Flipping Brand Name Shoes Back Online for a Profit [Nike, Reebok, Puma, New Balance]

Flipping Brand Name Shoes Back Online for a Profit [Nike, Reebok, Puma, New Balance]

alright guys so back with another online
arbitrage tutorial now now I’m gonna run you back through slick deals with a
different type of business approach in business model here now obviously it’s
the same it’s like the bulk deal arbitrage like I’ve talked about before
on this channel several times you can always feel free to check out the online
arbitrage playlists or just actually I think it’s just the arbitrage playlists
even though it’s all online arbitrage that’ll be linked at the bottom of the
description if you want to go through and check that out at any point in time
there are like literally countless countless tutorials not just on both
deal arbitrage but a number of the other business models that I teach online
arbitrage wise on this channel okay so I’m gonna run you through slick deals
today and usually what I do when I go through slick deals to teach you is
officer literally searched three different products to potentially resell
back on Amazon resell back on eBay resell back on Poshmark or Macari
potentially right so what I usually do is I’ll stick with like the front page
and I’ll source through things and kind of do product research to see if they
sell back well on Amazon or any of those other places mainly Amazon right so to
give you an example of what I would do and this is not what this video is gonna
be about but I’m just giving you a kind of a little background on how they
differ and how today’s approach is going to be different and so what I’ll do is
I’ll literally go through and I’ll check them right so like this one potentially
sells at you know a little bit under half price so about fifty nine fifty or
I guess that is exactly half price 5950 it usually retails for about 120 bucks
right so what I want to do is I want to see okay what does the marketplace look
like on Amazon for this product right so if it sells anywhere close where
anywhere above like a hundred bucks and obviously I’m probably gonna buy this
potentially this just random I don’t know if it actually will because there’s
a margin to be made there right so there’s a lot of factors that go into it
but that’s basically what I do and the approach and this looks like it’s
actually a pretty solid product so we got a two pack right here 18-volt one
lifted lithium ion this is a two pack though this might be okay so the two
pack actually looks like it’s yes so it looks like the two pack actually does
sell for fifty three ninety eight this might be a four pack right here and it
doesn’t look like there’s many it’s too invested in this listing there’s no
reviews it is indeed a four pack I believe so this probably isn’t a good
product but that’s just an example of how you would do product research
without getting to 2 in depth now I do have
countless videos in that arbitrage playlists on sourcing through slick
deals and other bulk deal websites like this if you’re interested that said
today I want to introduce you to a brand new not brand new but like a new for
this channel type of business model that I used to make money with slick deals
and reselling back online now I do every once in a while
sell these back on Amazon ok I would every once in a while potentially sell
these back on ebay if I weren’t currently suspended that said I do
resell these back on Poshmark mainly and on Macari a little bit here and there
and this is the business model I’m not sure right so what I do is first and
foremost you want to find some niche knowledge or some you know whatever the
niche is it might be clothing for you it could be shoes like I’m about to run you
through here in a second and sneakers and you really want to identify good
niche knowledge on a particular subject you know my in this specific case of
shoes so that you know ahead of time what the value for those are on other
market places some people focus on clothing on like eBay right some people
focus on to give you an example product knowledge and like timing the market
about three months ago I was buying a lot of bathing suits and a lot of clutch
purses to resell back online because I knew that okay it’s summertime it’s hot
out people want bathing suits because
they’re going to the shore a lot more or they’re going to the beach right what
depending on where you live you call it the shore of the beach and then you know
people also buy a lot of clutch purses and women wear a lot more clutch purses
because they’re small and they’re sleek and I literally hate that I know that
but I do and it’s not like a big bulky bag that they have to carry with them
all them all over the place right so I just know that that works in the summer
time well so I bought a lot more of those and guess what they flipped a lot
faster because there was a lot more demand online for those now right now if
you look at any of my closets or any of my stores I’m selling a lot and I’m
buying liquidation pallets and just stocking up on a lot of jackets and like
winter coats and scarves and gloves and things like that because we’re where
it’s still summer it’s the end of summer but we’re moving into fall and winter so
there’s gonna be a high demand on those in the future and in the months to come
and I know that I’m gonna flip all of those for a ridiculous profit especially
cuz I’m literally buying them for like two to three dollars online right now
and getting them super super freakin cheap sometimes even free and if you
guys are interested in in like how to find – and source cheap products
not just like I’m about to show you right here but literally a number of
other ways online arbitrage pro always linked in the description will literally
help you resell and and multiply your money month after month like I’m talking
about here and all these tutorials with a ridiculous amount of business models
not just this so what am I basically trying to say right now I’m flipping a
lot of shoes because I know that there’s a lot of opportunity on sites like Merc
