FINALLY The NEW Dragon Ball Super Anime Return And Dragon Ball Super Movie Announcement Importance

now with all the latest rumors having to
circulate involving the inevitable return of the Dragon Ball super anime
and if the upcoming Dragon Ball super movie many fans within the Dragon Ball
community are seemingly begging the question as to if this is going to be
the absolute point in time we’re finally towing animation at the dragon ballroom
show Asia Kira Toriyama they’re all going to finally come together on one
stage that having to be Jump Festa 2019 and finally give us the confirmed
release date for the upcoming Dragon Ball super anime or even the potential
movie going into 2020 and I believe that more so now than ever this is the
perfect time to do so now we don’t know for sure if they’re definitely going to
announce the Dragon Ball super anime for all we know this could be the official
announcement of the second the Dragon Ball super movie which of course is
going to take place assumingly after the Galactic Patrol prisoner arc involving
moral or somewhere in between that or maybe give us a confirmation of both in
letting us know definitively when the anime and movie are set today mew going
into 2020 now if anything this is one of the absolute best times to actually give
us a conformational date as to when they plan on releasing the movie at some
point within 2020 or maybe 2021 we don’t know or even giving us an official date
as to when the enemy is going to return perhaps somewhere of 2020 fall of 2020
winter of 2020 we don’t know but I think in my opinion this is one of the
absolute best times to bring everyone on stage which includes Masako Nozawa Ryu
Horikawa kingyoku and many people that are behind the development of what’s
going to happen with Dragon Ball super and finally getting together and letting
us know what exactly is going to be going on to a winch once more if of
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thumbs up by slapping that like button down below now what’s also most
interesting about this is the fact that these press events for Dragon Ball
aren’t just going to feature Dragon Ball super the anime at least but we’re also
going to be getting super Dragon Ball heroes dragon ball z dokkan battle
Dragon Ball Z legends Dragon Ball Z Kakarot and all that good stuff
including promotional material and products for the overall brand but I
think the absolute most hyped topic among all of those having to be said is
of course Dragon Ball super because right now the only big thing happening
is the involvement with morale and marriage training go Quinn everything
currently happening in the manga which hopefully enough we will see be animated
in the form of an actual art in Dragon Ball super which I will say I think in
my own opinion everything that we’re seeing in the manga is going to somehow
translate all over into the anime because if you stop and think about it
why wouldn’t I do that why wouldn’t you a shuttle animation come together and
adapt the events of what’s going on in the manga now in the form of an anime
just like they have done with every other traditional shown in anime now I
really do also want to point out one thing and that’s the fact that with this
upcoming press event we could get anything from a date to an actual teaser
I really doubt we’re going to get any form of a trailer so if you guys are
expecting to see a massive trailer of the sorts I really don’t think we’re
going to get that I think that we might get titles I think that we might get
dates and perhaps maybe a few screenshots and that’s about it because
I don’t honestly think that we’re going to be getting some sort of a massive
trailer I don’t think that we’re going to be getting character breakdowns or
analytical overviews of the villain coming up and stuff like that I think
that toey honestly in my opinion already has the layout packed down to where they
have plans after the moral arc and they have plans for future Dragon Ball
content which is good for all of us because we all cover Dragon Ball in a
very different and unique kind of way because everyone has
a different subjective opinion as to how they feel about the show so I really do
believe that to–we and Shueisha and the Dragon Ballroom in Toriyama and Toyota
taro have all of these things already set up and in the works it’s just a
matter of getting it to actually go now and I think that Jump Festa this year is
the perfect place for them to set that narrative up in introducing that for a
later date in 2020 however joining me here today to further discuss the
concept of another Dragon Ball super movie and the possible return of the
Dragon Ball super anime is my good friend and Dragon Ball youtuber a mesh
is live now image mean you spoke about this off-camera I wanted to get your
thoughts on how you personally feel about these announcements and if you
think that this is the absolute best time for them to announce the possible
anime if they want to do that first or the movie or both or maybe one over the
other in your opinion how do you personally feel about this and do you
think that in your own opinion we are personally going to be getting the
announcement of the anime for an upcoming date in 2020 I think it does
