First Look At Marvel’s Eternals Revealed With Stunning Concept Art

First Look At Marvel’s Eternals Revealed With Stunning Concept Art

Marvel didn’t wait too long to give us our
first look at the upcoming ​The Eternals.​ Concept art for the flick, which will be the
second film in the MCU’s Phase 4, was recently released online. It depicts a quartet of the ancient beings
known as Celestials walking across the surface of a barren planet. We’ve been introduced to these beings just
a couple of times before, once in each of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. In Guardians Vol. 1, our heroes traveled to
the mining colony of Exitar to meet with The Collector, who had some knowledge to impart
about the Infinity Stones. Exitar is situated within Knowhere, which
is actually the severed head of a deceased Celestial. A later scene also seemed to showcase a look
at a Celestial as it uses the Power Stone to effortlessly destroy an entire planet. “These powerful carriers can destroy entire
civilizations like wheat in a field.” In Guardians Vol. 2, we got our first proper
introduction to one of the all-powerful entities in the form of Ego, the “Living Planet,” who
was revealed to be the father of Peter Quill. Ego didn’t look a lot like the Celestials
pictured, but we can assume that Celestials come in all shapes and sizes. Plus, we can assume from Ego’s ability to
masquerade as a human that Celestials can also assume other forms if need be. In Marvel lore, the Celestials existed before
virtually any other form of sentient life in the universe. Millions of years ago, they were responsible
for the creation of the Eternals — near-immortal, superpowered humanoids — and their polar
opposite race, the Deviants, which are essentially the Eternal equivalent of mutants. The two races have been locked in struggle
for centuries, with the Eternals tasked with defending Earth from the Deviants’ conquest. Thus far in the MCU, we haven’t met any Eternals
that we know of, but we have met one Deviant. Thanos, the Mad Titan who embarked on a quest
to collect all six Infinity Stones and wipe out half of all life in the universe, carries
the Deviant gene in Marvel comics. It’s not yet known to what extent the Celestials
will figure into the narrative of The Eternals; Marvel’s head honcho Kevin Feige has hinted
that the flick could be an epic spanning tens of thousands of years, so we may only get
a look at them in the form of some exposition on the ancient history of the universe. As for the Eternals themselves, we at least
have an idea of what the team that will be featured in the movie will look like, thanks
to Marvel’s recent panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. The entire primary cast was announced at the
event, and it includes Richard Madden as Ikaris, the leader of the flick’s team of heroes;
Angelina Jolie as Thena, also known as Azura, who in the comics has been known to consort
with Deviants; Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo, who took up residence in Japan thousands of years
ago and learned the ways of the Samurai; Lauren Ridloff as Makkari, an expert mechanical engineer
and speedster; Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos, a master weapons-smith; Salma Hayek as Ajak,
who has spent most of her thousands of Earthly years in Siberia; finally young Lia McHugh
as Sprite, a trickster who is forever stuck with the appearance of a pre-teen child. The Eternals begins shooting next month, so
hopefully, it won’t be too long before some unofficial set photos of the stars in costume
arrive. Of course, there will probably be plenty more
of these interesting little hints and revelations that will come trickling out in the wake of
Marvel’s epic Comic-Con panel. We’ll keep our eye out for them, and keep
you up to date. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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  1. I used to scour flea markets as a kid in the 70s and 80s, hoping to find the odd filler issue in my Eternals comic books. They were like the shield between the universe and Marvel Earth and the Celestials were menacing in their silence as they judged the planet. Kirby went to DC and did his New Gods, which are now key DC lore, but the initial Eternals storyline remains among my favorites.
    I don't like sex and race changes in "literary" characters and especially not with my childhood heroes. I'm a bit surprised that the new Shang Chi movie will feature a male Asian. That's what we've come to. I'll suppose out of safety that one of these re-envisioned Eternals is gay. Probably Sprite, but even bet on the female Makarri.
    If preferring characters as the creators intended makes me a racist, sexist homophobe then so be your definitions. Phase Four of the MCU is as a dagger in the heart. Thor is not a woman's name. King Lesbian Odiness does zero for my sensibilities. Replacing white, male characters that were established was piggy-backing agenda and a creative fail considering Marvel has every variation of hero/heroine thinkable in their vaults.
    Do I sound angry? Just sort of disappointed that MCU Classic Age has passed and now we hit Agenda Age that made me stop collecting. Better for me, all said. My 50k+ comics of 70s to 00s gains value as the comic industry dies. Movies are for a different generation.

  2. LOL Marvel is taking the place of DC. These are basically "god" characters that DC is known for it seems but too stupid to bring it to the screen that people actually like.

