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  1. US talking diplomacy after drawing first blood? Too late pal, is like asking for forgiveness after commiting the crime

  2. Maybe we shouldn't have let Trump have access to the buttons before Congress was even spoken to! He's obviously poking Iran with his tweets but saying he don't want war…. Hmmmmmmmmmm

  3. The moment you look at your kids, and realize you traded their lives to fight in a war with the Middle East, for a profitable stock portfolio.

  4. Iraqi parliament just voted to kick out the US illegal occupiers. This is a good start. Now if the rest of the Middle East would follow suit.

  5. Iran, if you are listening, you may attack Trump hotels and golfclubs if you want to take revenge! He is proud of killing one of your generals!

  6. 41J – For Christians confused and distracted by their corrupted Crypto Babylon Preachers:
    CIA-MI6-MOSSAD ousted Iran's democratically-elected President now 70 years ago, and then imposed our murderous puppet Shah dictator upon the Iranian people. Our Shah imprisoned 350,000 Iranians and executed 100,000! When Iranian students bravely began a Democracy Movement, just like we applaud today in Hong Kong, and overthrew our puppet Shah, CIA-MI6-MOSSAD armed and funded the Ayatollah, under Reagan, Poindexter and North, then pumped tons of cocaine into our American inner cities to fund their satanic Black Ops. Our Ayatollahs massacred at least 30,000 more Iranians. Unsatisfied, CIA-MI6-MOSSAD armed and funded Saddam with US- and UK-made WMDs for the Iran:Iraq War that killed 500,000 Iranian youth, and left their families devastated. All those marchers you see today lived through that awful WMD war. So if there is a God, and His Heavenly Justice, like the Old Testament Holy Rollers shudder and shake, then some 600,000 Americans must die horrible deaths, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life, to make amends for our genocidal crimes against Iran for the past 70 years, and now the Daemon these Crypto Babylonians in WADC have unleashed.
    "We did not know!" Yeah, well, you do now!

  7. We’ve had air strikes since Bush. Everyone forgets how Obama bombed people and 2/3 were civilians. The media hid it all. They (and Dems) didn’t bank on any of us across the world communicating with each other, learning the truth. Funny how they now hate WikiLeaks.

  8. I love my President they have tried to start a war with Iran for 3 years. The only way Democrats win 2020 if we are in another war. Thanks Graham, Rubio, Kesner, I still can't believe he listened to the Necons.

  9. Are you kidding me? This was absolute stupidity on the part of U. S… We are looking in the wrong direction for cause.. Turn around. You will see BENJAMIN NETANYAHU as mastermind of this whole fiasco.

  10. Only problem is we’ve never had any diplomatic relationships or understandings with Iran; they have always, for forty years, lied to us—exactly like Arafat’s plo always did, “tell them anything they want to hear and continue doing what we want to do.)

  11. I guess Iran should not have declared war on us by using the kuds force to attack the embassy (sovereign US soil) with the complicit Iraqi security forces, and causing American casualties thus crossing the line in the sand. Unlike O-bomb-uhhh, Trump actually enforces the line in the sand when it is crossed.

  12. Calm down there will be no invasion. No ground war. War fare has changed the last 20 years. It will be anair war. Iran will lose

  13. Iran and North Korea are tools used by the globalists to achieve their goals, as we have also been for the last 50 years.
    Why did Obama give Iran 11 billion dollars in CASH? Where did ISIS get all those brand new Toyota pickups?
    How do non-technical countries have amazing cyber attack capabilities? What was Google CEO Eric Schmidt doing in North Korea?
    America, its money, and military will no longer be a part of their scheme for world domination. That is what this is really about.

  14. America, the confidence of your allies around the world has been shattered by Trump’s presidency. He made you look weak. Pity the arrogant nation of America

  15. This guy has a optimistic view but unfortunately it's not realistic, his expertise in assessing the Iranian crisis is questionable.