Ari and Poshmark to flip shoes for a ridiculous profit for whatever reason
and this is trial and error when Eilis shoes they literally flip
like this they flip like candy on Poshmark so what I need to do then that
begs the question where can I get shoes at a good discount and a lot of people
if you watch YouTube channels are gonna go to like retail stores right you see
people going to like Walmart or like shoe stores and like a perfect example
this would be like crazy resells right if you ever watched his channel he goes
like he goes to like stores and he gets like great great deals on like Nike
shoes and other things and then flips them back online for a profit right but
you don’t and while he’s a great channel and he obviously knows a lot about it
you you guys don’t actually have to physically go to the stores to go ahead
and do this instead what you can do is you can go to site like slick deals and
literally shirts for discounted shoes and then buy discounted shoes on these
websites that literally it’s their job this is this is just one of the websites
in the course it’s their job that literally give you deals on shoes and
where they are so you don’t have to physically go to the REIT to the actual
retail store to get them you can instead order them to your house and then flip
them back online for a profit so to give you an example here’s one right here
that I bought 26:40 with with a coupon code on this
actual website on select deals you’re getting at 26 42 your door with free
shipping now some of these are gonna have a lot more opportunities to buy
them then others so for example you see that this is clearly only size 13 and a
half but if you bought this and list it on set and kosh mark or Macari or ebay
particularly and you could potentially list the back on Amazon as well but
you’d have to do some research to see if it would sell well there I’m gonna run
you through all those here in a second and you and you waited until somebody
with a size 13 and a half we’re willing to buy this usually retails at about 65
bucks you would make a ridiculous profit on this if you were willing to spend the
26 40 maybe wait a couple days to a week for somebody to buy it and then make
markup so let me show you exactly what I mean by that and just to kind of so you
stay with me I I’m not making this up I’ve probably purchased about 30 pairs
of shoes like I said I’m moving more into like the winter jackets and all
that stuff right now but I do this all the time with shoes because they flip
very very quickly in the summer I did it with bathing suits and clutches now I’m
moving into like winter gear right now but to show you that I actually do this
I’m not just saying it here’s an example look I literally bought the 13 and 1/2
because this one was only thirteen and a half it’s kind of big for like a men’s
size it’s a little bit on the bigger side so only about one to kind of test
these out and if they sell well I’ll buy more potentially if there’s still that
deal but you can see right here I bought the I bought six pairs of New Balances
right here for 30 bucks for a parrot for three of them and thirty bucks for the
other pair of three now these usually retail out I think 65 to 70 so I’m
getting for 30 bucks clearly there’s a big margin there these retail for like a
hundred and ten I think if not I think it was like 95 210 or something like
that so there’s a ridiculous margin there right and so I’m not like
investing yeah it’s a bulky site but I’m not buying like 30 pairs of shoes
because obviously 30 times 30 would be you know a decent mount of money instead
I’m kind of mitigating my risk and also taking chances by buying quantities of
like 3 or 5 potentially sometimes or sometimes even one depending on what I
feel like I could sell it for here’s another example right here 34 bucks or
35 bucks for each pair for a grand total of 73 buck a 73 47 I’m gonna flip all
these back on Poshmark and Macari probably for like 60 to 70 bucks and
make that markup so let me show you an example of how you would potentially do
this so these are 33 right now with a coupon code of august 20 you would get
them for 26:42 your door as you see here like maybe it was only 33 but I’m pretty
sure I use the coupon code for those to get them for 26 40 but so to give you an
example what you would do is you could potentially resell these back on Amazon
but you would have to do some product research so what I would do is I would
go and I would search for this right here and I might take out the size and
see what the price is on Amazon now obviously if you could flip these back
on Amazon and they’re selling well you probably want to flip them back on
Amazon because Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world with the most
sales velocity that said if you’re willing to wait about a couple days to
potentially a week sometimes max a couple weeks you would
flip these back on Poshmark and Macari and definitely definitely eBay as well
for a markup and make your money if you are willing to wait it’s all about
flipping products and reselling and finding the discrepancies in marketplace
from one place to another okay so let’s see if we can find these really fast on
Amazon to see if they’re a good a good buy sex out of that so we have the game
court shoes right here let’s see if we can find them
are these the game court tennis shoes it looks like they are although this is a
different listing and these look like the same so let’s pull up both of them
now these duplicate listings right here can sometimes lead you astray so you got
to be careful I would check to see it looks like okay so this is they’re both
selling pretty well so game court tennis shoes right here and their size 13 and a
half so let’s see what they sell for and how the listing is actually doing so
that looks like these are currently unavailable but normally these sell
let’s go to like 10 which is probably like a normal size for these so normally
if you have a good list thing they’re selling at about 50 to potentially 60
bucks some of them I think the last ones that we were at were like 60 or whatever
