Fox News Makes Disastrous Business Decision

Fox News Makes Disastrous Business Decision

Elizabeth Hasselbeck had her first day
on Fox and Friends out today and gretchen carlson has now
moved to her own time slot this ought to be
good going to be the at some point the middle
the day so Media Matters put together a little tribute aggression what’s the role of an anchor during huge
breaking news remember growing up he tuned to the television and that one
moment during the year they would have to carry a story all
along with the same thing as being the president United States of the silent
thing that nobody is really talking about here is the reason that he was
saying the milk which is I’m hussein is because the connotation
is that for Obama is a Muslim potentially from so obviously a body ages 18 and
VIII sitting on election day I understand
that mean and the fact that you can even part number 12 %uh hats off to be a but what do you make
about the fact that you got the voting age rock felt that way where you just
wanna deck somebody I am tolerant I’m all for free speech
and free rights just not on December 21 yeah I think hotel site you you know
when I love dogs are in the dictionary for Google that the one that came up
with came and I was wondering to myself why we are having so many czars slashed
Kings now in america does anyone have the answer
for me you know as you think it is process if your parent a lot of kids go to activities after
school so matching what what happened although small businesses me they’d they might go by the wayside
if’s kids were suddenly going to school to later hours in the day i just want to see how much I insult
that was to be called ignoramuses I didn’t know what it meant I just googled it it’s an ignorant
lawyer we all know Barack Obama is a lawyer so shoppers were saying that he wasn’t
ignorant lawyer before you know it this country will just be called half of
North America okay because all we can say America
either well we say what we commonly call this country when we can say America anymore right
well that’s why are so so successful though I mean I’m you guys tell me what you think
because a lot but we just sort of make up I ok I’m already in all come on she just got well promotion or promotion I rest my case against Fox News

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  1. its a good decision. people dont listen to blondes, they just agree. and if you disagree people will go apeshit over you, like how dare you disagree with whatever this beautiful angel said, no matter how dumb it is.
    thats why its so many of them in america. its a tactical advantage sexually. thats why you never seen a blonde homeless bitch.

  2. She's not even a real blonde! You can totally see her roots. And btw, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingrahim, Dana Parino, the chick from the View, the list goes on. Has anyone else noticed how many conservative women prefer to be blonde?

  3. Oh, PLEASE tell me that you added the Teletubbie music in the background Kyle. This has to be satire. They wouldn't really do that.

  4. Sorry to be so forward here, if there are any ladies reading this, but I thought I'd give my own definition. Promotion; an ignoramus that gives BJ's to CEO's.

  5. I think this is an overplayed stereotype.
    The *media* might play that up, and sheep fall in line, but in my experience hair colour is so far down a list of priorities for those attracted to women.
    Most guys I've ever talked with about preferences have wildly different likes.
    Most claim to prefer plus sized women, often red hair is favoured (especially by me, so perhaps confirmation bias there :D) but generally speaking, if people like women they will find something appealing about any woman.

  6. Hipster much?
    I get into loads of arguments on TYT comments, but I don't see how that compromises anything.
    The day I agree fully with another human on every issue will be a sad day for me.

  7. I'm a Brit, but I am genuinely shocked if it is that different.
    Surely some of it is about behaviour? If you think you're more attractive a certain way, you relax more, flirt better etc.
    If it's *that* bad, then that likely cant explain it all, but it must have an effect. (I get told all the time that when I'm quiet or stressed I'm not approachable, despite being ridiculously polite by nature)

  8. I like TYT and sec. i don't see the problem. i suppose some people get upset when tyt covers pop culture stories but people can just choose to watch the political ones if thats all they want

  9. Wow, that's actually kinda creepy about your friends. Like, Aryan creepy. It weirds me out that America is represented that way to the rest of the world. :

  10. You forget it's just a TV show. The ratings depend on the popularity of the characters. Intelligence and/or talent is not the priority.

  11. so taking clips out of context and editing them together to you is reason why she shouldn't have a show on FOX….. I think you're jealous, certainly your resume and education dwarf's her's, and hey you're on which network again, oh that's right, you're on you tube!!…LOL.

  12. This guy is going nuts because Fox dominates the ratings. To be honest I think Fox is giving her a chance to have a low rated show so they can push her out the door.