  16. oh what a joke, did the iranians shrink the boats ? where is the proof? did they attach The Saudis Oil reserve? where was the evidence? this is a joke 😂 lets imagine pompeo gets bombed by the iranians and then they come and say this would be solved by diplomacy i think we all know America will be on the edge of the niddle trying to revenge!!!! this is very stuupid trust me this will get heated up!

  17. Iran has been pulling bs for the last 40 years. Guess we should have just let iran do what they want maybe by 2060 they will end their terroristic ways

  18. It is nice to hear from a real expert in diplomacy. In "The Moral Imagination", by Lederach, several examples of deescalation are discussed most of which occurred because of an "honest broker" / mediator brought the two sides into dialogue. The "honest brokers" were not always professionals, and this role has been played by village women, farmers, etc. or anyone committed to breaking the cycle of conflict. This book should be required reading for anyone holding high office.

  19. Wow, What was the Leader doing in Baghdad; During IRAQ Prime Ministers Election. What will he be remembered for ? There is an innocent generation all the countries wait to live a Good Life.. No country want to be strong armed any longer but govern their own country.. be proud let the younger one live, Let your country LIVE !

  20. How would you de-escalate a situation where someone equivalent to a Pompeo or Bolton getting assassinated in neutral territory? These people are insane.

  21. The People of the United States of America have all gone local. Think before you vote or do things of any kind. Don't let the Democrats or extreme's in Congress keep lying to you and you falling for it. Americans are smarter than that. They are just trying to scare you with their stupid words and tactics.

  22. Democrats are going to use the opportunity to talk bad about Trump and the US and weaken our country. He is our dual elected commander in chief and those traitors (Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, ….) are going to try to undermine his authority and legitimacy with a thousand small cuts.

  23. The problem is that the American politicians seem unable to understand the culture of the Middle East. They want to apply their political views or see the facts from their point of view only. How come you trigger a violence in the Middle East then ask for calmness?!!

  24. So, after punishing in someone's face over a on-going & lengthy disagreement, that's the moment to offer a negotiated resolution? That's stupid. Human nature establishes the victim will be angry, hateful, ego bruised & seek revenge. Just like Iran has been acting. Besides, Trump has gutted the US diplomatic corps.

  25. My only concern is when Saudi Arabia killed that journalist the Trump didn't do anything… But used the excuse of a US contractor dying to do this… He is only tough because Iran can't really go to war with the size of their military

  26. Let's all just watch and see what happens.

    All the Chicken Littles with their "sky is falling" mantra are boring the sh*t out of me.

    The situation seems to be thus so far:
    either Trump has been bullsh*tted by the Deep State warmongers (who need their buckets of blood to drink) and we are going to have a war;
    or Suleimani was stopped before he could start some sh*t, probably on multiple fronts through proxies, and Trump thus saved us all a lot of grief;
    or Trump has a much bigger plan that he is working out so that the Iranians will get rid of the religious dictators destroying their country and get back into the 21st century;
    or (fill in the blank).

    Let's wait and see, 'cause what else can we do?

  27. Does Iran even have a future? I dont think so. Oh the word itself has a future….the Iranian people have a future….
    It really is time to let the old guys fight it out instead of allowing them to send young innocent people to die. EXCELLENT SHOT Mr TRUMP.

  28. "Trump ( his handlers actually…*Trump isn't making decisions, face reality…Trump is an ignorant, moron child , mentally. ) now wants diplomacy with Iran"…after bombing their top military General & a group of co-officers…
    … What a totally stooopid approach.

  29. If we beg them for diplomacy now, they look down at us, if we don't, we are idiots … you know what, let me tell you what many Americans think today: Mike Pompeo is played again by Iranians! It is better he resigns soon before this mess hurts Trump further!

  30. Be diplomatic before,not after bloodshed. It’s easy to assassinate and then ask for restraint. Restrain yourself first.

  31. Trump and the Republicans declaration of war on Iran means that Iran is well within its rights to 1) KICK ALL US TROOPS OUT OF IRAN, just like Iraq has voted to do AND, 2) Iran is also within their rights to RESTART THEIR NUCLEAR PROGRAM in full. If Israel can have nuclear weapons SO CAN IRAN!!!

