Film Consortium San Diego Pitchfest

Film Consortium San Diego Pitchfest

>>>Jody founded the film makers association
because she wanted to increase the quality of filming in San Diego.
They expanded their pitch fest and mixer from a networking event to something like a convention.
>>>I’m loving all of us finding out about each other and learning and networking and
building a community here.>>>The arts is important and a place like
this is important because it’s community and it’s about helping each other grow in whatever
we want to do.>>>I think the film consortium is great because
it allows us to come together and we’re meeting new film makers.
We’re thrilled to have so many new people.>>>The idea is that we need to do bring together
people interested in making films and start a dialogue about how can we keep jobs here
in San Diego, especially for emerging film makers who are coming out of college and having
to move elsewhere and my job here is to handle the pitch fest.
I’ve got a whole series of film makers coming through, pitching their ideas.
>>>We have had a cool time here tonight, the mayor came out, he wants us to build a
list of what it would take to revitalize the film industry here in San Diego.
>>>He is interested in seeing not only emerging film makers stay in San Diego but to remove
the limitations that have prevented people from getting permits to make films here.
>>>The consortium hopes that this will benefit everyone involved.
Beth Accomando, KPBS news.

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