Fox News Blames Black People for Financial Meltdown

Fox News Blames Black People for Financial Meltdown

you could lose that figure don’t worry is on the job %uh he’s off ox his that he thought into a congressman and he’s going to say hey look it’s not the
Bush administration’s full it’s your fault he should this immigration partisan fights
back on this is a local the way they do we tried our best and Bush were invited but and that said that
he says it wants the navy says it again that in another clip but I saw the southern
a third time the like this and it wants a couple times
they shoot I was on the stand Wednesday new komodo thinks of the financial meltdown was because of black people it was the white house you can even imagine the faction up right
so let’s watch interfered and congresswoman all these hearings in a
ride in a lot of them nine does anyone know you know what you guys know it and I’m like
don’t know whether you were a man not only has anyone looked at I know the buck
stops with the President but at least it starts right you guys would never use show that of
what we were trying to get answers from the administration unfortunate that this is actually
not the complete picture and what was going on how we can only know
what the distances talk about the administration of the government Obama in London congressman
wynn when you when many of your colleagues were
pushing for more minority lending the most ended a lengthy detailed superior
court wouldn’t get mortgages and a new push to know more about the men and women again
what would happen if this I’m not saying I’m not going to want it I’m not aware of any way around the world
are usually more degraded than argues totally without probability it are you totally blameless
are you totally he has sponsored a law that anything that
happened the old that he consulted with congress could
not do that is to develop more than willing to take a look at that and enhance the President
as far as I could tell with regard to what it had to be a problem for Afghanistan said
is a and administration at least to some degree Clinton or I about this process from the said or administration
that again if you depend on turnout it undermines site promises twice why not just denying I’m
just wondering whether things you warner expressed concern about any things that happened I’m not saying that clearly it is he on the
plan of his own I don’t remember clarion call to sid fannie and freddie a disaster a little
to minorities and was he tells is a disaster nearly nine thousand absolutely use that looming to minorities and other rescue
folks is a disaster that’s what was the cause of this financial
meltdown that we let them minorities and other risky
folks the year he said it was the democrats who wanted more minority
lending at first I was looking to see a minority shareholders
was he talking about no it turns out that on watching that and
other plants the son of a black folks the latinos it added that the black people they they don’t well of course the people outside it’s your fault I don’t have words for that reason why the
slip from our great citizen activity make this argument with a straight face in
America today although I’m not sure that this was so strange
to the mob and that cover it up and yet it’s our policy and he’s trying to figure out I didn’t say that after this next break and he can’t figure it out so it’s like I
wish it away so he there’s a classic boxes for invites
the democratic congress and that’s his hand makes it appear as if he was the democratic
congress this fall you know the rest of the budget well I’m glad that around here but this was a guy was so what did you do
any things are quite right we tried it in a regulated they want well you say it as well as well that’s all I’m saying meanwhile in this is the great classic what sure the whole time that an image of of Obama they were talking about Obama at all you’re talking about congress and they were
talking about the Bush administration they’re talking about this federal bailout why is it that from Obama sold because they want to make it seem like it’s
Obama’s fall this democratic congress this fall and of course is caputo said that all that minority lending and other risky
folks like that she an economist and I know it’s quick and
he has didn’t probably did you not time to comprehend what was caputo was saying but I don’t want somebody to say right there neil the sanction of the minorities the vessel called the financial health of
did you just make that argument how can anybody to boxes

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  1. what are you talking about?
    Get over it, you already lost.
    Why are you still writing comments?
    I've already acknowledged that you make petty insults in order to hide the fact that you have no inteligent input on the matter of my philosophy, so why continue?
    Keep avoiding what we were talking about, it's a really good strategy.

  2. The ONLY thing that separates blacks from Mexicans who are illegal citizens is in fact a SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER that gives Blacks the right to be citizens/and legal taxpayers.But to be taxpayers you must be employed to give back, and if MOST of the unemployed are blacks(who cannot give a job to themselves), then the problem isn't the people without a job who are all not completely unqualified.It's the one's who have the jobs to give, that are making excuses not to give people work.

  3. Blacks can ask for more money because we are legal taxpayers, and the ONLY thing an employer can do is take our jobs away(for whatever BS reason). But that is only going to add to the unemployment percentage, and make those places that want to get rich quick ,look pretty stupid for having the space/power/resources to hire un-employed & qualified Black people and won't do so for whatever stupid reason, and help curb the un-employment rate and make America look less foolish at the UN.

  4. No! The Europeans don't want him back. They sent him to the New World for a reason.

  5. Are you sure??? LOL. Ok….I guess we will have to keep him then. Well can you take me? Are the people in Europe less angry???? Because over here it seems that people are sooooooooooooooo angry and all stressed! I am for peace :). So if Europe is more peace then take me. But….peace is suppose to come from within, so, maybe I just need to draw on it and stay here lol. Would love to visit though!

  6. but it's kinda true though… not just minorities, but leading to people who can't afford to pay it back. i think it's funny how the system is set up so we live with debts but when the government gets one everyone freaks out.

