Former McDonald’s Employee: The company Has No Sexual Harassment Policy | NBC News Now

Former McDonald’s Employee: The company Has No Sexual Harassment Policy | NBC News Now

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  1. Roger Stone is being RailRoaded 🚩🚩🚩. DemoCracks picked. ALL in JURY an told what to DO ❗❗❗ USA Citizens are Really be. Destroyed 💀🇺🇸💀. 🚩🏴🚩

  2. Fast food restaurants in general have always left young people exposed to predatory behavior by managers both female and male. It's often the first job for people which means that they have no prior experience in dealing with these issues. It's also often the first supervisory position for young people still learning to respect the authority that they been given. Combine inexperience, hormonal issues and unchecked power and it should be no surprise that this has happened for decades. Such a young powerless pool of potential victims will also always attract predatory bullies and ownership won't care as long as profits are coming in and replacement labor is cheap. This has never been a secret.

  3. Honestly, if I had to work at McDonalds for $8 USD per hour with a smile on my face, I'd probably be examining methods of deep-fryer suicide too. No need to commit suicide little one, just eat McDonalds everyday. Same result ultimately.

  4. Great to see that she is focused on the most important thing – opening a discussion that includes her and others who are actually there dealing with the issues everyday.

  5. My advice. Quit McDonald's and go back to school and get better skills to get a better job. No one is expecting much intelligence from McDonald's or most fast food employees. That is reality in America.

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