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  1. Obama killed so many troops on secret mission that went wrong and laughed about it and said F there families too F Obama

  2. I voted for Obama twice, thank God the current Democratic party has finally made me come to my senses. Trump 2020 for sure!

  3. USA discussing why they should have murdered more people. Brainwashed people. Even with all the media and access to books.

  4. ISIS was created by US, British, and Qatari Intelligence services on record. They killed Qaddafi to flood Europe, which started the Muslim extremist crisis out of Middle East with the Arab Spring. The Necons want a war at all cost, to fund there killing machine before someone says its time to shut down. The bankers fund the countries and collect all the money. The idots who believe in sufficiency of a single book get killed. Its all one big game, and club.

    Kinda like when they sent me to Kosovo to fight the Serbs for being attacked by Osama Bin Laden, and the Muslim Extremist; which Bresinski wrote books and brag about it! Nothings changed! Its all the same game just different players now playing different parts.

  5. Obama will be remembered as the worst president the US ever had which is ironic really with him being the first black president.

  6. What? Did you say Obama called ISIS the JV team? Joint Venture? I venture to say Obama will be in the joint soon! Gitmo!

  7. Expert review.
    Trump withdrew from deal Iran. Because the lifting of sanctions has allowed Iran to create ballistic missile are called capable of reaching the United States.

    The United States condemned Iran’s testing of a ballistic missile capable of delivering nuclear warheads to Europe, noting that this violates the UN Security Council resolution and increases the risks of escalation in the region.

    This is stated in an official statement by US Secretary of State Mike Pompe.

    He stressed that these tests "violate UN Security Council resolution 2231.

    Iran introduced a new cruise missile, which has a range of up to 1,350 kilometers.
    The lifting of the sanctions from Iran was the biggest mistake of former President Obama and his administration. Obama's criminal negligence.

  8. Trump should declare a national emergency and postpone the Presidential Elections until this mess is cleared up.

  9. Wouldn't that crippled the president's hability to do his job? Dems are trying to create chaos and limit his power. Dems are evil.

  10. He wasn't president – he was a free-loading, usurping, pretender. EVERYTHING about ENTIRE life was and still is a LIE.

  11. The one statement that Obama made that says it all. "I'll lead from the rear." That is why Russia and China had nothing but contempt for him.


  13. Trump is the traiter he is freinds with a former kgb leader and is trading american secrets to keep his discretions under rap….and must i remind you there would b no isis without the invation of iraq by a Republican president

  14. Obummer is a Muslim, he always sided with his brothers against the Americans and our Christian values.

  15. I’m an old man but if it’s time to go to war I can still pull a trigger ?I’m not living in fear and screw the democrats☠️

  16. Why do everyone hate presidents that end wars or pull out hundred of thousands of troops like obama did but praise the elites who got us into wars that never ends and cost us trillion of dollars who tell me when should we pull out of iraq when there was no weapons of mass destruction found there is not point to stay

  17. Donald J. Trump is the best thing that happen to the American people and exactly the time when we needed him most…?? God bless Pres. Trump ?? "Keep America Great" DJT 2020 !!

  18. Hussein Obama the impostor potus. Worst US president in history. Set us on a very dangerous path morally and financially

  19. Congress again trying to make Trump's administration job hard to do their jobs to protect the American people and our allies.

  20. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  21. white America so typical afraid of an intelligent black and white man that cares about all people. why is his name still coming up? Go be great! God's people B and W know the deal.

  22. amazing how prejudice folks can be. what will you say about Clinton and Trump playing with poor little girls on Epstein's island in the Caribbean. ISLAND AD I. TRAPPED NO WAY OFF. AND YES IT WAS OUT THERE BEFORE HE RAN OR WON.

  23. 1:30 Wrong. The ones that minimized DAESH Caliphate (ISIS) were Russia, Iran & Lebanon. US didn't do too much, in fact during Obama's they went to Syria to repeat the same thing they did with Gaddafi's Lybia.

