Find out why the Fellows Family switched to Heritage Bank

Find out why the Fellows Family switched to Heritage Bank

– [Woman] This is our family home, so we wanted to update kitchen and bathrooms that were over 20 years old. – So we’ve kind of been
steadily saving I guess and working towards getting
the renovations done, and we went to refinance, and yeah, the big banks
weren’t looking that great. So we started to look around
and looked at Heritage, and it looked like the
staff were really helpful in our local branch and made
it a really easy process. – [Woman] In fact, Shayna sat down with me for about half an hour and set
up all our Internet banking and our apps and made sure
that everything was working on my phone before I left. – Heritage, in particular,
felt like we were supporting a local, someone who’s
part of our community. – Just being able to walk in face-to-face and have the answer in five minutes. Especially when you’ve got
two little children at home, a 40-minute wait on a
phone call isn’t ideal. So being able to walk
into the shopping centre where we go all the time, five minutes, chat with someone face-to-face,
really convenient. We’ve done what we wanted to do, and we’ve still got
room to play if we need. (upbeat music)

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