First Look: Babies, Birthdays and Unfinished Business | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

First Look: Babies, Birthdays and Unfinished Business | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

-You may feel like this is going to save us, but that’s not how I feel. -Maurice told me some plans he was trying to make for his ex-wife to move her here. -Oh no. -Kimmie, Kiowa, Kiowa, Kimmie. -Tell me the difference between a father and a dad. -I went to the office the other day to holler at you, Mel told me some stuff, dawg. -There go Mel, putting our business out there. MUSIC

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  1. Mall and her husband would like to destroy any ones marriage because they are going through hell I see she hasn't told him that she spoken with a attorney or their accounts person but you go and get pregnant

  2. Tisha's annoying BUT I LOVE her mother! ???
    Ma Wanda is gorgeous especially in this clip & I love how she always puts Marsau in his place ?

  3. I hope that Mel and her husband can work it out. Nobody else is going to put up with either one of them. Her voice drives me up the wall.

  4. Mel needs to stop fronting for tv, if she gonna stay with Martell then just say that, she doing all of this divorce talk and sleeping in separate beds on camera but clearly her actions are different when the cameras aren’t rolling cuz she’s pregnant.. She is not the only woman who has stayed and forgave their man for cheating, so keep it all the way real girl

  5. Narcissist never change, so a baby isn’t going to repair the damage. Martell is self-centred and arrogant!!! According to Martell the reason he cheated was due to Mel, not sexually pleasing him. He had the nerve to disrespect Mel and justify his infidelity. Narcissists lack emotional understanding and cause intense emotional pain.

  6. I’m sorry but I’m not a fan of Martell..I won’t see anything bad about him but umm Melody has got something on her hands ..classic narcissist

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