  24. Barry Soetoro foreign student from Kenya aka Barrack Obama. Islamic Muslim who never should have set foot in the WhiteHouse

  25. democrats think they have the right to run everything! Democrats are not smart enough ,nor are bold enough. They are too busy screwing the American taxpayers! They are greedy and can't be trusted with power! Stop them I mediately!

  26. Congress is a disgrace taking power away from the president
    What a corrupt congress done in the name of hate for Trump! This will go down in history as one of the worst things congress has done! Gid bless President Trump and how he loves his country and put it first.

  27. All Obama was good at was speaking as if what he was saying was important thereby fooled people into electing him. He was a crappy, weak US president.

  28. The last administration are used the powers with worldwide corruption activists in gains wealthy for themselves individuals???…they paid peanuts to their pets followers……

  29. Asshats urging regime change in Syria never fking learn.
    Egypt, Libya, Iraq…
    We should be fomenting revolution within Iran.

  30. And I really do believe Obama hated this country and done everything he could to try and tear it down and that's why he did the things he did and let these countries get by with what they did.

  31. Obama gave money to Iran, gave good jobs to China. Trump bring the money and jobs back to America. Who is a good president? The answer is President Trump.

  32. Obama….the fake sissy boy warrior. He spent most of the first part of his presidency apologizing for America, which he and the liberals hate, then talked tough like all liberals do, but when called on the tough talk of course in liberal fashion retreat to their safe spaces for a good cry.

  33. especially that failed ACA policy..just scratch the damned thing off the law and let people die…at least they will stop whining…

  34. One thing you can say about Obama that is true. The Man Was and is a Coward the lies just come out of him ; hardly needs telling.

  35. Obama could have been amazing. All he had to do was follow through on his promises. he did the opposite.

  36. So they scolded the President for not starting a war with Iran but now they want to make sure he can't start a war with Iran?…

  37. The Democrats will look stupid again! How many times have they tried to pass a bill that would stop Trump from doing something that they think he might do? 2 or 3 times I think, and how many times has he tried to do whatever it was that they were afraid of? Not even once! Their problem is they think other people think the same way they do. Trump certainly isn't predictable or stupid. Have you noticed how every liberal thinks they are smarter than Trump? And they all know his real motives.

  38. Barry Obama made way for Isis removed weapons from Iraq and Syria ,removed soldiers not to defend the people,and Barry ‘s Obama friends took over made it easy for them

  39. So, who is in charge here. The Libs have turned their backs the safety of American people and on the Pres. They want control but did not win the vote. So I state that they don’t even care if he were to have a heart attack or a stroke. Trump will win the next vote but the Democratic Party may not have the control they have now. They are so grabby, crappy, gabby and self centred.

  40. If anyone can figure out how to get around Obama's major screw up is President Trump it just may take a little longer if we get hit by iran its Obama's fault

  41. Obama was a better President than Trump.Trump is nothing but a liar and a predator.Obamas policy was better than Trump. Trump has a failure with North Korea.Pulling out of the Iran deal was Trump worst mistake. Everyone who reads knows it was Obama deal and Trump didn’t like it so this idiot pulled out.Trump is inept.

  42. His failed policies? Look at the economy today. Trump didn’t do this. All he has done is squirt lighter fluid on a bar-b-que that was already burning nicely, that Obama built, and nurtured, and got going. Give us a break.

  43. “Joe Biden can’t even pronounce ISIS”
    Lol just stick to sharing information there no need to through jabs at people you don’t agree with. Seems like kids arguing back and forth both of you guys need to grow up.

  44. Don't forget the mess he made in Libya and how he pretty much ignored North Korea like every other President did for decades.

  45. Barry only did one thing well carrying drugs for the Afghan drug cartels for the CIA and did nothing for Americans not even black America. Plus this fool leaves office finally thank GOD, saying look no scandals, what do you call your shemale wife Barry the mule

  46. Biggest creep who ever lived or pretended to. Beyond creep. The bar bouncer, South American Pope runs a close second.

  47. I am shocked by the words of these people on this US propaganda outlet. Lie after lie after lie ! Do you Americans really believe the lies that are being told here ? The true free world does not buy US lies anymore.

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