Fellowship with the Holy Spirit

Fellowship with the Holy Spirit

hey this is Tom Scarrella with Scarrella
ministries we love you guys we appreciate you bless you today I’m going
to talk about the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit and fellowshipping and
relationship with the Holy Spirit and I pray it really blesses you
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begin to hear it okay so but listen if you got your Bibles just for a couple
minutes here today I want you to look with me in 2nd Corinthians chapter 13 a
couple of different verses speak of this in the New Testament and I want to bring
this up to you as a thought so 2nd Corinthians 13:14 says the grace of our
Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the communion or fellowship with the
Holy Spirit be with you all amen right so the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
the love of God and the communion or fellowship with the Holy Spirit be with
you all amen so here this scripture begins to speak
here and it’s earlier it starts to talk about the presence of God and this and
that but what do we know by this we know this that when we fellowship with the
Holy Spirit and we begin to just begin to fellowship with the spirit as we
begin to do so what happens is fellowship releases presence the
fellowship with the Holy Spirit releases God’s presence and so that others begin
to sense it and you know and everything else so here if you go over to
Philippians and Philippians the second chapter in Philippians chapter 2 we see
the exact same vernacular now in 2nd Corinthians
excuse me and in in Philippians gives me in chapter 2 it says therefore if
there’s any consolation in Christ if there’s any comfort and love if any
fellowship of the spirit of any affection and mercy
fulfill my joy by being like-minded to have the same love being one Accord in
one mind but in verse 1 it talks about the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit so
this Fellowship of the Holy Spirit we see it in several different places
throughout the scriptures there’s several other places as well
that begin to bring this up and but I’m not going to give you all into it now
just for times sake but I just want to encourage you for a few minutes here
today the Fellowship is with the Holy Spirit and so as you go out throughout
your day I encourage you to begin to ask the Holy Spirit a question I’ve done
that before I’ve even done it in evangelism I one time was witnessing to
this Muslim guy and he was in a mall in Fort Lauderdale and he was reading a
book on Islam and he was in one of those kiosks selling things so I went up to
him and I thought all right I’m gonna minister healing to this guy and so I
went and I ministered healing to the guy he said I was going to and he said I
don’t have any pain or sickness and I was like okay Lord I don’t have a word
of knowledge or anything and so I just said to him I said have you ever felt
the presence of the Holy Spirit or the presence of God and he said no and I
said well would you like to and he said well everybody would like to and I said
well if you’d like to feel the presence of God watch this I said take your hands
and I said just kind of do like this it’s like an act of surrender and so he
says all right and so he takes his hands like this and I said now just close your
eyes and say these words say Holy Spirit come and then I said then you just wait
just wait on him so he takes his hands right in the middle we’re in the middle
of the mall in Fort Lauderdale and he goes Holy Spirit come and when he said
that he says oh I have goosebumps all over my arms he says what is that and I
said it’s not it it’s him it’s the Holy Spirit and I began to use that as a
means by which to reach that guy’s heart and now he didn’t get born again that
but I guarantee you he took a monster leap towards the kingdom of God right
because people have never felt God’s presence or they don’t know how to
identify it right and so you can help that process by fellowship with the
spirit so I encourage you some of your like I don’t know what I want to do with
my life well here’s my question have you ever asked the Holy Spirit what is my
destiny what am I called what is my destiny what
is my calling maybe it’s not in a pulpit ministry or maybe you’re not called to a
mission field out in the middle of the jungles and stuff but maybe your mission
field is instead maybe it’s in in broadcasting maybe it’s instead in the
computer world maybe it’s in cyber terrace and in dealing with that and
protecting people and you know all of these different things you know some
people don’t don’t don’t even think about it you know like or maybe God has
called you instead to be a mentor to moms and to begin to speak to moms and
ministering to single moms or you know things like that and so why don’t you
today just take a second we’re just gonna pause and we’re gonna wait and in
your heart just say Holy Spirit what is my destiny what is my calling what is my
calling today or if you know your calling why don’t you ask the Holy
Spirit a question and say Holy Spirit what do I do to take the next step of
where I need to go so you just ask him right now thank in Jesus Holy Spirit
right now we thank you for your presence and as we ask you we know that you are
good to us and you lead us and you guide us into all truth speak to us now as we
ask our question all right so what did he say I want you
to do me a favor right below me I want you to write down the first impression
or thought that you heard him say when you asked him that question I want you
to ask if you didn’t ask that question stop this video and then just stop it
for a minute and then you ask him and wait on him and the first thoughts and
impressions and whatever it is you just begin to you write that to us give us
that testimony we would love to hear just write it right below us and yeah
and and we would just love to just encourage you in that you can do it you
can do it even if it’s never been done before it can be done and so God may be
using you as a spearhead into an industry or a people group then nobody’s
ever reached and so praise God for the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit we have
some wonderful pastor friends in in Florida and these wonderful pastor
friends of ours they were powerfully impacted by a
ministry in I believe it was Columbia South America and and so that what they
had learned was this Fellowship of the Holy Spirit and one time we did a TV
broadcast together and I interviewed them and it was so good it was so
refreshing and it was so encouraging and he just said I almost play it like a
game it’s almost like a game ah right Holy Spirit what do you want to do and
so sometimes the Holy Spirit I’ll just throw a curveball he would tell us and
he said it would tell us to do something obscure and in the service and and it
would minister to somebody you know so I encourage you and challenge you today
begin to start to ask the Holy Spirit questions you lose your keys the Holy
Spirit where’s my keys and start practicing that way many people know the
ministry of any hymn but they don’t realize this is how his ministry got
started was through the fellowship of the Spirit so begin to start to do that
today begin to start to say alright Holy Spirit I’m a practice with you I’m gonna
practice with hearing your voice with little things and I’m gonna practice I’m
gonna practice prophetic ministry I’m gonna practice Street healing I’m gonna
practice all of these gifts and functions and
and abilities of the spirit and begin to start to do that and just see where God
brings you and write his testimonies up and okay you could just write us to TSM
at score alikom and we would love to hear those testimonies love you guys
bless you in the name of Jesus right below me don’t forget subscribe to the
channel but also sow a seed into our ministry help us impact the nation’s
help us what we’re doing in missions and stuff like that so is seed today we
would really appreciate it all right love you guys bless you see you next

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  1. Preach & minister … wow ! That’s what just instantly popped in my mind ! Then I asked the Holy Spirit is there anything else you want to tell me & instantly I hear the word “LOVE” ! That was incredible !

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