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  1. man these people are full of it.. I could care less if its released little by little.. it does not change what is being said in these under oath testimonies by these ambassadors and administration workers.. this is not good for trump period.. and I really wish everyone would stop trying to put spin on his crimes.. i mean u Republicans are acting as if trump is god jeez smh. find another Republican that doesn't bring as much embarrassment and drama to the presidency.. u have other Republicans right now who want to run against trump that I'm sure can do a better job for the party

  2. Let me break down this impeachment . Trumpy was all frightened about Biden beating him in 2020 so he threatens Ukraine to open up investigations on biden and his son in hopes of smearing him like he tried with the Russians on Hillary. The Ukraine's are hesitant to do that so Trumpy withholds the 400 million military package that was approved by the Senate to force Ukraine to do as Trumpy says. That about sum it up.

  3. Come on trumpers, a dog would do a better job as President, than this thin skinned whimp pretending to be anything more than a moron criminal. If he did not have his daddy’s money he would already be in jail . He is and always has been 🦇💩🤪

  4. really by these comments …it doesnt matter what they say you already have hate for this president so it won't matter. He has several people all the time on his phone calls. Do you really think that he would do something like this knowing that they are looking for anything to pin him to the wall? if you do your not too bright.

  5. “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” Albert Einstein

  6. Impeach Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo and his entire staff of aiders and abettors.

    The White House and White House affairs are supposed to represent the 330 million American people….not the tawdry, law-breaking re-election campaign of a disturbed manchild tearing the country to divisive shreds with strange links to Eastern European cash and oligarchs.

    Impeach Trump and company and Make America Great Again.

  7. I have to give you credit you professional bull lshiters are quite amazing you can sell ice to Eskimos but we’re not Eskimos dumbass

  8. Are we a society under the rule of law? Did the president break the law? Yes. He did. Clearly, he offered a quid pro quo to a foreign power in an attempt to undermine the voters of this country, so that he would personally benefit. This is what the evidence and witnesses indicate.

  9. Why can’t we just get the latest news.look on YouTube same old news mixed up with the latest news so you don’t no witch one to open some of that stuff is a year old you don’t no what’s new an old till you open it just waste your time just put out the latest news

  10. Vote Democrats for 2020, it is not as crazy, if you are crazy enough! Democrats for 2020 the insane choice!

  11. Trump and the Republicans lost Kentucky and Virginia becomes more blue! Fox avoids Trump's 2020 problems and whines again about Adam Schiff. More Republicans will now retire.

  12. Treason isn't an Impeachable crime, also; obstruction, Bribery, Use of the Presidential powers for own gain, Lying, Threatening witnesses… Its ridiculous that testimonies and fact could be allowed to change that!

  13. An open question as to how closely Trump is tied to all these events?! Rudy already said he was doing all this for Trump. What planet am I on..?

  14. The Democrats need to look for 25 more candidates. The current bunch is not going to beat Trump and this second fake investigation is leading nowhere, again. We're in for another embarrassment, like the anti-climax in the Mueller nonsense-case. 🙈

  15. Best comedy show in ages…..the MAGA's , Trump & FOX screaming how unfair Trump is being treated. Well, in 1974 Nixon used the same tactics as all of you are: lying, delusional, attacking the media. Well, that turned out perfectly for our country and the world. Further proof that , "ya can't fix stupid".

  16. It's no longer a question of what they did or whether there was a crime! Even Sondlands changed his testimony once all the other diplomats revealed the truth.
    It's now whether Republican and/or Trump supporters care about the American Constitution or not?

  17. This is REAL poetry. An answer provided so read below:

    Rebel Justice
    11 hours ago
    The old Kentucky home is turning blue.Virginians, your state has flipped blue too. And that wave of impeachment backlash, isn't getting through. And Trump, it's all because of you.

    Not Important
    2 hours ago
    ​@Rebel Justice

    Ole' Rebel of the Marxist faith, you marinate in the feces of living hate. Birthed from the bowels of a Bolshevik cow, formed from a dingleberry, you dangled & spackled. Soiling the human which you admired to be, joining the human race which will never be.

  18. When Trump sends us his people he is not sending his best,..
    He is sending criminals liars and thieves ,..and some I assume are just morons.

  19. Henninger says the transcripts are being "leaked" either by Democrats or the press. How can what is being made fully available to the public be leaked???
    When the hearings were behind closed doors, they complained. Now that all will come out to public scrutiny, they'll find something else to complain about.

  20. Judy miller! This lady is a total idiot out of touch with everything…she still believe Trump lost the election and colluded with russia!! She is a joke!

