Forums and Projects in Groups on the Atlantic Fellows Hub

Forums and Projects in Groups on the Atlantic Fellows Hub

On the Hub Group members collaborate and engage on topics they are passionate about. The Forum and Projects tabs in Groups are an open space for members to share what is on their mind, connections they seek, areas to collaborate and topics to deliberate within the Fellows group. This is your group. Click on the Manage Group button to make changes in the back office of your group. Members of a group are able to add discussions to the forum without group admin approval. To view these postings in the back office, click on the Forum tab. Discussions will appear on this page with relevant tags from the discussion categories. To add a category simply click on the Add button at the top of the page. As an admin you have the ability to add or remove categories as well as add or remove postings by user. All discussions are created in the front-end Forum tab within your group. This is the Projects tab in the front office. Group admins are also able to publish a project opportunity from the back office in the Projects tab. To do so click the Create a New Project button. In the project you can upload a cover photo and logo photo. You can also add the important details of your project such as the owner, company name, tagline, business stage and size. You also have a text box to pitch your project in 155 characters or less. Below, add the month and year the project was started, a detailed description, an explanation of how people can help, the field or industry of the project and the location information. To help people keep up to date with your project there are also options to add links for a website, social media platforms, or angel list posting. Once you’re finished adding details of the project be sure to click Save at the top of the page. Members of your group can also publish a project which as the group admin you can edit or remove from the back office. Simply click on the project to edit, or click the delete button to remove. Fantastic! Now, you know more about Forums and Projects, we hope you’re able to explore and engage with Fellows on the Hub. Check out the other group admin tutorial videos to learn more. Explore, connect and engage with fellows worldwide today

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