make sense if they take that route where they released battle of gods first then
we had our o F and then we had the anime if they’re here to announce movie I
don’t think they would announce an anime I think you just have to expect at that
point I don’t think they would have to even mention an anime because I think
the fandom would just say okay it’s almost all but all what confirmation is
it’s all but confirmed officially by sources that we’re gonna get an anime I
doubt that they would release two movies back to but you know almost like when
you’re after the other and then not release an anime afterwards so then you
could also take it literally the fact that the panel is a Dragon Ball super
anime panel you know and obviously the movie is an anime so it just really
depends on how literal you want to take it I think it’s likely they’ll announce
the movie right another movie maybe a concept for it um it’s it’s surprisingly
though because it would be like literally just a year later you know
we’re getting information about another movie but I personally would like some
kind of confirmation for an anime specifically I think that
after the release of Jambo super burly I think they’ve already gotten fans hype
enough to look forward towards an anime I don’t know I mean see it’s up it’s up
for debate whether or not it’s smart to announce an anime I think considering
how much stuff was obviously left out of the brilliant you know it’s not like
they have to release another movie because now when you release another
movie it has to be just as good if not better than the bro loop you know what I
mean but so there are expectations and there
are their standards to be met because of it if you release an anime or if you
announce an anime what happens is you know we’re expecting the Broly stuff and
we’re expecting the stuff that was cut out from the movie and we know it’s
gonna be good right so the expectations are consistent and you know you don’t
really send the fandom into a frenzy another issue here is that they don’t
they’re not really aware as to just how much people love Dragon Ball i think
overseas like here in the states right I think obviously they love it in Japan
but I think they’re kind of because like when we met real holy caller for example
in his uh and his manager geunji you know a lot of the stuff that they were
talking about was you know we didn’t know that you guys love drivable like
when they came to kamay con you know it’s not official Dragon Ball event but
even then that really resonated with fans and rear himself said and his
manager said like yo we had no idea you know Dragon Ball was this crazy over
here and we like what we see and we’re gonna try to bring more people over you
know but then all this you know there’s a lot of like a lot of drama stuff like
that going on that’s you know it’s a separate topic but you know it’s full of
stands that dryable is just insanely popular over here I think would be smart
to just announce an anime because at that point you’re pretty much safe you
know you don’t really have to address something that’s either better if not
just as good as the bro Lee movie but I think there’s there’s still a lot of
things that need to be told you know for the Berlin movie so to just jump to the
next story without us really knowing what happened in between the making of
the Berlin movie in between you know with Bartok and his crew the actual
rebellion because you see his crew there when he’s facing off against treason
when he tries to push back against freeze and things like that you know I’m
some more back story with his with Vegeta and his father and things like
that so obviously you know there was obvious there was a bigger script for
the movie plan but the shut down the movie so I’d like to see
that and then you know they could just do the series and then we have the moral
arc of the manga as well so they have plenty of content unless they wanted to
do make the moral arc an actual movie instead and then come back with the
anime and then they give us the brilliant stuff with the stuff that we
missed and then right after that is the more arc I’m for that – no but I think
All Things Considered I think it’s about time they announced the anime I don’t
think it’s gonna be free movie I wouldn’t be surprised if it was but I
think we’re pretty much the stage is set for an anime and not so much for for a
movie because this year going into 2020 is the year of enemies you know forget
the movie the movie has resonated with so many people as is so I don’t think
they did I don’t think they need to go overboard and overkill as far as you
know movie production is concerned now there are a lot of questions being asked
about these announcements if they’re only going to announce the movie if
they’re going to announce the anime or maybe delay the anime for a later time
for the movie to get some shine in your opinion how do you feel about the idea
of them coming out and saying that perhaps maybe the Dragon Ball super
anime is going to be pushed back until after this next movie is you know put
out there for the people to see I really do feel like if they come out with
another Dragon Ball super movie which I think is the case then I think they
really want to give this movie some promotion you know like allow the movie