  7. All the problems in America are blamed on the following groups of people: Blacks, Black fatherless children, Jewish Hollywood/Media, Gays, Mexicans, Arabs, liberals and the half white President. Why would all these people cause this much trouble in this Great Land.
    This maybe the time to reevaluate the choices you have made and design a new game plan. The carnival barking for attention needs to be put to a halt. Let's try and work together.

  8. This is just pathetic. Is it possible for somebody to be THIS stupid?
    MAYBE, FOX News is run by Liberals to make conservatives look stupid. And it's working.

  9. I can't see why, it's not like we are likely to be approved for these loans, especially at a amount to significantly dent the economy financially …. Now ask Donald trump how many times he borrowed millions and just file for bankruptcy to hold on to his billions o_O

  10. I was under the impression that it was the black people. They buy so much shit on credit cards and can't pay the bill

  11. Cenk Ugur is a fuckin idiot, what is the point he's trying to make? the clinton admin should NOT have encouraged banks to lend to unqualified minorities homeowners, that's just a given. again, what a fuckin idiot. if you don't have the money, you shouldn't be buying a house, no matter if youre white, black, yellow, or whatever the fuck color you are.

  12. watching the yunk turks literally lowers your IQ. cavuto was complaining about unqualified minorites that were getting loans thru special programs, like affirmative action. he wasn't complaining about minorites getting loans in general.

  13. The anonymity of the internet makes people feel invincible when in their real lives they feel very small and insignificant and wouldn't dare say their bigoted and overall just generally biased/ wrong views aloud.

  14. This is an untrue statement to the highest degree. More White Americans are in credit card debt, bankruptcy, or under water in their mortgages than any other race within the U.S.

    30% of African Americans aren't approved for credit cards because they don't even have proper I.D. Perhaps you should do more research before spewing mis-information that makes you look very uninformed.

  15. Black Americans do consume a disproportionate amount of social services.. as compared to their population. However they do not consume more social services overall as compared to white Americans. As there are more white Americans on public assistance such as food stamps, public housing and social security benefits than any other race in this country.

    It's not hard when 72.4% of America's population is white. So to blame African Americans for this is simply asinine.

  16. (cont.) There are a lot of socioeconomic factors that come into play, as younger adults also consume more social benefits as compared to middle aged more financially stable Americans.

    Do we now also start blaming America's youth. There is a system that isn't designed to sustain itself, a system that offers very low paying jobs and has gone into financial meltdown . A lack of proper schools for many of today's youth and the lack of education is creating a unqualified future workforce.

  17. (cont.) These issues are undeniably worse in poorer neighborhoods and communities. Communities unsurprisingly disproportionately populated with Hispanic and Black Americans.

    So is it a wonder that blacks and hispanics have a disproportionately higher rate of receiving benefits, compared to their population? No. You must remember to take all things into context.

  18. I meant the ancestors of black Americans… not human ancestry as I am aware they have originated in Africa.

    I am black, so I imposed "our", being that I am apart of who I was talking about.

  19. (cont.) as well as a higher rate of single parent homes. As African Americans are the U.S.'s second highest population followed by American Hispanics who also have similar plights it's not a wonder to understand why there is a higher crime rate amongst minorities especially the black community.

    All studies show that less education, scarcity of employment, & under employment amounts to an increase in crime rates. We must also realize that most crimes committed by blacks, have other minority

  20. (cont.) victims. Essentially the most poor and impoverished fighting for scraps.

    There are also laws and policies unjustly designed to affect minorities more than any other community. Such as stop & frisk, which happens exponentially less in suburban communities. This turns up many minorities in possession of marijuana, sending them to jail.

    However statistically and numerically there are more white Americans that smoke marijuana, than any other race in this country.

  21. (cont.) If you're talking about Africans from Africa, then they have different set of problems within their country. But very similar in that their educational infrastructure, as well as their economical isn't up to standard. It's a third world country populated by many poor, and sick (AID's) African natives.

    I don't directly blame anyone for the plight of the black and African communities, but it isn't as if White Europeans haven't played a significant role in the current

  22. (cont.) place that at least blacks in America hold. As blacks have literally only had the entire rights of this country for about 50 years. Preceded by segregation, Jim Crow laws, and discrimination. For a long time separating blacks from the full opportunities of this country.

    It's not a surprise that only 50 years later there are still very tall obstacles to climb. Some are personal, others are socioeconomic that the government needs to fix. It isn't a one solution fix.

  23. The main problem isn't the democratic, dual party system. It's that people become so blinded by political bias and fanaticism, they fail to judge who to vote for based on merits and background.

  24. just another classic example of some idiot yelling "racism" for attention. go watch videos about the inbred kkk and neo
    nazis who are real racicists. not some jackass on current tv just trying to smear all conservatives as racicist just cuz. i love america but i hate american society.

  25. "Lending out to minorities and other risky folk" isn't racist?? Oh please enlighten me. What exactly do you consider to be racist? Cause F.Y.I. racism isn't just limited to extreme acts of violence like you just pointed out.