  3. So Salma Hayek is the first Mexican to be In a marvel movie ? I was starting to think they Races against Mexican

  4. They will change all superheroes, their race and gender. Except they will never change one of them into a white male, that would be racist

  5. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Disney live that gender/race swap.

    Im all for it, the actors and pictures were just funny to me.

  6. I'm not seeing this film simply because they've gender swapped male characters and also Phastos is not that black… and I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way by the looks of things and also the Thor love and Thunder film can piss off as well.

  7. Idk Looper from where u take that info out but totally wrong about Eternals and Celestials where fiest humanoids who initiated all. Another report going to do against you.

    One of the first and maybe architect where Adam and then they created for/in wrong hand Akhenaten. From there Adam provoked the cosmos explosion of orbs.

  8. Was really looking forward to seeing Sersi, now that Jolie is Thena? hope they will still include Sersi in the future

  9. and then i saw kingo an eternal japanese samurai with sword will be an indian actor in MCU include the gender changes

    i dont know the producer either too much sniffing cockain or got brain damage after mjolnir hit his head

  10. WOW just based on the actors, I'm just not interested, maybe I'll see it at the swap meet for a $1.00 but other than that no thanks.

  11. not getting much of hype or joy for this feel, I probly stick to gotg, spider man and dr strange but other marvel films feel so dead now with all the changes there making.

  12. Diversity is about inclusion. Making characters and groups of them more like real people. Changing ethnicities for roles is progress so that eventually we will be able to do this from when development starts so it’s always like that.

  13. They need to follow the comic's character profile. Stop ruining things for the sake of equality. Pathetic.

  14. What other kind of preteen/s is/are there? Aren't they by the very definition a child? When is a child not a child? When does one become an adult?

  15. anjolina Jolie (Thena in eternals) I'm pretty sure is Chris pratt's mom as you can see in Guardians of the Galaxy where she has a bald head and is on a hospital bed, well I think it looks like a younger version of her

  16. And an Indian who plays a Japanese man. I'm sure Japanese people are really pleased at this. Why not create a an Indian superhero who throws Nan bread at people.

  17. PHASE 4 = The Social Justice Marxist BULLSHIT phase. Does not matter, superheroes genre is dead creatively.

  18. So is the next big villain gonna be Galactus? Not the Fantastic Four bullshit but the REAL Galactus. I hope so!

  19. The Ego is not a Celestial, he is a planet. He lied. Thanos is not a Deviant, he is an eternal who looks like a Deviant.

  20. OK, repeat after me: the MCU is NOT canon. Ego is not a celestial. He's an Elder, sort of. It's honorary.

  21. Gender and race swapping in marvel is getting beyond a joke.

    In the next captain marvel movie Goose will be played by a Doggo!


  22. really the eternals? not interested seriously I saw the reboot pilot comic ok so the most sensible comparison I can make is to Percy Jacksons gods and how they interact with each other. bleh

  23. Hey guys. If we're all here right now then we're all sci fi heads of one kind or another. As a guy who loves women very, very much and believes in equal footing(cuz let's be real, women really do have all the "real" power) why in the name of s**t do they keep mis-castings these G.D. movie parts! Ajak is a 'male" . Makarri is a 'male'. If that's the case then cast Angie Jo's role as a f**king dude! They're taking things way, way too damned far. I loved Thor as a woman in the book the last few years. It was awesome story telling. But for the sake of sanity stop it with the reverse-casting-aren't-we-modern-and-progressive s**t! It's friggin overkill by now. That's "my" opinion. PEACE.

  24. Not interested in seeing any movie where Kumail Nanjani plays a super hero or anything else for that matter. He is an insufferable and unfunny turd.

  25. Thanos=Deviant Connor=Deviant. We never see Connor and Thanos in the same room so they must be the same person

  26. My only problem with marvel is that they cast benicio del torro as the collector- a rarely seen character in the mcu. He's such a great actor that he deserves to play an even more badass marvel main character.

  27. Actor group photo for this movie looks like the cast of an early 90s bad sitcom…that also bombed.

  28. Ajak one of the Eternals will be played by a female character even though the comics portray Ajak as a male not only that but the film version Ajak will be the leader of the Eternals even though Zuras the elder is supposed to be leader which will be played by Salma Hayek…..thanks Disney .

  29. Hey does anyone know where I can find the background music of this video / what it is, or software i can use? i love how it goes with the comics and narration .

  30. Why change the race, and especially gender on Ajak and Makkari? FFS there are other female eternals! Will a man be playing Sersi???? Honestly this is a big fuck up already.

  31. THANOS IS A ETERNAL but has a Diviant gene, Which explains why hes more powerful and smarter than both sides because hes a perfect BALANCE of both. Look up his origin story. IDK how yall missed that.

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