Fox Business News: Turning Muscle into Money [Meathead Movers]

Fox Business News: Turning Muscle into Money [Meathead Movers]

There is no denying college costs are skyrocketing
right now and so some California students have found an innovative way to support themselves
while they study. They are turning muscle into money. Fox Business reporter, Louise
Pennell, introduces us to a growing company that is called Meathead Movers.
There you go. Twenty-year old, Anthony Morlino, and nineteen-year
old, Taylor McNamee have more than just their love of sports to keep them in shape. The
two California students are turning their muscle into money. They have joined a growing
team of student athletes, appropriately called Meathead Movers. Their speed and strength
moving furniture in and out of homes across Southern California has created a thriving
business. Meathead Movers is like a sport to me and
it’s like you’re getting paid to do something that you love to do, to hang out with your
teammates and move some furniture. Aaron Steed and his brother, Evan, started
the company eleven years ago, when they were both in high school and without a driver’s
license. The client would have to rent the U-Haul truck
and they would have to pick us up to bring us to their home where we would then load
and unload their furniture and then after the job, they’d have to return the rental
truck and then drive us back to our parent’s house.
‘Meathead Movers, this is Landon, how may I help you?’
Now the brothers have 170 employees, a fleet of 32 trucks and offices in three southern
California locations. And despite rising fuel prices, moving rates haven’t changed. That’s
because the trucks are run using biodiesel and their drivers are in top shape.
Meathead Movers hires strong, clean cut, student athletes that jog when not carrying anything
so literally, we’ll put something into the truck and then jog back to get more. And you
have got to kind of see it to believe it. And just to make sure the crew stays in shape,
the company offers gym memberships to all full time employees.
Working and moving can be a pretty work out in itself sometimes.
The business is the second biggest employer of students in the city of San Luis Obispo.
So for those like Anthony and Taylor, it’s a job they will keep until graduation. In
San Luis Obispo, Louise Pennell, Fox Business Network.
And, how about that? Now, when Aaron and Evan started this company more than a decade ago,
the customary fee for a day’s labor: usually twenty dollars and a pizza.

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