Florida Dental Implants New Teeth Now – Dr. Harley Richards feature

Florida Dental Implants New Teeth Now – Dr. Harley Richards feature

(Dr. Richards) I grew up in Lakeland and I grew up in a
family that had a strong medical and dental tradition. Of course as I became
older and more educated and once I was in dental school just sort of messing
around at his office turned to being really a lot more interested in what was
going on and my dad made a lot of dentures and so I was curious about that
because we were learning about making dentures in dental school and I could
come home on holiday or the summer whenever there was a break and I could
go to my dad’s office and watch him make dentures. And he and I would talk at
home at night about that. About dentures and about what a sad state of affairs
dentures really are how even the best dentures the chewing efficiency is
terrible and you know people hurt and you know I could see him adjusting them
and polishing them and it just seemed to him and you know we’re talking about a
man of the 50s 60s 70s and 80s to be a poor solution to the problem. As I neared
the end of my oral surgery training the implant field was beginning to blossom
in the United States. I was happy for my dad because in his lifetime he actually
got to see kind of at the end of his practice the beginning of the new era
for denture patients and what an improvement in the quality of life for
these people who before that had been miserable. And so things have just
improved and improved and improved. And so we have literally taken Florida
Dental Implants from, from the 80s to 2012. We’re doing the New Teeth Now all
in one day, all in one office. We’re doing it as good if not better than anybody in
the United States and up to par with anybody in the world who does this kind
of work. And so you know when you can latch onto something like that, that
gives you a lot of satisfaction professionally because you’re taking a
person whose miserable and improve in their life you
know it’s a good feeling. (Announcer) It’s time to invest in you and begin living a
lifetime of smiles. Call today for our special pricing or
visit new teeth now dot com.

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