Former Fed chair: Tariffs significantly deterred economic activity

Former Fed chair: Tariffs significantly deterred economic activity

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  1. Remember Obama telling Trump "only a magic wand" can bring back U.S.🇺🇸jobs.
    DEM'S couldn't run a lemonade🍋stand without raising your tax's to subsidize it.
    Please Boycott anti🇺🇸Americans just as POTUS Trump sanctions global anti🇺🇸's.

  2. I am shocked they left the comments open I thought they would protect the Fed as they protect the royal prince pedophile

  3. This guy is deep state. He sold america out. He is a traitor and in a fair and just world he would have been hung and sent to God to sort out. And he is flat out wrong. Tariffs have actually helped our farmers get contracts and deals!!! They didn't cause massive inflation like you all thought. Tariffs are our secret weapon!!! Tariffs make the people stronger and richer!!!

  4. It's time for America to AUDIT the Rothschild Central Bank (Federal Reserve). It's time to find out what these Bolshevik Bastards have been doing!!!!!!!

  5. Isn't he the one who was responsible for the Y2K debacle. He's been rigging the market since the 60s. Someone should shoot this criminal, such a PoS!

  6. There are economic activities we want stopped. Policies that give china everything and us nothing. Yes, we want this kind of trade stopped.Trump 2020

  7. China would make a deal if they were not holding out for the dems to get rid of Trump because the dems would bend over for China.

  8. What about the USMCA that Pelosi is refusing to bring to the floor of the House and the fact that it is a much bigger deal than the China deal, and if it were to pass it would place the United States in a much stronger position from which to negotiate?

  9. Alan Greenspan has zero credibility and besides that he's married to that witch left wing lier Andrea Mitchell. Why are you interviewing him in the first place?

  10. Alan Greenspan has zero credibility and besides that he's married to that witch left wing lier Andrea Mitchell. Why are you interviewing him in the first place?

  11. Tariffs are great for the home team. They put money in the treasury. They also give incentive to build were you sell. Keeps money home.

  12. Trump is trying to get rid of crooks like this minion that works for the biggest crooks on the planet… the central banksters.
    The federal reserve… is not federal, or a reserve… their entire facade is nothing more than a fake movie set… and their finacial "Experts" are just bad actors, reading their scripted lines, helping to rob us all blind… just like most of the scumbags in hollyweird…

  13. Perhaps, it's true that the trade tariffs are a drag on the economy, but the status quo was only going to oversee our steady decline. I would have asked him about the inflation the experts predicted that never came . The truth is that we need nothing from China, but they need food from us . The only thing stopping the Chinese from making the deal ( that they will break any way ) is the hope that Trump will be out after 2020 . You think Russia interfered in the last election? Wait until the Chinese money starts flowing to the Democrats in 2020.

  14. These people are looking at the global economy like its all one country, or like everyone just gets along. They take all the economic theories into account but not the geopolitical realities! Do tariffs hurt the economy? yeah a little bit, but they hurt communist china which is hostile. If we can take a slight hit to gdp growth to take down an enemy instead of military intervention then its a win! The tariffs arent the best thing for a "growth at all costs" economic strategy but they are the best weapon to protect the US from China right now….China's slowdown is all the proof you need to say trump is right and the radicals who misinterpret free market capitalism are basically economic anarchists that are ignorant of the political climate. When free trade isnt mutually beneficial, it is not free trade. Free trade doesnt mean you have to be a sucker. When someone rips you off, even just a little bit, you stop trading with them. When China robs us blind and is frankly evil you dont trade "freely" with them.

  15. Sure we shall ship more investment and jobs to China, let China flood American market with more goods, make more money, so they can build more long range missiles that targeting the US. Isn't it great? Yes! as long as Mr. Greenspan's masters make more money!

  16. This is the rotten sob that took the huge banker into Clinton s office and pay for play got clinton to repeal the 1932 glass-steagal act that crashed our economy and almost destroyed America F. U.

  17. Maria, I really can't believe you brought Greenspan on. Did you really have no other guests to bring on or is it just because he had a book to push? He's not even answering your questions.

  18. Maria mentions Peter Navarro at the end. I like listening to Peter Navarro because he explains everything when he's talking about the economy.

  19. Alan Greenspan is ok with CHINA stealing 500 billion each year from trades? He is an American hater. Keep this crap off the TV.

  20. Doctor of what? Being an idiot? He's saying tariffs are no good for the economy, yet the market's doing well. He's a retired deep state stooge who has always been wrong and should be in prison for what he has done. What are you getting this criminal's advise for?

  21. Tariffs are meant to change the behavior of exporters or consumers..There is very little we buy that we cannot buy a similar product made elsewhere.. So a $400 T.V. from China now costs $500 with the tariff.. But the $400 T.V. from Singapore still costs $400. So a tariff is only a tax if you have no alternative choice..And we generally do have a choice..And when we decide against paying more the makers will move manufacturing to another country..Lowering the $$$ again..

  22. GASPING FOR AIR Greenspan and Maria are working for the CFR COUNCIL OF FORIEN RELATIONS the same Fs that created the CIA. The. Fed, FBI and CIA and UN NEEDS TO BE ABOLISHED

  23. Some things are more important than "economic activity" — like the well being of the American people and the longterm viability of the United States. This is one of the guys that got us into this mess. Why listen to him? The tariffs are the right thing to do. Trump is right. Read Robert Spalding's STEALTH WAR.

  24. finally the boss of the psychopathy sees again you are always the lord of the subprime scandal (equivalent to say monsanto and ogm)

  25. I could see the strings coming from his hands, but Schiff did a good job of hiding with his hand up the back to make the mouth move.He needed to straighten the glasses out so not to drive us crazy while watching the punch and judy show

  26. Greenspan drove the fed like a drunken sailor oversteering the economy all the way. Bad Patriot. Lock him up with his commie wife Andrea Mitchell.

  27. What were you thinking, Fox Business? Greenspan's track record is the WORST! I can't believe you gave him air time. This is another sign that Fox Business is falling into the quagmire of FAKE NEWS and PROPAGANDA!

  28. This old man agent of the globalists prepared the ground work for the last Global Financial Crisis. He should not be trusted at all by all Americans.

  29. The tariffs pay back the unconstitutional loans by the federal reserve hopefully the debt can be paid off and ban them from the United states

  30. Our economy is hitting record highs! Greenspan ran this country's economy into the ground for years! He was the lead in every depression in the last 30 years!

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