Freeman Fellow in Asia: Marketing craft beer in Beijing

Freeman Fellow in Asia: Marketing craft beer in Beijing

[CALEB TURNER] There’s this really cool
program called The Freeman Fellowship
Program and I was accepted into this fellowship,
and basically they pay your way to go live
in an unpaid internship in Asia. I was on the marketing team for a craft
brewery in Beijing. I took photos, videos and created social-
media content but, ultimately, I learned about China’s
culture, China’s history, saw the sights, made a bunch of friends, and it was more of a life experience than
a work experience. While I was technically a marketing
intern, everybody from all facets of the
company would just grab me to “Hey, I need you to do this task, I need
you to do whatever.” Once a week that meant working
physically brewing beer in the brewery. It’s really cool that I get to say “I was
physically brewing beer,” but that is
hard labor. My boss said that brewing beer is
20 percent brewing and 80 percent
cleaning, and I only did the cleaning because
there’s so much that needs to be done. In China, from the research that I’ve
done, seems to be very open about alcohol. They seem to be very … , the phrase that
I learned in my research is that there’s not a culture of intoxication. So, kids as early as 13 or 14 will be
given alcohol by their parents, but there’s a high disapproval for
being drunk. The burger festival was just this whole
sort of round-robin tournament for burgers in Beijing. Who has the best burger, and so that was on a Saturday, and I came in and
I was serving beer and I was serving
burgers to people, and then my boss really wanted to get
a video-capture of the event, and so that was my task, and so I went
around with my little I-Phone, and just filmed everything interesting
that I could find, both within the Jing-A tent and going
around the festival. It needed to be a quick-paced video, it’s
only like a minute 30, or something and I think the blurb that we used in
social media was like 20 seconds
of that video.

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