First Maori to study business masters at Crandfield, England

First Maori to study business masters at Crandfield, England

Pursue your goals, but if you are
to bow let it be to a lofty peak. This proverb is fitting
for Karl Burrows, the first Maori to pursue a Masters
in Business and Administration at Cranfield University, England. As the programme costs so much, a Maori organisation set out to
raise money for him and his family. Te Karere caught up with Karl
Burrows in London recently. In the heart of London, Karl Burrows
celebrates his birthday and the completion of his MBA
at Cranfield University. However, he may not
achieve his dream as the Minister of Maori Affairs has
cut his Hui Taumata scholarship. Then his Maori friends in London
decided to give him a hand and Ka Pai Karl was born. Karl and his partner Kateia have
a Maori business in London. His MBA gained him
support in London, but there are still
many challenges. Kateia and Karl have three children. Ka Pai Karl hopes to alleviate
some of the financial pressure on Karl and his family. The money will assist Karl cover
the last of his tuition fees. As the proverb states,
feathers enable a bird to fly. However, the organisation
says Karl is an example of no matter where you go and
what’s going on, you can do it. Karl, the world is your oyster.
Well done. Irena Smith, Te Karere.

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  1. Karl your such an inspiration to me! I am a maori girl studying for a bachelors degree in media and communications in the Netherlands, and I hope to continue my studies with a Master in Marketing Communications, perhaps in the UK. 🙂 Good on ya!

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