Frontier Fellowship – Help for the Homeless

Frontier Fellowship – Help for the Homeless

[Music] Homelessness is on the rise. The culture is coming apart, families are not supportive, people are not making good choices. All that has to happen is one major crisis. I used to think that homeless people were
lazy but as I’ve been gone out to the camps, I’ve seen very ingenious things that people
have done to stay warm over the winter, summertime it’s a battle of bugs, it’s a battle of trying to keep the clothes
from getting wet and moldy. People are taking items from each other. There’s little safety or security out there. They spend just so much time trying to survive. This overhead, right over the side of it, I was up under the bridge, I would, it’s like a little walk path, up over the top part, it’s a little leverage that you can lay down. We met James doing and outreach just before Thanksgiving. Every day that they could come through that
way, they was there, they always brought a change of clothes,
toothpaste, I mean everything we need, soap. So we became aware that James had some health problems, and things began to deteriorate even more. My toes was frostbitten from the weather, from the weather and snow. The people in Frontier Fellowship helped me to get to that facility. He did lose five toes due to gangrene condition
in his foot. Right now I’m doing as good as I can, and looking forward to get a home, a place to stay. Well we were in addiction for a real long
time. Yeah and afterwards… We lost our kids…. My parents…… Her parents passed away too. Miscarriage too. We just lost everything, we just hit rock
bottom. We were homeless and that’s when we were living in the forest. God has send like my family here from
Fellowship Frontier. Pastor Julie and everybody here to come and help, rescue us. That’s when I started to get into believing
in God and Jesus Christ. When our family, Fellowship Frontier came
down to the tent the first time, I say, I was skeptical… I didn’t trust them, no they’re just gonna
leave, and you know, that’s all it is yeah. So I didn’t expect to go to treatment at all… Ididn’t even know what treatment is either. You know everybody down there is a daughter, a son, a mother, a father, it could have been an attorney, maybe they were a nurse, maybe they were in the military, life happens. It is very hard for homeless people to change. I think we just assume that people know where
to get where they need to go. If it wasn’t for these guys, I’m thinking a lot of us out here would be
in really terrible shape. Not just emotionally or mentally, but physically. So the first thing we do is we ask them: If money was no object, and time was not an
issue, what would you like your life to be like
in one year? We don’t tell people what they should want, we try to get them to tell us what they want. So most of the staff here have been addicts, so we know how hard it is to change, and we know we don’t just naturally dry up
and just decide to start following Christ. I was addicted to drugs for 34 years, in and out of treatment centers all my life, and I had finally allowed the Lord to come into my heart. I have my girls down at the camps and they’re
my girls you know, and they message me and we
talk and the Lord just pours in more and more and
more, and more love just flows out, and I never knew how to do that. Love is making a difference down at the homeless
camps and Frontier Fellowship has made a difference in my life by showing me that Jesus
loves me which is showing me how to love others. We love Joe, man we love him, he is a warrior! I love you guys too, Fellowship and Dave, they’ve come and they’ve helped me so much, they’ve done and they come and they drop off
food and water stuff too us all time. And they make sure that we, if it wasn’t for them I don’t think I’d make
it out here as much as I do so. We believe very much in discipling and bringing
people in so that we can nurture and love them
and call them up into God’s destiny for them. They want us to, tell that, our testimony
and to others about the homeless…. Yeah, go give my testimony to you know homeless
or people, or to people who needs help, or needs guidance. It takes a village, it takes a whole-body, it takes people with different giftings to
pull the Christ out of a person. We help dozens of people, maybe hundreds of
people every week, and we really need financial partnership to
continue and even increase the work and you can
help us help them. Frontier Fellowship is a family for us. Without them we wouldn’t be here, yeah, and we love them with all of our hearts. [Music]

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  1. Thank you pastor Julie and our church family. We loves with all our hearts and souls. And from the bottom of our hearts. Amen!! Thank you very much!

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