it was I don’t remember it was um they’re selling pretty well there for
almost 5000 and clothing shoes and jewelry but can we sell them now you
might not be able to sell brand names on Amazon and you might like if it’s like
adidas or Puma sometimes or New Balance you probably won’t be able to sell them
so you’re gonna have to request approval and to request approval I’ve been
through this before sometimes you can hit request approval and you literally
get accepted on certain brands and sometimes you’re gonna need to show an
invoice of at least 10 units and in that case you won’t be able to sell it most
likely because you’re not buying it from a legitimate wholesaler or manufacturer
okay so you won’t be able to sell some of the top name brands on Amazon
although you can sell others that’s why it’s important to do your product
research so obviously I can’t sell this back on Amazon under that potential
listing and chances are just knowing what I know I can’t sell them back on
the other one but I just want to show you discrepancies in the market places
right so what I would do is like I showed you here I bought one of these
I’m gonna sell this back on on a posh mark for you know potentially 65 because
it’s brand new or maybe I undercut the market a little bit at 60 and see the
markup so if we go to like sell it on Poshmark Rhett and I take I take you all
the way down let’s have a little fun if I sold this for 65 bucks I would make 52
but then I sourced it for $33 so if we pull up the calculator
what’s my profit margin right so and I’m telling you new shoes flip on poss park
super freaking fast super fast so 65 – I already forget what it was 33 bucks
although I’m pretty sure I bought that for 26 but we’ll just go for it 33 and
that’s a profit margin of 32 dollars right there oh sorry oh it’s 52 my bad
52 – 33 bucks is a profit margin of 19 bucks right there so by buying these
shoes on one marketplace and listing them for resale on another and waiting
like you know maybe a couple days to a week I’m gonna make twenty bucks easy
now to give you an example the other ones right here same thing with these
I’m gonna flip these back on on Poshmark for probably close to a hundred maybe i
undercut the market I like 95 and just keep them there until somebody buys them
so that would mean I would make 76 bucks 76 – 30 on those is $46 profit margin
now 46 times 3 because I bought three of them is $138 literally just buying these
shoes on one market place and flipping them back on another now obviously I’m
gonna cross post there’s many different places that I post and I’m testing out a
number of other websites that I can potentially sell these on I’ll pull them
all up I’m putting them into my course I’m seeing if they’re actually viable so
right now obviously I’m testing out we got like your your normal ones like
your polish marking Riccar your ebay sometimes let go sometimes offer up also
playing around with that see although Etsy is a little bit finicky because you
you can’t you can’t sell certain things on that see that you can sell on other
things I won’t get too too in-depth with it here also testing out five miles
Listia thread up deep hop vintage claim it curtsy and the number of other ones I
won’t go down the list and bore you but so there’s a number of different places
and obviously if you cross post them on a number of different marketplaces
they’ll sell a lot faster but there’s a lot of opportunity to do this I’m
telling you if you have a little bit of capital to invest this is not
necessarily the most beginner friendly because it’s definitely beginner
friendly but you know things like coupon arbitrage or things like cashback
arbitrage are more beginner friendly because there’s a little bit less risk
you’re not spending like 20 or 30 bucks potentially to buy a pair of shoes to
sit on but if you’re willing to do this you can make good money doing this and
you can actually turn this just this one business model by flipping
shoes or flipping you know products that I was talking about like bathing suits
or clutch purses or you know winter jackets which is gonna be huge hop on
that right now I’m telling you it’s it’s we’re perching the end of August in the
next month are good people are gonna start buying them like crazy and you
will be able to flip them like crazy for a ridiculous profit so I’m telling you
guys this is really scalable it’s really really beneficial if you hop on this and
start testing it out you will see that it works you don’t need to jump full
into it and spend a grand right away jump into it spend like 20 bucks spend
like 30 bucks on one pair or go in for like $100 couple pairs flip them and
then when you make some money it will inspire you to do it again and you will
see that it works you don’t have to take my word for it try it out for yourself
okay so I wanted to bring you some value I wanted to bring you a different
business model this is not just something I’m saying this is something I
literally do every single week and this past week I bought about 30 pairs of
shoes and I didn’t want to go and grab all the pictures from like my for my
email from them I just took a couple snippets to show you that actually do
this but I’m telling you guys if you hop on this and you have the courage to
actually try it you will see that it works and you will see that there’s a
lot of money to be made out there online so remember online arbitrage Pro first
link in the description if you ever want to grab it and go ahead and figure out
how to source products like this endlessly pretty much there’s
practically endless products in my course that you can get very very cheap
work for free there’s also like 10 business models this is only one of the
business models in the course is flipping bulk deal arbitrage products
like this from slick deals and other websites like that hop in now guys
there’s an opportunity to really make some money as we move into the winter
and seasons change so hope you guys like this this video hope you got some value
from it and with that being said I’ll see in the
next one

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