  13. the ONLY reason she got a promotion is because she had been on that network for a long time… she was then replaced by a younger sexier woman… people would go crazy if she was just let go…. so… they gave her a show at a shitty hour….let her own it til the ratings drop and then she will be let go

  14. Steve Douchey sucks more than she does but they are all idiots on Fox and Fiends as Imus calls them. Those right wing nut jobs at FOX are just as wacko as those liberal pussy douche bags at MSNBC. No news organization give you anything fair and balanced, you just have to read through the bullshit.

  15. If I wanted to make you look stupid i'd just do that laugh track at the end of the clip.  Wait you pwnd yourself libtard poser.  Not being a very good libtard he finds himseilf labled the libtard poser…  All hail the libtard poser who pwnd himself.  

  16. Sounds like someone is Jealous….. Gretchen Carlson has a top rated show on the #1 ranked News Network in the nation. Fox has more viewers everyday than CNN, ABC, CBS, CNBC, MSNBC, FBN and HLN all combined. Yeah…. it sounds like they are making disastrous decisions…. everyone else wishes THEY were that bad at running Their Networks. 
       p.s….. Gretchen also has 6 times more subscribers on her website than you do. Maybe you should pay more attention to YOUR own content instead of just spewing temper tantrums like a spoiled brat that doesnt get his way in a Wal-Mart candy isle.

  17. She is allegedly a scholarly wunderkind that graduated from a high falootin" British school like Cambridge, and she doesn't know the meaning of simple words. FOX LOL!

  18. is this really the clip fox put together or did secular talk put it together? i ask cuz man if they did it doesn't bode well for her "highlight" moments – i mean what a douch bag? at least hasseltwat will fill her shoes welll

  19. Can't stop laughing. I shoulda' been watching this lady on those gray cloudy days when I can't think of something stupid to laugh at.

  20. There are more dumb blonds on Fox than any other station. Why do people pay any attention to these woman. WHY? Oh yeah…big nub nubs.

  21. "I just wanted to see how much of an insult it was to be called an ignoramus, since I didn't know what it meant I just Googled it."

    The Dunning–Kruger effect in action, brought to you by FOX.

  22. jesus christ…can't believe she went to Stanford, dunno if she's dumbing herself down or just actually retarded

  23. don't laugh like that its really irritating. Makes me want to kick you in the Teeth. Did you read all those books. You smart. NOOOOOOOOOOT

  24. Despite what you thought it worked out great. That's what happens when liberals attempt logical thought. Furthermore in my opinion your employer made a "disastrous decision".

  25. Gretchen is soooo, wonderful, I am so jealous, I wish I had a top rated show. I wish that so many blow up porn dolls looked like me yayning…yeah, for Gretchen !!!

  26. A blonde bimbo with big tits can go far in this country. Put her in a tight short dress and she could rule the world.

  27. On behalf of all of Australia: "America, you have some WEIRD people on your television, and we're saying this as a country that's geographically closer to Japan…. think on that~"

  28. The ignorant Fox News bitch didn't know what a CZAR is and had to look it up and still Faux News promoted her. What's this their "Dumb blond strategy"

  29. LMFAO!!! 0:56
    "I am tolerant. I'm all for free speech and free rights. Just not on December 25th."
    May I ask everyone, with knowledge, about the truth of December 25th. What makes this day so special? Do some people still believe Jesus was born on this day? The truth has been out for eons….

    With sentiments like this. I think there should be MORE free speech and free rights on December 25th. 🙂
    Paganism is still practiced and may continue to advance. Who knows, it may become a leading religion some day. (And no, I don't practice it. Just reminding people of history. Some are just confused like Gretchen. Indoctrination does that to some people.)

  30. Not knowing what an IGNORAMUS is, IS fucking ignorant! Why are never ANYONE adressing the fact that FIX "news" are loaded with nazis? And I use the label CORRECTLY, not willynilly like they/severe rightwingers do!

  31. Really? I thought Fox was so successful because it sucks the pensions out of the retired communities pockets… XD

  32. This is how the conservative government would love every housewife to be- ignorant and uninformed, hence why they put airheads like this on primetime television. 

  33. You guys seem to record on different channels for the audio clips versus the commentary, on some playback devices that means you can't hear one or the other.

    Just fyi.

  34. I see that you have 7 or 8 books on a shelf behind you.  Glad you are able to read.   Does the black curtain hide the rest of your room in your parents house?   Or, is it the large pile of used dilll,dos (dildos) that you are keeping from our view?

  35. I stopped watching anything this pinhead was on after I saw her fly into a rage during one of Fox New's almost daily "evil atheist" stories where she practically was foaming at the mouth and said that all Atheists should "just leave the country" because America is a "Christian nation". F-ing moron!

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