From Bristol to Stonehenge (England) – On FOOT and camping: LET´S GO! (Travel Vlog)

From Bristol to Stonehenge (England) – On FOOT and camping: LET´S GO! (Travel Vlog)

Everything is private, everything is private. I slept pretty well. There was a lot of humidity. Rain. But you sleep well in the tent. Its small, you install it fast. And you disassemble it fast. Go. This is ripped in the back. What? Its all ripped apart. Where? All…its separated into two parts. Are you sure that its not designed this way? Ok I will take a photo and will show you. How did we end up here? Well, first of all…. Oh, look look! Whats there? This is that animal that they say that lives here.. Yes but its dead. Its a teddy bear! We are inside, inside England. There is nothing touristic here. No, THIS is to do the real tourism. Enter inside the Great Britain. We are deep inside. We have passed through the farms. And now we can see the lifestyle. Lets go for some tea over there. We are in the middle of the winter time. What winter? This is September. Its only 20th of September. But we got here and it rains every day. Because its normal here. Rain is normal at any time of the year. What do you have? Just coffee but look… Look how much coffee. Its very hot. Like the tea that Gosia makes. Well we went to that little café place. Totally authentic experience. Yes, it looked like Twin Peaks. Yes, Twin Peaks or something like that. Local people. Incredible. And you know, I love the sensation of not knowing what is going to happen, and not knowing where we will sleep each day. Yes, today we dont know where we will sleep. But luckily we have the tent. And we will look for some spot in the fields. The only problem is that the fields seem all private no? They are all fenced out. The people here are very friendly. Everyone. On the first day yesterday two people took us in their cars already… voluntarily…helping out. Incredible. I like that font. I love it. It reminds me of New York. Where are we going…what is this way, Robert? Sure we are going the right way? Yes, yes. It seems so. You are in the shot. Show what you have. It is a Margharita pizza. With mushrooms. I dont know if its guacamole. With Fish and Chips? (in fact it was a pees pureee) But it looks like it. Well, the food was very good and cheap. And now we are back into the unknown. Looking for the place to pitch our tent. Look, these are cabins where maybe they can let us camp out. There is no one here. Whats happening? There is no one, no. There is a small lake. Its a nice zone but there is no one here. No, they didnt let us pitch the tent. Because those were wooden cabins and each one of them had a small parcel outside, and…sure, it didnt look good. But very educated. As always. Well, they indicated some hotels to us, but sure…. Wow, how beautiful those dogs over there. Yes, they told us where the hotels were, but having a tent, we prefer to camp. Lets see if we survive. Its getting dark. Lets see what we can find. The people dont understand why we prefer to walk and why we prefer to camp. There is fence here. Its a beautiful night. Almost full moon. Clear. Its not raining. But we keep walking ahead. We keep moving ahead! In the search. They wont stop us! They wont stop us! And lets see where we will sleep tonight. We cant find the spot. Its all fenced out. There are beautiful fields, spacious, but its all with the fence. And you cant enter. Well perhaps you can but I dont think we have the balls. Look, a cemetery…in the middle of the forest. Sure, there is an open field to sleep here but who will dare? Are you filming? Yes. Well, in the end we didnt find anything. We found a …, how could I call it?.. a country accommodation. With the pub. With the pub and the restaurant. And they had accommodation in the back. Rooms. And they had available rooms, right Robert? But we insisted, well…we asked if they had any field too…, where we can install our tent. We said that our budget was limited, and that we were lost, that it is dark and we didnt know where we were, and if they had any free land, and they let us pitch the tent in the back. Whats happening? It seems that today we are having problems installing the tent. Why? I dont know. The tent is super wet. Because it was raining at night…so.. We got out tent up. Its not so cold.. well…is it cold or not? Well, when you are inside its not so cold. And its not raining, most importantly. See you tomorrow. Tomorrow is Saturday already. Good night, see you later. Tomorrow is Saturday, or is it today? Tomorrow is Saturday. Show around so people see where we are. Good morning. Good morning, guys! Another day. It is raining, humidity is quite interesting. And well..another day ahead to sleep among the English fields. Is it cold? How can I get in? Wait, I will put it down. Hello. So many cows. So many heads are watching us. So many heads. Bye bye cows. We found this paradise place.. lost