Flicker-free: A Feature You Can Count On

Flicker-free: A Feature You Can Count On

So one of the things we learned in our
Navy heritage was about flicker. The Navy’s legacy technology was 100% flicker T12 on magnetic ballast. They knew it was bad. I mean sailors spend 90% of their time below deck. They don’t see the sun. They don’t go up and we knew it
caused headache, eye strain, dizziness, fatigue. So every product we sell in tube
form is flicker free and what does that mean? No amplitude modulation in the
brightness of the light. It’s one of these things that you’re eye can’t see.
You’re quite literally blind to it but your brain receives it. What are the
right levels of flicker in each application and I say how about zero? How much polio do you on the world? 0 right? How many bugs do you want your breakfast cereal? Zero. How much mercury in a tuna? Zero. Seems like a pretty safe bet and so
we’re gonna stick with zero. You can count on that.

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