  32. The dumbest thing I have hears so far on television: killing the head of another country and declaring as a opportunity for DIPLOMACY 😅😁🤦🏻‍♂️

  33. The reason the US don't want a war with Iraq is that the US is scared and know it that 100,000s of Americans will be killed.

  34. How do these exceptionally stupid women ( Cathy areu ) get such lofty positions on fox news. This woman is so ignorant she makes fox an embarrassment to news reporting or debate. Get these idiots off the air.

  35. Senator Paul Make up Your Mind Your either With Our President. Or Not! I get The Feeling You Choice The Topics Or Chrises That You Believe Gets You The Most Press!

  36. I agree, that's a "chess move" to convince Iran to be diplomatic right now, Otherwise if any retaliation then be prepared to have Iran be the world's biggest CAR PARK

  37. Hey Rand Paul what diplomacy are you talking about? Sending plane loads of cash to Iran to empower them against your very country? In other words the U.S. is the one that should continue to SHRINK BACK AND DO NOTHING in the face of all the recent aggressions from Iran, in the name of ‘diplomacy’? Well that’s exactly what President Trump has done. But for you and all those weaklings who keep opposing this president’s actions, you need to get used to the idea that there’s a new sheriff in town and he knows when & how to draw the line and say enough is enough, This recent attack on the US embassy was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and when it came this close to harming U.S. citizens, Trump definitely was not going to buckle and stand down. He is true to his promise to protect U.S. citizens at all costs. Shame on you not only for not taking a stance with your president for America, but also for making that asinine comment that only fuels the enemy.

  38. Lol what allies. US has alieneted most of the world by now. All we are watching is a dying empire clawing for power. It like watching rome burn down but with twitter 😂

  39. An attack on any embassy is considered a declaration of war on that country. Funny how the ambassador never mentions this.

  40. I think everyone who is backing this President should back him for real like get out there grab a f**** gun and go to your recruiter and get killed for this dumbass.

  41. Iran had a taste of what is to come if they don't change their hostile policy toward the USA. They may lose face, but they will save Iran from becoming a sand box.

  42. I could care less what any ambassador or diplomat says or thinks. They all showed me during the phony Ukraine BS that they are part of the deep state.

  43. hes half black half white then adopted by a white family Grow up in turlock Ca i play baseball against him a few times lol he use to be a hick just stating facts i went to Modesto high he went to pitman high he just want the clout and the money he dosint really care lesbe honest

  44. USA has Committed more crime than whole of Middle East why isn’t there a single person condemning?
    That organization so called United Nations as Qaddafi said terror nations why haven’t they said single word against USA for all these crimes around world not just Middle East ? Such a bad world we live in. Btw those comments here your less than the 1 % of the world population.

  45. Iran has alot to think about before they do anything. China is their biggest consumer of their oil. Naturally Trump will take out their oil rigs and cripple Iran's economy even more. I agree this is the best time to sit around the table.

  46. Where were all these cry babies when Obama was killing around the Middle East with over 500 air strikes? Wake up and grow up to what is really going on.

  47. This diplomat is solid and keeps a cool head. He has no political loyalty other than to his own profession. the blond is rude. Let him talk as she is just a pretty faced reporter. LOL

  48. President Trump , people say do this ,do that, American people say do this ,do that, and he don't get paid, i say china is behind all this, to take our mind off of them, they are the big trouble, they are in Africa, south american , they have spent 1 trillion dollars for roads in Brazil to get their farm products, same in African, watch out

  49. Another expert, did you hear him I think we can sit down and talk with the snakes.
    He actually thinks that we could sit down and negotiate with the Ayatollah and his bunch.
    What the world needs is a few more experts like him I bet

  50. to: Jeff Counsil; big talk… when your behind your screen.. you should not be able to vote .. not due to your political choice but,,, that your a arrogant man that I am sure you would vote for anyone that is guilty and in a corner,

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