  26. Thats coming from the guy whose Youtube name is "Retarded", which you spelled wrong by the way. Out of everything you dont know, at least you know that you are, like most Youtubers, retarded.

  27. Yeah that is messed up that they said minority leading… but you were the ones that said black people. Sounds like you guys are the ones passing one the stereotype (black people bad credit). I did not hear Fox News say black people. Just saying. (Am I definitely not a fan of Fox News AT ALL. We see time and time again that they suck).

  28. I don;t care what people say but it seems like freedom of speech needs some limitations. People are abusing that right too much.

  29. LOL no this is kind of a good thing because it pretty much cripples FOX's credibility as a news source (though I don't know how many people genuinely still follow it, aside from diehards).

  30. I burst out laughing…really. Heartstopping, stomach hurting, eyes running laughter. Black people did this? GOOD ONE Fox news, good one.

  31. Well, then let's clue you in to some modern day news-speak: When TV teleprompter jerks on stupid stations like FOX say "minorities," that usually means blacks. When they also say "other risky types," that means latinos and asians. When they say "inner city," that means the ghetto – a mix of all three. You're welcome.

  32. If anything,you need to blame your greedy selves how we gon be responsible when the wealth is not even in our possession but in yours. This stuff is happening because he is going to keep dropping these plagues until you free us and let us go home back to israel.

  33. Lawl. You're funny. There's this thing called personal freedom. You can leave the U.S. whenever you want, just no one's going to hold your hand and do it for you. Our government doesn't control what Isreal's government does. Also, dropping the God Bomb of Blasphemy™ just made your comment that much more hilarious. Yeah, I bet invisible sky daddy is on your side 😛

  34. i dont think you know, that there is more white family in welfare than blacks, there are 27% more white family than black, so before opening your mouth you might wanna do some reading first, okay buddy 🙂

  35. none of my family has ever been. And i dont see to many black people. They cant afford to live here and if they could whites would just pack up and leave got keep our neighborhoods clean. Anyone on welfare is a lowlife and considered black.

  36. what a tremendously hateful thing to say…also I don't think you know much about the financial crisis…maybe do some reading before you comment on political videos in the future

  37. The way to balance the budget deficit is to take dinner money away from poor people and make rich people pay less tax.

  38. Again CENK you are MISLEADING people by saying Cavuto Blamed BLACK PEOPLE.


    When he said MINORITIES he wasnt speaking about BLACK PEOPLE. He was speaking about a HUGE OBVIOUS problem in the inner cities and that is why he said OTHERS as well!!!

    You liberals are unbelievable.

  39. If we weren't paying massive amounts of money to people who have billions in their pockets already, we never would've had the meltdown. And yet most of these people are rich and white. Go figure.

  40. OMG,  modern day slavery. Plain and simple,  quit hiding behind the minimum wage.  Scared of unions because they are right in how the wealth is distributed. Dont blame people for not paying there bills as the say all be all to why shit is the way it is.  The backwards class  will band together and say its the welfare peoples fault, keep your foodstamps, instead of the best killing instructors in the world, give my child the best public school teachers in the world. Or ok, anyone whos a civil servant there child must attend public school, or they can go find work in the private sector. Any public job opportunity will be filled by putting all qualified names in a drum and picked lottery style.  Screw your nepotism and frat boy buddy system, We have senators that say a woman cant get pregnant from rape because her body and god wont allow it!  Give me a break.  You can have all the savvy media and its not our fault you didnt do more with your life bs, LA gang wars wiped whole generations of blacks from the face of the earth, now whites shooting whites and you want to ban guns. WTF! get the consensus off youtube and come back with a new angle in media.  Sneaky since before segregation, sneaky still.

  41. Well the fox news reporter is not far off. The government wanted to pay partial/half of "unfortunate americans" and could not fulfill their side on both ends. 

  42. They are saying that the financial meltdown was caused by black people. Now people say that racism is gone. Ha, that's a laugh.

  43. The Young Terks are idiots.. I've tried watching a few times and the only people watching them are first time viewers that believe all this bashing makes them right and everyone else wrong.

  44. Cavuto is right. The liberals gave home loans to blacks and other people that couldn't pay them back. It started with Pig Fucker Clinton when sicked Janet El Rino on the banks and bullied them into giving loans to black people who had shitty credit and couldn't afford to pay them back.

  45. LOL black peoples combined wealth is not enough to cause an economic crisis in the U.S. , not even if you include all the "social" programs that are government funded. There are not enough black people period in this country to cause economic meltdowns….the numbers aren't there. Yet so much of the countries woes are often blamed on black people……while they are blaming black people if  anyone black says anything about them singling us out then we are called racist, lazy, ignorant, crying , playing the race card. Can't have it both ways blame blacks and at the same time say they can't call you out on your b.s.

  46. hmmm didn't George bush & wall street called the financial crisis last time I checked they weren't from minorities class but the ruling class..

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