Finding business news and articles using Factiva

Finding business news and articles using Factiva

Welcome to this video finding business
news and articles brought to you by the Gast Business Library at Michigan State
University. To research current and past news on a company the library has
databases that pull information from a wide variety of sources such as American
and International newspapers and magazines, news wire services such as The
Associated Press, and industry reports from around the world. These sources are
made available through specific article databases, including Factiva, which is a
database dedicated to Business Research. Two article databases, business source
complete and ABI inform, include some of the same sources of information as
Factiva but have less coverage. However business source complete and ABI inform
also search academic research journals. For in-depth research on a company or
topic it’s best to search all three but we recommend starting with Factiva. From
the home screen you can see if Factiva’s articles from Wall Street Journal and
The New York Times. But instead of browsing the front pages we’ll use the search feature in the
top left. You can use this feature to search for a word or phrase. I’ll start
with the example solar. You can adjust the dates with this drop down; there are
numerous other ways to narrow or broaden your search. one such way is to select a company. I’m
curious about conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway and whether or not they have
any solar investments or involvement. So after typing in Berkshire we’ll select
autocomplete option for Berkshire Hathaway incorporated. Other options are
to search by Factiva’s excellent subject list, industry, or region, and all
of these can be combined to give you the best search mix for finding the right
articles. So now we are searching for the search term solar and articles for the
last two years that also mention Berkshire Hathaway. This search returns
several hundred articles which you can further narrow by clicking on specific
time frames using these other options to the left. You can then select any article to read
or select from the visible articles and email print or download. Both business
source complete and ABI inform also provide access to many of the same
search controls. For ABI inform look for the option
for Advanced search which gives you options for searching for specific
companies industries and also allows you to narrowing by source type. For more
videos on business information visit our YouTube channel at Thanks for watching everyone.

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