in the interior of the Great Britain. There are no tourists here. Very surrealistic. Now you will see it. But you know.. without these elements of difficulty, without rain, without cold, without the element of not knowing where we will camp, this adventure would lose its character. The adventure to be the adventure must have these elements of difficulty. I enjoy confronting the elements of nature, etc. no? This is life. These types of experiences no? Walking, hours and hours.. with the backpack, heavy. Yes, because people ask why do you like to do this? I like to have contrasts of experiences. I like to have luxury, well…luxury meaning going out to the nice restaurant for example, but I also like to have the experience of checking out how it feels to carry a heavy backpack in the cold, sleeping in the tent, waking up in the mornings there. Exactly, the uncertainty of what is going to happen at night. And where we will sleep. We dont know. We might end up in the field full of cows. Wait wait..where are we? I dont understand. It seems we are not on the right way. Let me see? Look, this makes no sense. The path goes here. And we are here in the middle of nothing. You mean, its the path that doesnt even appear in the map. Wait, cause its getting wet.. Let´s see…where are we, where are we guys? Well, we are in the middle of nothing. There is no path here. Nothing. We are going to continue down until the highway.. and it will connect us again with something. Well, this is crazy. This is worse than the universal flood. It wont stop. Its raining all day. We got everything wet. Everything, shoes, everything. And its not stopping. And well…our tent is wet. Thats the problem. So we decided to look for some accommodation. Whatever it is. But there is nothing around. There is the highway. There is nothing. We decided to take this highway because someone suggested there might be something here. So we left the fields.. but least tomorrow we will have less route to cover. Because this is our final stage. So there is no evil out of which some good cant come out. Hello, good morning. We are at some type of Inn. Its called Pelican. Inside England. And well….yesterday, it rained all day… our bodies all wet. And in the end we decided not to camp because if we had done it, we would be sick by now for sure. You know…I want to comment something interesting. Last night, when we were walking, and thats what I enjoy discovering in these experiences, when you walk and you know there is no going back, that there is no other solution but to keep walking, this inner strenght comes out of you, some determination, that pushes you ahead. Because you know that the solution is in going ahead. Last night when we were so tired, suffering, I knew that I couldnt stop and cry, because the solution was ahead of me. So this brings out the strenght out of you. Well, we reached the town. And there is a bus from here to Salsbury supposedly. And the sun came out! And it is drying out our things. Yes it is drying our backpacks, our shoes.. Ok until now! Look how pretty. A lot of plants. Whats your name? Its a she. No, in Spanish. We are staying in that little cabin over there. There is a historical house next to it. Of an English Count or something like that. I am driving, guys! Guys, a bus without a driver, what do you think? They are so advanced here. Look look! It goes by itself! It goes by itself guys! Its fantastic! It goes by itself. It stopped! There is no one. Its the Matrix. We have ascended already. Look, it continues goes mentally. After 6 days of walking, it feels luxurious to be on this bus. Very good, but Gosia, when you drive, look ahead. Well, we are on the way to Stonehenge. This is our last adventure already. Tomorrow we are going back to Barcelona. And now towards Stonehenge. We realized that, when you buy a pizza, they give you a free alcoholic drink. Not free….you pay more and … Yes yes, you pay a little more…but they are reinforcing the alcohol consumption. And we saw it in different places. Pizza with the alcoholic drink. Its right here! How big, the stones! We have very little left till we get to our final destination.

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  1. Me ha encantado tu viaje Gosia! Todo se ve tan bello que se me ha antojado una vuelta a un bosque. Besos y saludos a Robert y tus preciosos perritos.

  2. Jajajajajajajajjajajajajajajaja no paro de reírme en el minuto 29 jajajajajajjajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja "ooooooooooeeeee" qué grandes las piedras jajajaja saludos a los dos.

  3. Awesome, I admire your endurance …, great trip and nice adventure.
    Good luck in the future explorations …

  4. This guy looks like the lead singer of an Argentine music band called Babasonicos. If you never heard of the band just google it and you will see what I mean.

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