Friendships and Community on The Bronfman Fellowship

Friendships and Community on The Bronfman Fellowship

One of the strengths and the deep beliefs of our program is the diversity of our fellows, the pluralism that we engender as community In many ways the most significant component of the Fellowship is the cohort of fellows that are challenging each other energizing each other and interested in exploring big questions. I felt so comfortable to just turn to anyone that was next to me It’s not strictly social like we’re all the cool kids. It’s we’re all the kids that want to engage in this way I would return to my room and my roommate and I would talk until three or four am. Bronfman is both intellectual But the kinds of intellectual kids they pick Are the kinds of people you want to be friends with, you want to have fun with them I came home And I was like, guys I met the coolest people ever. Ever. I mean do people like this exist I had no idea. In five weeks, you’ve formed these friendships that I hope will last a lifetime because they’re people that I want to stay in touch with. They’re people who really Had an impact on the way I think. This is very this is all very shocking. Yeah Revelations You

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