to just sit and marinate its way through because I mean look at look at Dragon
Ball super burly right Dragon Ball super Broly made an astronomical amount of
money just because it was allowed to sit there and grow you know into the
audience I mean even though Dragon Ball wasn’t going if they gave this new movie
some time to grow and for them to make a lot of money I can ultimately see them
bringing back the enemy then and then we have a lot of material coming in because
you have multiple different movies and multiple different arcs and then you
have so much more to go off of so do you see it too where they could possibly
delay the anime do you see the anime simultaneously do you see the anime
coming out first and then the movie like how do you feel about the overall
narrative of one coming out before the other and then the other having to be
delayed just to give the others some time to grow if they announce both if
they give us you know confirmation of a movie and then they say oh by the way
the anime is coming back t being you know at an undetermined time then yeah
in a perfect world you know that would be the best announcement you could ask
for for a Dragon Ball event at least right I just don’t think they would do
that for some reason I mean we were we
thought we were getting an announcement and it just seems like a lot of stuff
they just changed their minds and a lot of things because they’re either working
on other things and they knew that after the burley movie that hey we kind of
have to deliver something just as good if not better right you you have to at
this point it’s it’s its its responsibilities an obligation put forth
on you at this point because that’s how good the movie was right so you had a
perfect world I would say yeah it’s for them to talk about both yes of course
but I just don’t see that being the case only because they’re not really good
with with dates you know so and they’re not really good with even confirming
things even though we know it’s coming and that’s it’s gotten to that point
where it’s it’s become almost annoying to continuously talk about this and say
guys it’s coming you know Here I am some youtuber and it’s coming I just don’t
know when and apparently neither do they you know so that’s I think that’s the
issue now and I just don’t think that they would have to commit towards even
giving us and you know both announces if anything I think I think if they were to
announce a movie itself that’s hype enough you know and I think if they were
to if they were to announce the anime itself that’s hype in and of itself
I don’t think it’s that I don’t think they’re gonna go overboard and I don’t
think they’re gonna go crazy with announcing two things at once
but you know the head of show Asia the head of the Dragon bubble room is gonna
be there so immediately that’s big and I think the following day or holy cow is
also special scheduled to be there as well because there’s actually they’re
having two panels so one I believe that first one is on the 21st and then
they’re having another panel on the 22nd with a Rio president I don’t know if
he’s gonna be there for both because his name is not mentioned on both schedules
this mentioned for this today so we’ll see but in a perfect bill
yeah I would love to see both announcements that would be amazing what
about going forward do you see them actually taking breaks do you see them
actually kind of splitting this off in allowing one to supersede the other
because I genuinely feel that when the anime does come back whenever that maybe
I really strongly hope that they have a really solid team behind production
behind the animation and the artwork and the storyboarding and all of that
because I’ve often been the one to say that I love Sumitomo is work so the
music isn’t really an issue but I really do hope that they have a solid team to
produce a very good anime because we’ve seen so many other animes come and go
that had really good production behind it and whatever movie this ends up being
it could be a total remake of an older Dragon Ball Z movie it could be
something brand new or it could be the moral arc having to be adapted in the
form of an actual movie itself but what I want to know is do you see them taking
breaks do you see them doing something of the sorts to where they separate and
they give one more time over the other like what are your overall thoughts on
looking at this from an objective point of view and saying ok this is the right
thing to do and this is the wrong thing to do when of course coming about
announcing a brand new movie or animate to come no I I think given under the
circumstances that they’ve had a lot of time as far as pre-production for a
specific anime is concerned I don’t think it would be wise to just take a
break in between or something they didn’t do that with super I mean they
kind of rushed to the anime for super and it was a disaster after that like it
wasn’t I mean super wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either you know but they’re
not making those same mistakes obviously this go this time around if it’s oh if
they’re gonna announce them if they’re gonna announce the movie and then they
