Follow Our Fellows – Building the Future – Bluum Idaho New School Fellowship

Follow Our Fellows – Building the Future – Bluum Idaho New School Fellowship

Future public school is the creation of
Amanda Cox and Brad Peterson, Bluums very first Idaho New School Fellows. Through
Bluums Idaho New School Fellowship, these educators were empowered to plan, develop,
and launch a high-performing public school, focused on serving a diverse
community. After two years of research, hard work and passion, Future Public
School will soon open its doors to students. “Future Puplic School…Yay!” It’s so difficult to find
like a place that you can have your kindergarten the whole day and also for
free, so when I just read that it was like oh my god I can’t believe I’ve
found a school that is so near to my house it’s only ten minutes from my
house and us, also they can be both together in the same school, so it’s
amazing. Amanda and Brad were selected for the 2016 Idaho new school fellowship
from a pool of 44 applicants from 14 different states. The more that I learned
about Idaho and just momentum and there’s so much synergy and people
coming together in education right now it just felt like the right place at the
right time. This school is much bigger than Amanda or myself or the people that
are starting it it’s part of the community already. I think it’s really
important the the partnership between Amanda and me, teaming up to start the
school showing that value of teamwork and community right from the beginning.
It wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the people doing the work before us and
alongside of us and and I do believe that we’ll have something unique to offer for
others to learn from, and we’re just so excited to get our doors open and and
have kids and teachers fill our building. We just think talents the most important
part of the equation to great schools, and so we’re using the generosity of the
Albertson Family Foundation to recruit and develop leaders, to launch schools in
the fastest growing state in America. We believe in kids, we love this state, we
think an education is a pathway to prosperity, in fact Joe Albertson and
Kathryn our founders, believe that, a quality educational
path really opens up doors to opportunity. That’s another piece that
helps me stay refreshed and keep working, is knowing how many amazing people are
behind us and are helping us along the way. School choice creates opportunities for families to find schools that fit their
unique needs. However sometimes barriers like access to information,
transportation, meal services and before and after school care, can impact the
family’s ability to attend the school of their choice. Amanda and Brad have worked
intentionally to remove these barriers – personally canvassing neighborhoods,
visiting families in their homes and collaborating with community partners to
ensure their school feels welcoming and affirming to students of varied ages,
socioeconomic statuses, ethnicities and geographic locations. As more people
learn about this opportunity, there are other people out there who want to do
the same type of model in their communities, so we can kind of be a
leader in what community schools, what charter schools can do, and how we can
all serve kids and their educational needs. Finding this school, complete us,
it completes the journey, so now we’re ready for everything that is gonna come
to our lives now, now we see that all the sacrifice we made and all the help that
the people here gave us, just make us start real good, this new life, we’re
building, so we’re so happy.

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