Franklin – Franklin Meets Ermine / Franklin’s Funny Business – Ep. 46

Franklin – Franklin Meets Ermine / Franklin’s Funny Business – Ep. 46

♪ ♪ Hey, it’s Franklin ♪ ♪ Coming over to play ♪ ♪ Growing a little ♪ ♪ Every day ♪ ♪ Here he comes with all his friends ♪ ♪ They’ve got stories, got time to spend with you ♪ ♪ Hey, it’s Franklin ♪ ♪ Coming to your house ♪ ♪ Hey, it’s Franklin ♪ ♪ Coming to my house ♪ ♪ Hey, it’s Franklin ♪>>NARRATOR: Franklin meets Ermine. Franklin could count by two’s and tie his shoes. He had friends at school and friends in the village, too. But one day Franklin learned that meeting new friends isn’t easy for everyone.>>BEAVER: This is really neat, Franklin.>>Thanks.>>BEAR: Yeah. It can be a boat or it can be a hat. (Laughing)>>Hey. (Laughing)>>Okay, fold these sides down, fold these sides up and ta-da. The S.S. Franklin.>>Great.>>Come on, let’s go race.>>Hey, wait up.>>GOOSE: Wait for us. (Laughing)>>Okay, on the count of three.>>ALL: One. Two. Three. Go. (Laughing)>>Go pink go.>>Come on, green.>>BEAVER: Hurry, red.>>FRANKLIN: Go, purple. I’m passing you, Bear.>>Faster, green, faster.>>FRANKLIN: Oh no.>>BEAVER: Hey, your boat’s stuck, Franklin.>>I know. I can’t reach it from here.>>You’ll have to go back to the bridge and cross over.>>Oh.>>Ahh. (Gasping) Oh no.>>Hey, what are you doing? (Gasping) Oh no.>>GOOSE: Mine came in first. I won.>>BEAVER: My boat was second.>>BEAR: And green takes third.>>And mine won’t be crossing the finish line at all. Look.>>Did your boat sink, Franklin?>>No, somebody fell right on top of it.>>Who?>>I don’t see anyone.>>It was a stranger. He’s gone now.>>A stranger? You didn’t talk to him, did you, Franklin?>>No, not a big stranger. A little stranger.>>How little?>>Like a leprechaun?>>No, no, not little like that. He was the same size as me.>>How come we didn’t see him?>>Yeah.>>We were right over here.>>I don’t know. I’m just glad he went somewhere else. (Laughing)>>BEAVER: Look, guys.>>BEAR: Ooh.>>FRANKLIN: Wow. Wouldn’t it be neat to be up there too? Flying over the meadow.>>And hanging on tight to the end of the string. Whoa. (Laughing)>>BEAR: Yippee.>>BEAVER: Yay.>>The wind is perfect today for kite flying.>>Uh oh. You shouldn’t have said that.>>BEAR: You have to run with it.>>GOOSE: Run, run like the wind.>>That’s the hard way to fly a kite. The wind will come back. You just have to wait for it. Whoa. See, I told you. Huh? Who’s kite is that? It’s him. Where are those guys. (Gasping) (Thudding)>>Oh no.>>My kite. Oh. What? Where’d he go? I don’t believe it. He did it again.>>Aww, too bad, Franklin.>>You should have run with it.>>Yeah, when the wind dies you’ve got to run as fast as you can.>>No it was flying just fine. It was that kid again. He was right over there. He must have had some kind of war kite. Didn’t you see it? It swooped down and hit my kite. What? You don’t believe me, do you?>>Well, how come we didn’t see anybody?>>I don’t know. He’s really sneaky. He waits till you’re not around and then he just comes out of no where.>>I believe you, Franklin.>>And I do too.>>Well that’s good.>>BEAR: Even if it is just your imagination. (Grunting)>>Run, Beaver.>>GOOSE: Get it, Franklin.>>Got it.>>BEAR: Safe. Yahoo.>>That was a close one. I wish we had one more player. It’s hard playing outfield and infield too.>>Hmm, hey, what about your invisible friend? He could cover all the bases. (Laughing)>>Ha, ha, ha, very funny. I told you before he’s not invisible and he’s not my friend.>>Sorry, Franklin. I won’t talk about it anymore. Hey, quit pulling my off the base, invisible kid. Go away. (Laughing)>>Hmm.>>Okay, Beaver. Get ready to run. Uh.>>Whoa, it’s going right out of the park. (Cheering)>>Oh. I’ll never find it in here. Huh? It’s you. Stay right there. Don’t move. Don’t go anywhere. You guys, he’s in there. The kid who wrecked my boat and crashed my kite. He’s right over there in the bushes. He has our ball. I saw him. Come on, hurry up.>>I hope he’s not invisible this time.>>I hope he is. I’ve never seen anyone who’s invisible before.>>BEAVER: Oh Bear.>>Huh? Where’d he go? He was standing right there.>>And I suppose he left this here beside your glove.>>Huh? Why does he keep doing this to me?>>And why do you keep doing this to us?>>I don’t get it. What’s he got against me? There he is and he’s after my kite now. This time it’s my turn to surprise him.>>Is it almost untangled, Grandma?