kick off with an anime first and then like you know they give us anime the
Broly are gonna lose other stuff and then they take a break to do the movie I
think that’s too much for them unless they have a bomb squad
in that in that room in the Dragon Ball room if the travel who has a bomb squad
where they’re so far ahead of like production for the anime that they could
afford to take a break and just drop a movie on you and then follow through the
movie back into the anime with whatever happened in that new movie or something
like that that would be interesting but Dragon Ball
I don’t think and let okay so here’s the thing the only way that would work is if
Dragon Ball has the same height that demon slayer has so I don’t know if
you’ve watched I don’t think you followed it but two people who have in
the comment section or two you guys listen to this conversation
you know Demon Slayer it was amazing like hype anime of the year right for
sure and they finish this season off with the announcement of a movie so the
following arc is an action it’s a movie format so they’re going to the next arc
the the Train arc in the format of a movie and that’s exciting and that’s
hype you know so unless Dragonball can do that and I don’t think it’s gonna do
that and it’s not I’m not saying you know demon slayers brothers rebel on
earth like that I’m just saying you know it works for demon slayer but i don’t
think it would have worked for Dragonball only because Dragon Ball
super at least forget trembles the in Dragon Ball blood ramble super has had a
bad reputation based on what we’ve seen so far and the movie is somewhat
evidence there’s some bonus movie as well is that they kind of tell you a
story but they don’t tell you enough of it they give you something they give you
half of the cookie they don’t give you the whole cookie they give you a slice
of cake they don’t give you the whole the whole cake instead you know so they
don’t give you enough of what you need to know of what you need to see and to
compensate for that they made this movie arguably the most aesthetically pleasing
movie of the year right so that kind of compensates for it
seeing Gogeta against seeing bro leasing Bardock seeing like literally seeing an
intox of history as far as Dragon Balls concerned into the most aesthetically
pleasing movie of the year yeah of course you you know you’re gonna it’s
gonna sell tickets and you’re gonna be happy with it as a product but when
you’re talking about an anime and then to take a breakup from the enemy could
just jump into a movie again and then go back into the anime it leaves it leaves
potential for a lot of gaps in between and I don’t think that’s gonna be
something that they would do but I wouldn’t put it past them so you know
and it really depends I mean it if if the Berlin movie is any indication as to
what we can expect if it’s like I said earlier if they’re gonna announce the
movie it has to be just as good if not better than the rolling movie and if
they’re gonna announce an anime we kind of need to start it off with the Broly
but the Broly arc and we got to see all that goodness from the Broly movie and
you know an anime format with the addition to some of the stuff in between
you know I think that’ll really get people going and by then listen by then
more arc is gonna be way past them we’ll be done with the more arc anyway you
know I don’t see this more art going for that much longer
so as far as that orc is concerned you know it’ll be it’ll be done I’m pretty
sure it’ll be done there’s not much going on in the more arc right now as it
is you know now the focus is on Marisa all of a sudden him being an angel and
all this other stuff and now you kind of ask yourself well why doesn’t he just
like just one shot more well if that’s the case you know what I mean so but
he’s an angel maybe he can’t get directly involved and that’s why I said
of killing him he just to just to seal him away I don’t know we’ll find out
soon enough but yeah but that’s just how I feel about that we’ll see I’m
definitely hyped I’m definitely excited and if you guys are as well then I do
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want to know from all of you do you guys think we’re gonna be getting a movie is
it going to be the anime over the movie is it going to be both because what did
that be a giant Christmas gift to everybody right so I personally think
that it’s only going to be the movie information being put out first and I
think what comes after that is is they’re going to announce the anime but
they’re not going to give us anything more than a date as an example they
might give us the new Dragon Ball super movie and they might call it I don’t
know as an example Dragon Ball super cooler or whatever the case may be and
they’ll give us a date for that and then they’ll announce
the anime and then possibly just say Dragon Ball super anime 2020 winter 2020
summer 2020 spring 2020 who knows but I think that they’re not going to give us
anything more than a date which I’ll be happy for but again I want to get your
thoughts in the comment section below thank you all so much for watching thank
you all so much for listening to back in for the next video you guys can go ahead
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