First Deaf-Owned Business Directory Is Launched By Convo – Here’s A First Look

First Deaf-Owned Business Directory Is Launched By Convo – Here’s A First Look

As promised, we are bringing you the first look at Convo’s newest release. Manny: “Convo has always loved doing things differently.” So that’s why they’ve created the Deaf Ecosystem … (music plays) When the feature first releases, the directory will include 60 Deaf-owned businesses. But Convo hopes to grow that list to the more than 600 Deaf businesses that are across the country. Manny: “The people that we’ve talked with kept saying, ‘Oh I didn’t know there was a Deaf business over there,’ or ‘I didn’t know that was a Deaf business.’ We felt like, ugh, what a missed opportunity!” The feature will auto update your personal contacts with the Deaf Ecosystem information, and then the map portion of the Convo mobile app will give you Deaf Ecosystem drop pins. That way when you click on them it will work just like your native map app — where it will pull up the phone numbers to any of the businesses listed, and allow you to VP with them almost instantly. Manny: “It makes it so easy for people to connect with Deaf businesses at any time you want. That wasn’t possible before.” While it will list almost any Deaf business across the country, the feature will only house the phone numbers for Convo users. Which means when in the map application, you’ll only be able to call other Convo numbers This is the first directory of it’s kind. Manny: “We’re Deaf-owned and Deaf run, so we always look inside ourselves and think, ‘What would benefit us? What would benefit our community?’” Convo’s biggest hope for this feature is that it will increase the sales of all Deaf-owned businesses. While it’s currently only available on Convo Mobile, it is expected to release on Convo’s other platforms soon. Manny: “We want to encourage our people — to support our people.”

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