Fox Business news crew reports from coal country

Fox Business news crew reports from coal country

(TURN TO MONITOR CAM 3) A NEWS CREW WITH FOX BUSINESS NETWORK SPENT THE LAST COUPLE OF DAYS IN PERRY COUNTY … LEARNING MORE ABOUT PEOPLE WHO WORK THE MINES … AND THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN AFFECTED BY LAYOFFS. WYMT’S MATTHEW RAND HAS MORE. (PKG) NAT Fox Business Network’s Adam Shapiro reported live Friday from France’s Diner in Hazard. The restaurant’s owner says she has witnessed the loss of coal jobs in the region from behind her counter. (SOT) FRANCES NAPIER – USED TO, YOU KNOW YOU’D COME IN HERE AT FIVE O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING PACKED OUT WITH MINERS AND THEN AT MIDNIGHT PACKED OUT WITH MINERS GOING HOME FROM WORK. YOU DON’T HAVE THAT ANY MORE The state Energy and Environment Cabinet reports Eastern Kentucky coal mining employment decreased from more than 15,000 jobs at the start of 2009 to about one third of that at the end of last year. (SOT) JOSH SALE/LAID-OFF COAL MINER – THE HARDEST THING ABOUT THIS IS WHEN YOUR KIDS CRY AND THEY WANT TO KNOW IF YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE AS MUCH MONEY DADDY? AND WHAT DO YOU TELL THEM? Industry advocates say the national media attention will help spread the word that people in coal country are hurting. (SOT) BILL BISSETT/KY COAL ASSOCIATION – TELLING YOUR SON THAT YOU’VE LOST YOUR JOB TODAY WHEN HE GETS OFF THE SCHOOL BUS. THAT’S POWERFUL, AND I HATE THAT WE HAVE TO INTERVIEW THESE COAL MINERS. IT’S HARD ON THEM, BUT PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THE DAMAGE THAT’S HAPPENING HERE BACK AT HOME As depressed market prices, competition from alternate fuels like natural gas and federal regulations continue to put the squeeze on Eastern Kentucky’s coal industry, Bissett says the best the region can hope for is to hang on to what it already has. In Perry County, Matthew Rand, WYMT Mountain News. (STEVE) YOU CAN SEE MORE OF THE FOX BUSINESS NETWORK’S REPORTING IN KENTUCKY ONLINE. JUST FOLLOW THE LINK ON WYMT-DOT-COM. (STEVE) EARLIER THIS WEEK… A STATE

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