Fighting to Protect the Sick

Fighting to Protect the Sick

We all assume that the medicine we take will make us better. This is such a fundamental expectation, that it’s easy to take it for granted. But here in Kenya, so many patients that I see have purchased substandard or counterfeit medicine. And for many, the consequences have been life threatening. Each year, counterfeit and substandard medicines kill over 300,000 people worldwide. At the University of Notre Dame, Professor Marya Lieberman is partnering with Saint Mary’s College to combat the problem using high-tech
paper test cards. In most countries, health care providers
lack the financial and technical resources to properly test drugs. The technology we’ve developed has the
power to overcome these obstacles. It puts the capability to detect fake
drugs in the hands of doctors, pharmacists, and
even consumers. For just pennies a test, this technology
uses color-metric chemistry to measure the presence of certain ingredients. By simply swiping a pill across the card,
distinctive color codes reveal within minutes whether a drug is genuine. Professor Lieberman’s work is so amazing
because it creates a way to ensure that patients like mine get
the real medicine they so desperately need. Seeing the difference we’re making here in Kenya is incredibly inspiring. And we’re excited to empower people
everywhere who are victimized by this injustice. The University of Notre Dame asks ‘What Would You Fight For?’ Fighting to protect is sick. We are the Fighting Irish.

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