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  1. Social media has become such a powerful tool to start a movement that people show up somewhere because of just a meme and then a Facebook event. Even if from 2 million 'would go' people only 150 showed up this event had a message which news reporters always forget to mention. This event shows people's willingness to make the government accountable and to act for their best interest. They should know why the U.S has founded this research center and kept its existence secret until 2003. Although the state's claims are still, it is very much unclear why it uses this place for.

  2. So you complain about aliens taking jobs away from Americans but, you rather waste time camping in the desert instead of paying your taxes…smh

  3. LMFAO, I like how nobody is taking this seriously 😂 they're just getting together to have fun with a reason to drink and smoke some weed

  4. Jesus Christ is coming soon for those who believe in Him, and no we were not taken by aliens who fallow satan. WAKE UP BLIND WORLD!!

  5. Storm the base they are lieing to us all!!!! THEY JUST SPIT IN OUR FACES AGINE COME ON MY FELLOW PEOPLE WE ALL KNOW WHAT THEY ARE HIDING IN THERE. Come on they just keep telling us oh its all make belive its all in your head. U might be crazy. Ok um keep lieing to tax payer u want the money but yet yall wont let the people see with thire own eyes if it is or isnt thats a shame lieing to your own people when people have seen it with there own eyes or have witnessed it physically. so come on my fellow Americans join together so we can over run the two bases area 51 $ 52 so the people can finally see for oune with there own eyes and let them be the witnesses. Loard jesus amen EVERYONE YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO LETS GET IT….✊✊✊✊👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽💪 form big group movements to the bases and. Form attack plan then we execute. May jesus be with us all good luck

  6. The airsoft crew not there ????? They got aliens you could literally take the installation??(swampsniper) the 51 fair yearly what a sweet time 😍😍😍😍😍5 Smile's we would like to see you all 👽👽👽👽👽.

  7. hello guys, too bad that Fox Business is only American, I leave you on my channel the real entry to the naruto that you can do but be careful that you already have the orange pants and I wouldn't want them to get dirty 😏

  8. "Storm Area 51" is an event created/spread by the government to increase business/tourist income. Imagine how much they earned in plane fares and the concert tickets and stuff

  9. First of all many among those millions of the people who signed up believe that unidentified flying objects exist; (I'm not talking about Aliens) I just think it was their way of being counted. Just like millions of people believe in God; He/she has remained unidentified but believed in. Do you try to keep a straight face when reporting about that belief? I'm a practicing Christian; but I have seen a UFO like those pilots. I did not say alien! I find it sad the in light of the fact the USA military has acknowledged UFO's are real none of the mainstream media can report on this subject and the sightings and keep a straight face and not turn the report into comedy

  10. what china sent america 700 million people to nevada to storm area 51 and 100 million people from america storm area 51

  11. Instead of having everybody threatened to converge on Area 51 why don't we converging on the 15 million dollar mansion Obama bought right at sea level on Martha's Vineyard. It would seem we would want to warn him that when the ice caps melt  his house will be underwater  and we wouldn't want that to happen would we?

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