>>GRANDMA: Yes, I’ve almost got it, Ermine. Oh, there. There’s quite a tangle in the string but I think I can straighten it out. Here it comes.>>That’s okay, Grandma. I’ll fix it. It’ll give me something to do. I’ve given up on meeting new friends.>>Oh you’ll meet some friends, Ermine. You’re just shy so it takes you a little longer. You’ll be here all summer so there’s lots of time to meet new friends.>>FRANKLIN: Ermine, there you are. And you rescued my kite. Thanks. Hi, I’m Franklin and you’re Ermine’s grandma right?>>Yes that’s right. So you’ve met?>>Yes, he helped me find my baseball over at the park but he left before I could thank him. I was telling my friends about you. I’d like you to meet them.>>Well isn’t that marvellous. You’re going to meet some new friends, Ermine.>>Meeting new friends? But… I don’t even know them and well I won’t know what to say.>>Oh that’s alright. Franklin will know what to say. He’ll help introduce you.>>Yeah, just leave it to me, Ermine. By the end of the day, you’re going to have lots of friends. (Laughing)>>BEAVER: Wee!>>Hi, guys.>>Hi, Franklin.>>GOOSE: Hi, Franklin.>>Hi, who’s your friend?>>Huh? Where? Who are you looking at?>>Right there, Franklin.>>Beside you.>>What do you mean? I don’t see anybody.>>Touch him, Bear.>>I’m not touching him. You touch him. (Laughing)>>I’m just kidding, guys. This is Ermine. My invisible friend.>>Hi.>>Hi, Ermine. Good one, Franklin.>>GOOSE: Hi.>>Hello, Ermine. So there really was someone following you. Sorry, Franklin.>>That’s okay. Ermine was just looking for some friends to play with, but when you’re new in the neighbourhood sometimes you need a little help, right?>>Thank, Franklin.>>Gee, Ermine, now that we can see you, we’ll have all kinds of fun.>>GOOSE: Yeah, what do you want to play?>>Well how about hide and seek? I’m really good at that. (Laughing)>>NARRATOR: Franklin’s funny business. Franklin could count by two’s and tie his shoes. He liked telling jokes and had fun making others laugh. But one day Franklin learned that jokes are more fun when all his friends are laughing together. (Laughing)>>FRANKLIN: Hey, guys, here’s another one: What’s black and white, black and white, black and white, black and white?>>I don’t know.>>Beats me.>>A penguin rolling down a hill. (Laughing) Knock knock, Skunk.>>Who’s there?>>”Atch.”>>”Atch” who?>>Gesundheit. Sounds like you’re catching a cold. (Laughing)>>Hey, I’ve got one. Why did the chicken cross the road?>>ALL: To get to the other side.>>Oh, you’ve heard it before?>>Everybody knows that one. It’s a million years old.>>Do you know any others?>>Sure. Why did the sleepy bunny throw his alarm clock out the window?>>Um, I don’t know. Why did the sleepy bunny throw his alarm clock out the window?>>Because he, umm… He…gee… How does that go again?>>Because he wanted to see time fly. (Laughing)>>Oh, right, thanks, Franklin.>>Got any more jokes, Franklin?>>Yeah, tell us another one.>>Hmm, okay. What kind of room doesn’t have any walls or doors or even a floor?>>Gee, every room has walls.>>And you’d fall right through if it didn’t have a floor.>>And you couldn’t go in or out of a room without a door.>>We give up. What kind of room doesn’t have walls, doors or a floor?>>A mushroom. (Groaning) (Laughing)>>FOX: Why did the chicken cross the playground?>>FRANKLIN: To get to the other slide. (Groaning) (Laughing)>>BEAVER: See you tomorrow.>>BEAR: See you, Beaver.>>Bye.>>See ya, guys.>>Gee, I wish I could be funny like you, Franklin. You must know a ton of jokes.>>Not really a ton, Rabbit. I only know 101.>>What?>>It’s a book I got from the library. See? 101 Jokes and Riddles to make you laugh your head off.>>Neat, can I borrow it?>>Sure, but the problem is I’ve already told all the good ones.>>Oh.>>But there are a lot more joke books in the library. If you want we can go tomorrow and find another one.>>Thanks, Franklin.>>Hey, what did the frog say when he returned his books to the library?>>RABBIT: What?>>FRANKLIN: Read it, read it, read it. (Laughing)>>RABBIT: Hmm, maybe this one is funny. A knock out collection of knock knock jokes. Knock knock.>>Who’s there?>>Boo.>>Boo hoo.>>There there, don’t cry, it’s just a joke. Gee, Franklin. It seems like there are 101 unfunny books here.>>Here’s a new one. Practical jokes for everyone. Nobody’s even checked it out yet.>>Hey, we could do that one. (Laughing)>>Yeah, and this one too.