cesium, etc . will be exposed and it will explode and spew radiation all over northern hemisphere..until most human life is dead. thats the facts, jack

  34. oh stop it everyone, radiation is good for you. i don't know what channel your watching every night, but radiation is like taking vitamins you don't have to swallow.

  35. For all the people crying aboit why they're not doing anything about, it's because there is nothing that can be done about it. Robots that have been sent in only last for a few minutes before going kapoot. If robots can't survive the radiation for even a couple of minutes, how long do you think a human would last? A much shorter time, and who would be dumb enough to go in there when there is no guarantee that they could do anything about it?

  36. Why should they even have to ask? If Obomber had a spine, or soul, he would have stepped up to the plate. Sickening!!

  37. I agree in this case, but honour is not always pure ego identification. In fact, if you interpret honour in the other way, in a situation where mass human survival is at stake, the honourable thing is to ask for help. On the other hand, in many other situations (largely ones from a long time ago) asking others for help might have endangered *their* survival, and then it would be most honourable not to. Essentially, I think "saving face" and "honour" are very different things.

  38. The future of the human race>than cultural sensibilities. An international organisation should come in and sort this out now, irrespective of diplomacy.

  39. Japan just "donated" 17,000 tons of radioactive rice to Ghana. Shame on you Japan. China too purchased some of Japan's radioactive rice, and mixed it with some of their homegrown rice, and is selling it to its citizens. The media too is deathly quiet on the Fukushima issue, while millions are breathing, eating & drinking radioactive contaminants. Clearly they are using this crisis to genocide/depopulate in tune with the NWO agenda. We are in deep sh*t.

  40. so what they are saying is that radiation will spread to other countries because this reactor 4 will go out and there is no solution to this all we can try to do is improve the situation so it wont spread as fast? So basically, we are all fucked because these fuckups started something they couldn't handle.

  41. Um, what's the guarantee? Look at them. They have maintained their values in the face of massive technological progress.

  42. (Wikipedia) According to Japan's foreign ministry, 116 countries and 28 international organizations had offered assistance to Japan. The magnitude of the earthquake was estimated at 9.0. This article is a list of charitable and humanitarian responses to the disaster from governments and non-governmental organizations. Plus, there are scientists from all over the planet there trying to figure out what to do next. Please research and don't believe everything people say.

  43. human before was so much simple, his life simple, everything was organic and simple, no rich not poor but can survive, seeking richness with science is big danger, human distroy his house by his own, why this world need nuclear why!! better we use candle than worry everyday.

  44. You mean when… We can't be certain about much concerning Fukushima looking to the long decades ahead, but I think we can be pretty goddamn sure that the fault lines (*there are many*) around the plant (*and all the other reactors in Japan*) will remain active.

    And by the way, it doesn't HAVE to be another earthquake… Have you seen that building? The pool just needs to drain, the fuel rods become exposed…!!!

  45. If this truly is as serious as it appears to be fuck the Japanese sensibility the rest of the world have to force themselves in.

  46. Just a thought: are structural drawings of the #4 reactor building and fuel pool available on the net? Geotechnical information also? I think us structural engineers throughout the world ought to start thinking about the structure, the fuel pool, and, possibly/hopefully, strengthening the building so the pool can be secured and emptied. We need to get some sort of non-profit web collaboration going (if there's not one already in place!). Any ideas? Who's in?

  47. As of today, 1188 of the 1533 nuclear fuel assemblies have been removed from the spent fuel pool at reactor 4.  There are 345 remaining.  It's great to hear that this threat is decreasing more and more as each nuclear fuel assembly is removed from the spent fuel pool.  They have currently suspended the operation due to safety inspections and maintainence on the crane essential to the operation.  By my calculations, they should be finished with the removal process sometime in October.  I'm glad that the threat of collapse is decreasing.  If reactor 4 had collapsed during the earthquake, we would have faced the global extinction of mankind.  

  48. Number four is already gone ad even if there is a pool full of rods , It's too risky , It is MOX fuel , It Will fall over and leak before they can get near enough to it to remove the rods . The Solution to the problem is encasement and they already waited too long , We are Dead 🙁 QC

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