Flying BUSINESS CLASS on Asiana Airlines ♦ Overnight Flight from Singapore to South Korea

Flying BUSINESS CLASS on Asiana Airlines ♦ Overnight Flight from Singapore to South Korea

Annyeong chingu! Tonight, we’re taking a red-eye flight to South Korea from Singapore. The first time in my life. We’re gonna be taking business class and then check out the lounge. We only have about 30 minutes to enjoy it. Asiana Airlines gave me a lounge pass at the check-in counter. On the back it had a map. There were separate entrances for the first-class and business-class. It seemed they all led to the same place though. I had expected only about 20 people at most, but there must have been a hundred and more passengers. Little did I know there’d be a buffet in the lounge so I made the mistake of eating a filling dinner beforehand. Ah the variety of food from stir-fried gourd – steamed pumpkin – braised lamb ragout and chicken tikka. Mmm. Is this fork trying to flick me off? I was assuming the lounge was close to my gate, but it’s actually a seven-to-ten-minute walk to be seven from the Krisflyer lounge so I’m at a bit of a rush because we already starts to board. Holy moly look at all this legroom, then the flight attendant kindly took my winter coat. It’s been a warm and humid afternoon in Singapore, but now it rains. Before anything else let’s get comfortable and change in the slippers. Ooh la la, a tray of champagne arrives. I opted for the glass of soju. JK it’s water 🙂 Maybe. As the plane gets ready for takeoff, I wonder when I’ll visit Singapore again. Everytime I return I come as a different version of myself. Depending on the phase in my life I perceive this island country in another way much like how an object is lit from the bottom versus the top then from the side. The object itself may remain the same, but you see different qualities of it. What sort of gadgets is this business class seat equipped with? A remote control, buttons to recline the seat, outlets and a USB port. Foldable seat pillows make a huge difference in the quality of your sleep. They reduce strain on your neck. Be sure to recline your seat to savor the foldable pillow to the fullest. As the footrest rotates It makes the sound of a typewriter. It seems that lifting the feet up before pressing the button reduces the racket This is obviously a very attractive angle of my face. Though I don’t mind enough to edit it out 🙂 Down we go I’m not a tall person, but I became an accordion. At first I was worried my seat will recline into the passenger’s face behind me. Turns out you recline within your own pod. So many arrows. These help customize the curves to your body. Since this was an all-night flight I assumed we would not be fed, but lo and behold we were handed a menu. For supper we had the option to go Western or Korean. Wine wine and more wine. I’m guessing this pops up into a tray. Whoo heavier than expected. There we go. Shall we set up for teatime? Thankfully there are caffeine free options. I ordered in some cha ginseng tea Whoo-hoo Should have waited a couple minutes before the first sip. Check out this paper doily. Haven’t encountered one of these in ages. As our appetizer, we have stuffed cucumber with beef and egg which was crunchy in a refreshing way. As we wait for our entree, let’s pet our velvet coaster that was served with the glass of water. Hello there bibimbap! Whenever I fly Asiana, I tend to get this dish. Accompanying the star of the show is a bowl of soup, napa cabbage kimchi, quail eggs, kochujang and a bowl of white rice. In you go packet of sesame oil. Introducing the metal spoon and metal chopsticks. Typically in bibimbap you’d mix your ingredients with rice and kochujang. I decide to focus on the veggies. Whoopsies things that happen when you vlog while eating. Sleepy I close my eyes while chewing. Time for some traditional Korean confections. Not too long after the lights were dimmed. Bathroom break! From paper cups to hand lotion to toner. Very nice! Yes it’s a Borat reference. Time to brosser les dents, which means brush the teeth in French. One of the few things I can still recall from high school. Cool beans! We also have single-use mouthwash. The rest of the flight was mostly dark. After all it was past midnight. Though my butt fell asleep, I got the best rest on a plane ride ever. At the end of the flight, we were shown stretching tutorials. I can’t get over this fuzzy coaster. Just want to keep petting it. Ahaa it could be folded into a flower. I just realized I have a reading light. Annyeonghaseyo Korea good to see you again. We arrived at 6:14 a.m. In Singapore, it was one hour behind. The flight attendant brought my coat before landing. You know you’re in Korea when K-celebs are pasted all over the walls. Eye candies galore. What’s in store for a trip? Stay tuned to find out! See you next week on my two channels: sweet and tasty TV and miss Meena annyeong

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  1. I always wanted to fly & film Business Class, but could never allow myself to buy such an expensive flight. Flying Business from San Francisco to Incheon would be around $4,700 US (fares vary upon dates, airlines, etc). However, flying Business from Singapore to Incheon would be around $600. Way more affordable in comparison! Not to mention, I'd sleep on the plane so that saves some money on booking another accommodation. That saved money went to this flight apparently lol. Anyhow hope you enjoyed experiencing Business with me!

  2. I’ve been DYING to go to South Korea. I’m not koreaboo or anything but I would love to got there if I had the chance.

  3. Did you now that the meat there is covered ??????????????i love doggggggggsssssss??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. I am from Singapore but born in China and I am going back to China on 31 May, any Ideas?
    (destination:Da Lian)

  5. I used to be at singapore when i was 3 and i also lived there for 2 years with my relatives and family

  6. σмg ι ʝυѕт ωαииα ѕєє уσυ яιgнт иσω!! ιf ωє ¢αи тнєи ι ωσυℓ∂'νє тяιє∂ α вυѕιиєѕѕ ¢ℓαѕѕ ωιтн уσυ αи∂ му ¢συѕιи :ρ ωє ¢συℓ∂ fℓу тσ кσяєα :3

  7. Singapore is like when i traveled from bahrain to jordon and bahrain to jordon at night really and were traveling there again

  8. Am I the only one who thought there was only economy and first class? Am I that poor?

    Economy isn’t even that bad BUT if you have long legs economy gonna stress the heck out of you when you wanna stretch (from my personal experience) I fly every 2-3 years to Thailand ?? to visit my family and I always get stressed when I wanna stretch my legs ?

  9. Pakistan International Airlines Food Be Like:

    Plain, Cold Rice
    Disgusting Strawberry Cake
    Dead Rat ?
    Juice 1 Year Past Expiry Date

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