Finding God in Business – Dr. Dallas Willard

Finding God in Business – Dr. Dallas Willard

>>Well, I’m glad to follow
Bill’s statement on this, because I think God works
far beyond the church. And thank God, he’s out
ahead of us all the time. And that’s because he loves the world. And business is a primary
arrangement on God’s part for people to love one
another, and serve one another. I like to razz my students at USC who are in the business school by asking them, what is business for? And of course, they, like parrots, say, “Oh, it’s profit.” And then my next question is, do you tell that to your clients? [audience laughter] And of course, we don’t. We say things like, we care. [audience light laughter] And they don’t mean we
care about making money. [audience laughter] I mean, they’re not gonna
say that to their clients. They say, “We care about you.” Right? And people often ask me
to talk on things like, is God in business? If God wasn’t in business,
it wouldn’t even be there. And it has this natural tendency to reach out to the neighbor, and the neighbor, and the
neighbor, and the neighbor, all around the world. That’s in the nature of business. And it reaches out without, it’s like most of Gods operations, they are running beyond
the conscious motives of the people who are doing it. And that’s why when we look
at things that are happening, like our current economic distress, the big question is, what is God doing here? That’s the big question. What is God doing here? What is God doing in technology? What’s God got to do with liquid metal? God, that’s God’s idea. Right? Just like that stuff that
we heard about last night, that oozes out of the ground, the Pennsylvania farmers
couldn’t figure out how to get rid of oil
oozing out of the ground in their corn fields, you know. God packed it all in there. And business is a primary moving force of the love of God in human history. And it doesn’t wait until Christians get a bright
idea about it, see, or Muslims, or whoever. It’s just there, that’s God. That’s the kingdom of God at work. Now, there’s a lot of
interesting connections to talk about there, and I won’t try to go into them now, maybe many of them that will come up have already come up. But we have to recognize that God is always out front of the church, and he’s working in many ways. Technology is a primary
manifestation of God. And of course, without technology, you couldn’t have business
as we have it today. And the whole issue of what money is. Money ain’t what it used to be, you know. Many people think they have
money in the bank, they don’t. There’s some chips somewhere
that’s got some stuff in it, but there’s no money. And now you can ship billions of dollars to the other side of the
world by pushing a button. Is that money? Or is that something as big as the switch from barter to coins? You see, all of these
issues, God is at work. And the intent is to enable us to love one another, and cause the glory of God to shine. I’m so glad, when Jesus was talking, he didn’t say, “Let your
words so shine before men. He said, “Let your light shine before men, “so that they would see your good works.” And say, hey, God is
really wonderful, you know. They don’t even comment about me, or you. They go to God, because of what they see
of his action in our life. So I think that’s really
what we are after, now I need to add on here, by the way. You know, the title of
our meeting is vocation. Business is one vocation. And we need to think about the lawyers, and the accountants, and the doctors. See, I mean one of the big issues now is how do professionals in the medical field work with professionals
in the business field? And that is an unsolved
problem at present, and partly because they don’t know how to get together at the level of working for what is good, and they tend to push what they want. And so we have to think
of all the professionals. And of these people as servants of God. And there’s nothing I
like to teach more at USC than professions, and
how professions work. Because the students are hungry to see something more than
just career advancement. But normally their business schools, and their law schools don’t give them anything more. And that is actually a radical change in the last 75 or 80 years. But now the schools are embarrassed to talk about the common good. And many of them will actually try to disallow any talk of that. And I’ve seen technical writings in the field of professions that say all that is required is
that everyone compete at their highest level. And that will result in the best service of the profession to the public. Uh, not hardly. It doesn’t work that way. Because that’s nothing
but self advancement. And that does not have the blessing of God and humanity on it. So it’s just extremely important, we don’t want to leave the
other professions behind. I hope you think of
business as a profession. Journalism is one of the
most important vocations, hardly a profession, technically. And, but what a tremendous, I mean you guys on the front
of The Wall Street Journal.>>[laughs] Okay, we can’t
get that without the Journal.>>No, and actually it’s
tremendously important what journalists do. And so we need to talk
about that whole spread, but business is, in many
ways, the driving force, because it actually feeds people. It takes care of people. And you can’t say that about many of the other professions. And, of course, the ministry is one of the primary professions.

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  1. The church building always make people feel bad about being in business or being an entrepreneur.

    I love the Body of Christ but the people in the buildings make others feel they're less important if there not in the pulpit

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