Final tips and closing – State Department: Consular Fellows

Final tips and closing – State Department: Consular Fellows

QEP: the essays is to just really take your time with those. Think outside the box. Cover the 13 dimensions. And what Dan said about. What was the issue? What did I do? And what was the result? I would also say to visit those language round table websites so that you can really focus on. Take the self-assessment. See where you’re rated. And then focus on getting yourself from that point to the next if that’s an issue for you. Allow yourself plenty of time to rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. Have as many different eyes look at the product as you can. Get as much different feedback as you can. So I only ever did the foreign service process. I went throught the QBE? (inaudible) twice. I got through them both times. And in both of those, I used my Peace Corps experience. I drew from that. I would definitely recommend trying to you know don’t have that be everything. Try to show, you know, that you had a lot of life experiences but there are some great stories you can tell from Peace Corps. And I think to try and get those and polish them up so you can get into that short format and say I was in this situation. I did this. These were the results. I think Peace Corps is really a great background that can spring board into this. I would echo what Dan said about focusing on? (inaudible) 13 dimensions and to say? (inaudible) there’s nothing to lose by applying. You can still do other things. Have this be an option for you if you’re on a placement? (inaudible)

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