Fox Business News featured WetSuit®

Fox Business News featured WetSuit®

HI this is John Criswell welcome to manufacturing marvels. Water is one of the most destructive forces on earth Neptune coatings disruptive technology offers innovative solutions in this intense battle between man and the elements. Manufactured in Northern California and headquartered in Las Vegas Nevada Neptune coatings is a leader in roofing, green roofs waterproofing and specialty applications a member of the HARCO group, Neptune coatings brings 15 years of successful applications and real-world testing to create it’s fully patented flagship product the WetSuit system. The WetSuit system is a cold applied, self flashing membrane that is 80% cured in just 3 seconds able to be applied at any thickness in a single pass, WetSuit instantly sets and fully adheres to most surfaces with the trained three-person crew installation can reach 15,000 square feet a day substantially reducing labor costs. WetSuit is environmentally friendly and extremely durable it’s rated for maximum wind uplift and severe hail and proven as a viable air and vapor barrier when top coated with reflective coatings WetSuit mates Energy Star and CRRC standards for a cool roof. WetSuit is ideal for building projects seeking LEED certification the system is eligible for points for sustainable sites exterior designs that reduce heat Islands optimize energy performance and more. Neptune coatings also offers WetSuit one part, WetSuit undercover for detailing and WetSuit trowel and WetSuit fiber trowel for quick fixes and patching. They contain no VOCS and boast to class-A self-extinguishing fire rating with Neptune coatings the possibilities are seamless. Find out how to get started at This is John Criswell from manufacturing marvels

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