>>This book is full of funny stuff. ♪ (Laughing)>>RABBIT: Hi, guys. See what I picked for my mom?>>Ooh, they’re really pretty, Rabbit.>>And they smell even nicer than they look. (Sniffing) Mmm. (Sniffing) (Screaming) (Laughing)>>Good one, Rabbit.>>You should have seen your face, Skunk.>>Yeah that was funny.>>Yeah, really funny.>>RABBIT: Hey, Bear, want some gum?>>Sure. (Chewing)>>Can I have a piece?>>Sorry, Beaver that was the last one. (Chortling)>>Hey, this gum tastes like cardboard. Yuck.>>That’s ’cause it is cardboard. We made it ourselves and put it in a real gum wrapper. Fooled you, Bear. (Laughing)>>Are you sure this is the kind that washes off?>>I’m sure, Rabbit. Now hold still. I have to do the eyes.>>Make him good and scary.>>BEAR: Yippee.>>Wee.>>Look out below. (Laughing)>>Hi, guys.>>Mmm, good popcorn.>>Yahoo. It isn’t made of cardboard is it?>>No way, try some.>>Mmm, thanks, Franklin.>>How about us?>>Help yourself.>>Thanks. I love… (Screaming) (Laughing)>>What’s the matter?>>Eww, it’s a worm.>>Huh?>>SKUNK: A worm?>>Let me see.>>RABBIT: It’s a popcorn worm. (Laughing)>>Fooled ya.>>Did you ever jump, Beaver.>>I almost had a heart attack. Very funny, you guys.>>Yeah, it was raining popcorn. (Laughing)>>RABBIT: This is great, Franklin. I never knew I could be so funny. What do we do next?>>What about this one?>>Oh yeah, that one’s a riot. We can try it out after the soccer game.>>FRANKLIN: Yeah. Great game, guys.>>BEAVER: Yeah.>>FOX: Good goal, Bear.>>BEAR: Thanks.>>Whoa, it sure is hot today.>>Yeah I’m cooking.>>I’m boiling.>>RABBIT: I know, why don’t you all come to my place for a nice cold drink.>>SKUNK: Great idea.>>Sure.>>I’d love a cold drink.>>RABBIT: Ice cold grape juice.>>Thanks, Rabbit.>>BEAR: Mmm, my favourite.>>Alright.>>This isn’t another trick is it? (Sniffing)>>Hmm, I don’t know. You drink first, Franklin.>>Okay. (Gulping) Ahh, can I have seconds?>>Sure. (Gulping)>>Hey, Fox, do you need a kiddie cup with a lid?>>Huh? Oh guess I was drinking too fast. (Laughing)>>What’s going on? Hey, my cup has holes in it.>>FRANKLIN: It’s called a dribble glass. (Laughing)>>Pretty funny, huh, Fox? (Laughing)>>Yeah, very funny, guys. This is my new spring coat. Okay you guys. What are you up to this time?>>What do you mean, Fox? We’re not up to anything.>>You can’t fool me. I know you put that chocolate bar there.>>RABBIT: Gee, I wonder what that’s doing there.>>FOX: As if you don’t know.>>FRANKLIN: We really didn’t put it there, Fox.>>Well all I know is I’m not touching it.>>RABBIT: All I know is finders keepers. (Screaming)>>ALL: Fooled ya.>>What’s the big idea? I’m covered in mud.>>Well you guys were having so much fun playing jokes on us we thought we’d play one on you.>>BEAVER: Yeah, why should you guys have all the fun?>>Well it’s not very funny, you guys. Yuck.>>Franklin’s right. How come we’re not laughing?>>I don’t know. It sure isn’t funny like we thought it would be, is it?>>I guess it’s because we know what it’s like having a trick like that played on us.>>Yeah, once you’ve been laughed at it’s hard to laugh at someone else. Even if they deserve it.>>You’re right.>>But Franklin, we were just trying to be funny.>>A good joke doesn’t make someone feel bad, Rabbit. It’s not nice to make people laugh by embarrassing somebody else.>>Or scaring them.>>Or tricking them.>>Everybody likes to laugh but nobody likes to be laughed at.>>I guess I was so busy laughing that I thought everybody else was laughing too.>>Well we were, at first.>>As long as the joke was on somebody else.>>Hey guys. What’s green and white and brown and really really sorry?>>FRANKLIN AND RABBIT: Us. (Laughing)>>Good one, Rabbit.>>And I didn’t even get it out of a book.>>Maybe the secret to being funny is not to try so hard.>>Come on, we better get you two to the pond.>>Yeah before we harden in to a pair of lawn ornaments. You’re right, Franklin. Maybe I’m funny enough just being myself.>>FRANKLIN: You can say that again.>>RABBIT: Okay. You’re right Franklin, maybe I’m funny enough just being myself.>>ALL: Awww! ♪

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  1. Loved this series when I was a kid. Brings back memories. I like Ermine and thought he should have been in more episodes. He's a likeable character. We've all gone through something like that when we were younger, trying to make new friends in a new place. Forget beaver, fox and goose.

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