  21. That woman is entirely without composure, she appears giddy for whatever reason and it's disgusting seeing a maybe 70 year old act like that.

  22. Leaking…. this is the full transcript of the interviews. What more do they want? Everyone of these people have corroborated what the whistleblower said and that the president wanted Ukraine to do something for him in return.

  23. This is getting really boring Trump must get rid of Obama, Clinton and Pelosi or they get rid of him like what they did with the Kennedy's end of story

  24. Miller admitted she didn't read the transcripts, and then has the nerve to claim they don't make Trump look bad! Incredible! Fox doing it's best to help a criminal president, once again!

  25. If it wasn't closed door, at first, witnesses could lie and match stories. Fox is disgusting, they defend Traitorous Trump rather than defending our constitutional democracy.

  26. Sondland flipped? Imagine my surprise. Of COURSE he flipped, that's what all Trump's co-conspirators do, they flip because they need to do a deal before Trump forgets who they are and throws them to the wolves.

  27. Ghouliani, represents your fuhrer he's constantly going on & on about it! So, who else is he championing for over there in Ukraine "Fraud Guarantee"??? Trumpelthinskin name doesn't need to be mentioned directly when it comes to Ghouliani😜!?!?

  28. What's the point of posting anything on YouTube anymore? If it is really succinct and dead on, either Fox or YouTube simply deletes it. They are deleting or burying conservative content, just as they do in Google search. Search for anything on Google that would be an excellent example of something that makes the Left look like liars or the Right correct in some way. What will come up is precisely the opposite thing, twisting the "key words" around to make the Left always look correct. It is sick sick sick.

  29. People, we are not nuts. The ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the president to conduct his foreign policy. We don't care what they think. It's irrelevant.

  30. We are way beyond the whistle blower from all that we have heard and the testimonies of true patriots. The evidences produced so far point to the fact that the President of the US of A had engaged in extortion and gangsterism. Let us all hear the public testimonies and carefully analyse the evidence and facts and decide whether this President is to be impeach and remove from office or not.

  31. Foxies of blondies surrounding this group. Set in the middle they widdle their scorn. Like a weave of golden fleece with Kevlar beneath. Open your eyes to Satan's surprise.

  32. the orange mob family has been ordered to pay $2m to several non profit organisations after using the foundation that bears the Trump name as his personal 'chequebook'

  33. Another day, another Trump scandal and crime….Judge Orders President Trump To Pay $2 Million For Charity Foundation Misuse
    Sooo much winning!!!

  34. The Student Government Association at the University of Alabama sent a letter warning students and organizations that if they protest Donald Trump’s expected visit to the Alabama vs. LSU football game this weekend, they will lose their seats at the stadium for the rest of the year. This is a very clear violation of the 1st Amendment, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the SGA back off these claims now that the public knows what they are up to.

  35. DemocRats do nothing for the country beside finding the reasons to impeach the President.👿👿👿
    Wasting the Taxpayers’ money for no goodness of the country but just hunting for POWER of themselves.😡😡

  36. Democrat's haven't done a dam thing for the American people their loyalties lie with every other country but America. And how dare Donald Trump put America first.

  37. Trump has comprehensively proved that you don't need to be brave, mature, competent, moral, intelligent, faithful, honest, loyal, sane, or patriotic to become president of the US.

  38. Me: "I prefer Apples over Peaches" Dems: "So, what you're saying is you hate Peaches. You also failed to mention Oranges, Tangerines, and Plums. It's our duty to Impeach you then".

  39. I wonder if any Trumpkins have stopped hyperventilating long enough to consider the following really interesting questions: (1) WHY were Rudy Giuliani and his gangster pals Lev and Igor so focused on getting the Ukrainian ambassador recalled? (2) WHY did Lev and Igor pay Rudy Giuliani $500 million, and precisely WHAT services did he render for their largesse? and (3) WHERE did all that money come from (because Lev and Igor were living a life of smoke and mirrors and clearly did NOT have that kind of cash at hand)? The answer to this last question may be the punchline that explains the entire scandal.

  40. What is the underlying crime, every president leverages foreign aide, to get something, famously Regan told the soviets " The bombing begins in five minutes" which caused the fall of soviet union we didn't need to see the transcripts from the state dept and he wasn't impeached. His foreign policy was known as cowboy diplomacy and it worked.

  41. Just because you don't agree with president's foreign policy, doesn't give you the right to sabotage it. Furthermore it's a National Security Issue.

  42. Dims couldn't have found anything more uninteresting and boring to "impeach" Trump over if they had tried … Spygate promises to be much more fun and entertaining.

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